The Gulf Stream is changing

Not long ago, based on satellite data, it was concluded that the concentration of chlorophyll in the Gulf of Mexico is significantly reduced. A similar phenomenon can cause serious problems in ocean circulation and deal a heavy blow to the whole ecosystem. Since strong changes in natural factors have an impact on the species and the dynamics of the ocean, reducing the concentration of chlorophyll, can strongly influence the circulation of the bay, until the destruction of the Gulf Stream. This information can be seen as further evidence that the crash, which occurred due to the fault of BP,

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Europe will become Siberia. Cause of the present conflict — Emergency climatic catastrophe?

Scientists continue to argue: we are waiting for global warming, or the world is on the threshold of the next ice age? And what if inhabited territory suddenly become parched desert or ice "Ice Age is inevitable, but in a few thousand years, — says Vladimir Polevanov, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences. — Then in the polar latitudes grow huge ice caps. When they — that too is inevitable — early-peas to thaw, the huge mass of water "will result" from glacial lakes and flood including Eurasia. This will be another Flood, the water level in the ocean overnight rise

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4.9 earthquake off the coast of Egypt


20.02.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 4.9 occurred on Sunday night in the Gulf of Suez, Red Sea coast of Egypt, the Internet portal Youm7.

According to available information, the quake occurred at 03.27 am local time (04.27 MSK) in the southern Gulf. Earthquake felt in the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada, RIA Novosti reported.

About damage were reported.

Gulf of Suez is located in the northern part of the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula separates Asia from Africa. In the northern part of the bay is the Egyptian city of Suez, who started the Suez Canal, which connects the

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Gulfstream again threatened

In March 2011, the start of the expedition, which aims to understand how the melting of the Arctic sea ice and how it can threaten humanity, reports BBC News.

This year's Catlin Arctic Survey expedition will focus on studies of the water layer, located just below the floating ice. Arctic summer ice is melting faster than predicted by many computer models. The results of the expedition will help to clarify the prognosis for the future of the region and will show how you can be considered justifiable fears that the Gulf Stream may stop, leading to a strong cooling in

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The consequences of the accident in Mexico zalive.Foto


30.12.10.Po a survey conducted by the Associated Press of editors and news anchors, in 2010, the main topic of the U.S. media has become an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The accident, which has become the biggest disaster of this kind in U.S. history, eclipsed even such important American social issues as health care reform and congressional elections.

No one has succeeded obektino assess the damage to the environment and the world's oceans

The tragedy occurred on April 20. Then as a result of fire and explosion on the BP leased rig killed

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In Florida, the storm Debbie left 35,000 homes without electricity

Around 35,000 homes were without power in the state of Florida as a result of heavy rains and squalls caused raging in the Gulf of Mexico tropical storm "Debbie." Authorities urged coastal residents to leave their homes because of the threat of flooding.

On Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced the state of emergency. This will allow local authorities to involve liquidation of the disaster of U.S. National Guard soldiers, and will give officials more authority at evacuation and distribution of aid to people in need. State of emergency also operates in the state of Louisiana.

According to the

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Tropical Storm Debbie in the Gulf of Mexico

June 24. Tropical storm Debbie is now in the Gulf of Mexico, experts believe that it can bring floods and tornadoes in the Gulf Coast.

At 4 am today, the storm is located 165 km south of the Mississippi delta, said specialists from the National Center for Control of hurricanes in Miami. The strength of the wind in the eye of the storm and eighty kilometers per hour, it moves at a speed of five miles per hour.

Storm warning was announced in the coastal area of Louisiana, from the mouth of the Pearl River. New Orleans is

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Death of fish in the Gulf


23.06.11.Chitatelnitsa "Fontanka" reports of mass death of fish in the Gulf. According peterburzhenku Kira strolling around Sestroretsk eve, she saw a dead fish, found on the shore. "Unfortunately, we have not made shots, the number of dead fish were difficult to determine, but not less than 20 — 30 pieces exactly" — says Cyrus.

According to them, the remains were scattered in every meter or two. Local residents are alarmed by this case: front beach season, and wonder how can affect bathing in this water on human health.


Flooded the southern provinces of Thailand

In southern Thailand continues to rain, which caused flooding in several provinces at once. In Ranong and Chumphon flooded five districts, residents suffered from Krabi arrived in their home waters. There is evidence of one who died in an accident on a flooded road. Element felled trees which crashed to death motorcyclist. Bad weather ruined plans of local sailors, who make their living by extracting the only marine fish. Since thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind, or more vessels or small boats can not go out in the Gulf of Thailand, where the raging waves up to 2-3 meters. There

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Detachment of Pacific Fleet is the sixth convoy on the Gulf of Aden

Troop ships of the Pacific Fleet (PF) led by large ASW ship (BOD) "Admiral Panteleev" participating in an international mission to fight pirates, formed the sixth convoy of merchant ships under his protection and guides him from the Red Sea on the Gulf of Aden.


Under the protection of Russian sailors on the security corridor in the caravan are 6 vessels of Russia, Liberia, Hong Kong, Norway, India and Italy. In the Gulf of Aden have joined the caravan of the tanker "Boris Butoma" and salvage tug "Photios Krylov." They also cover the caravan from possible

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