Experienced gun Rolls-Royces chambered for .55 Boys

Perhaps, for many will be the opening of the fact that the company Rolls-Royce, the eminent worldwide for its cars and engines, was engaged once and fire cannon. In general, this is not the only company that saw the development of instruments of real profits. For example, I remember an old anecdote that started Apple in vain to sue Samsung because, besides phones, Samsung still does and ACS. But in this article we will not touch the South Korean company, although in the middle of its products is a very worthy of attention standards of military purpose, and try to

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Experienced submachine gun Tokarev BSA (SSSR. 1927)

Submachine gun, even by today's standards is a tool quite specific and applicable far not for widespread implementation. A small effective range of a pistol or revolver bullets seldom make it almost worthless, even at medium ranges. But on a small instrument similar shows great results, in the main, of course, due to be utilized in the munitions that possess enormous stopping power significantly compared to vserasprostranennymi crotch cartridges.

For some reason, many believe that the sub-machine gun weapon relatively young and it came after the received spread automatic rifles and automatic rifles, but it is not entirely correspond to

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Experienced gun Gerasimenko VAG-73 (USSR)

What we remember when it comes about caseless weapons? Curious people immediately pronounce a German machine G11, maybe even remember that under the same cartridge Germans developed gun-PDW-class gun and a light machine gun with 300 rounds of ammunition at the store. Very vedlivy (such as your devoted servant) will have fellow opponent of the system — the machine of "Mauser" and recall that the company «Diehl» took part in the same competition. This is — one scheme, when a munition is a bullet that is pressed into a box of explosives. The second option — the so-called reactive bullets

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Experienced South American light tank T92 (1952-1958)

In 1966, the armament of the United States entered tank easy class, "Sheridan". Military spices in the world were pretty much surprised by the new tank. Tank itself has had drawbacks as well as benefits:— Base case — duralumin alloys;— armament: 152mm caliber gun and anti-tank launcher with ur "Shilleyla";— movement by aircraft;— possibility of landing the plane.

These solutions embodied in the "Sheridan", was a new approach for the tanks of light class of the United States and its allies. And although the latest data solutions are not as pretty as it seemed in the beginning, "Sheridan" was the

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Experienced aircraft machine gun Yurchenko

One of the main problems that occupied the minds of gunsmiths at all times, was the rate of fire weapons. Work on finding a good rate of fire took place constantly, finding new theoretical reasons, some of them found their proof in the practical application. Yet virtually always required tool, which had very probable rate of fire, it is first required from aircraft machine guns. The speed of movement of aircraft in the air to the middle of the twentieth century has been sufficiently high, but so do planes were already far not plywood. Therefore it was necessary to equip

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Seasoned tank destroyers FV4004 and FV4005

Looking at these machines, the first thing that comes to mind is our tank KV-2. But most likely the creators of ACS kept in mind is not the KV-2, and quite similar to those tanks, but also ours — ISU-152. Precisely their successful application. Not for anybody not a secret that the powerful 152 mm gun our SAU very successfully fought against the German heavy tanks, in addition, this gun had a more efficient and explosive projectile, making it very versatile.

ACS FV4005.

That's decided to do something similar and British. The creation of these machines started immediately after the

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Why Keppeler KS-V so expensive?

Sniper rifles that specifically implements the class in which you can see more clearly how important quality and well thought design. This is particularly noticeable in those models where used manually operated with the sliding bolt. It would seem that there is nothing complicated about to make a similar weapon, no. Barrel, trigger, bolt and base on which you can install it all — take it and do. Yet, desynchronization in cost per gun actually similar structures can be very large, and individual standards and generally are the champions at their own prices, and this despite the fact that

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Top Ten modern military technology

Once a year the world society spends billions of dollars to improve their own fighting arsenal, best planet scientists are working to create more sophisticated types of guns, that increment of the military potential of any other country. And the success of military development in this area are obvious. Here are some of the modern inventions and will be discussed in this review.     One of the most common types of injuries in combat operations are burns. Protect American fighter from such a special coating designed to damage to the skin, made under the control of Dr. Robert Lochhead

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Late in the war

Self-propelled artillery installation of high power ICS-130:weight — 46.3 tons, speed — 40 km / h armament: sea gun B-13, ammunition — 25 rounds, power plant — diesel V-2IS capacity of 520 hp booking: gun mask, forehead body — 120 mm, side — 90 mm, feed — 60 mm, roof cutting and bottom of the case — 30 — 20 mm stroke in store — 180 km; length with a gun — 10810 mm, overall length 6770 mm, width — 3070 mm, height — 2480 mm, ground clearance 470mm; settlement — 5 people.

Trunk 130-mm cannonnumbers mean: 1 —

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Complex automatic weapons Baryshev

Speaking about Russian automatic weapons of the twentieth century, we can not ignore one of the most curious complexes who did not branch research institutes or design bureaus of large arms companies, and professional designer Anatoly F. lone Baryshev. He outlined a new way of creation of light automatic weapons infantry with the introduction of a whole range of a wide variety of ammunition, ranging from maloimpulsnogo automata cartridge 5.45mm and ending with 30-mm grenade launcher shot. This path involves a significant increase in number of guns fighting properties, including the breakdown of the best bullets in the defeat

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