Belarusian Helsinki Committee will return to its own previous study (rebuilt)

Defenders win the Belarusian Helsinki Committee ended conflict with the administration and the owner of an office building on the street Libknehta where BHC was forced to leave last week. The building belongs to the Office of Presidential Affairs, which reversed a month in one-sided order terminated the contract rent office.January 31 Managing the main economic council President Administration Mikhail Belyaev during a meeting with the chairman of BHC Tatiana told her to consent to lease renewal office.According to Tatyana Protko due to resume her contract were not named. "Only referred to our proposal to renew the agreement — say,

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Hulak: Form foreign policy will become softer

Democratic candidate Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America. Configurations should be expected in Belarus-US relations?Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak expresses their worldview: "Question Human Rights are equally interested in the American politicians — both Democrats and Republicans. After all, human rights is part of the reality of the modern world. And so he became particularly such a huge effort Attached America and its policies. Because I do not think which can be wait downgrade enthusiasm for human rights in principle. Another thing, that the very form of reference foreign policy now

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Human rights activist: Elections, predictable

According to human rights Valentin Stefanovich warehouses election commissions Only 0.07% of the representatives of the democratic forces, which casts oscillation transparency and accuracy of counting of votes. "Have to say that the information from commissions on voting will be closed to observers and no guarantee of fraud. Election predictable. Essentially process already could would suspend "- said the human rights activist Ales Bialiatski. Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak believes that the pressure on the nominees from the democratic forces in the Commission and candidate undermines the credibility of government promises to hold elections chestna. Hulak and read

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A. Gulak: Acts policemen even lead to death of people

"From time to time such acts even lead to a languid consequences perishing people.’s Very difficult to such cases case to bring closure for logical. We can not examine these statements themselves, we can only appeal to the law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts, lawyers help find, connect the press. "By Oleg Gulak, Police usually mends izymatelstva not political activists, and individuals with little social status — the homeless, zapivoh alcoholics. "With such a category they do not stand on ceremony, and you can believe in any fears that the police are doing with such people, because, unfortunately, it is very

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O.Gulak: Our task — to monitor and report

The new management of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee organized a press conference for journalists, among whom was a film crew and the First Channel of Belarusian television. The main topic of conversation was the future transactions with the government and the BHC, namely, the observation of the parliamentary elections to be held in September. Not so long ago elected chairman of the organization Hulak said that BHC perceive the role in monitoring the elections even in this case, if they will boycott the opposition: "Naturally, we will. Why? Because people have a right to choose, and we look at how

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Hulak Tatiana Protko replaced as chairman of the BHC

They became a human rights activist Oleg Gulak, who in 2002 served as executive director of the BHC, and the last six months, acting chairman of the organization. "I myself resigned, need to give way to the young" — said Tatiana Protko his resignation and said she does not leave the organization. Details later in the air and on the website of Liberty.

BHC chairman held at border

"We vorachivalis from Poland by car. More than 3 hours already at the border crossing, but can not pass the border control. Initially, security officers inspected my computer and want to detain him. Later invented, as if we could be fake money. Checked, have found nothing but all the same We do not miss "- told Hulak.According to human rights, his friend felt bad for him and called an ambulance, but border guards allowed them to use. Tags: BHC Gulak

Police working on performance, and not for people

Tsigankov: In Helsinki Committee comes a lot of people complaining of acts of law enforcement. Working with them, doing their neuvvyazkami, you probably will be able to make up their awareness of what the main prepyadstviya facing Belarusian judicial system ..Hulak: "The main problem — what characteristics have overshadowed the needs of ordinary people. Police working to achieve certain characteristics in their work. During their employees receive awards, new positions — and replaced it with the real work neuvvyazkami. And most importantly, making the police force unpopular among the population, making small rating militia. " Tsigankov: "The meeting was led

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BHC will continue to operate

Acting chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak recalls that since 1997 the BHC is a member of the International Helsinki Federation. With all this the Belarusian Helsinki Committee — an independent state organization that cooperates with the state Helsinki 46 states."Naturally, it is very unpleasant for us. We have the problem of federation, there came a sin. With this crime dealt with by competent authorities. BHC, as well as other national Helsinki Committee continues to work because we have federal bankruptcy does not specifically address. Federation very assist us during the violent repression against our organization. We got a

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