Assault rifle (automatic) Steyr AUG / Stg.77

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO (.223 rem) Length: 805 mm (with the barrel 508 mm) Barrel length: 508 mm (also shortened barrel 350 mm, 407 mm or 621 mm heavy barrel) Weight: 3.8 kg (with the barrel 508 mm) Capacity: 30 or 42 rounds Rate of fire: 650 rounds per minute Effective range: 450-500m standard rifle barrel   Razrabotkanovoy assault rifle for the Austrian army to replace the increasingly obsolete rifles Stg.58 kalibra7.62mm NATO (licensed version of the Belgian rifle FN FAL) was started in the late 1960s. Development of modern rifles are very engaged with the army splotchenno concern Steyr-Daimler-Puch

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Download and print your own gun!

Liberator — the world's first gun, a fully printed using 3D printing. It's not a toy, but Currently, military weapons. It seems that soon the armies of the rebels will be no need to purchase machines, "Kalashnikov" in Russian, they will create it themselves in the 3D printer…

And yes, the creators of these weapons soon plans to lay CAD-files for the printer so that any person who has a printer that can print itself firearms. Sounds strange, right? But it is.

Liberator consists of 16 pieces each

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M249 machine gun as automatic weapons department. It is time for change

Ray Grundy — vorent Officer 5th grade, 40 years old who served in the infantry divisions USMC, a member of the Vietnam War. «Nine Marines killed in battle now, 6 of them from — in paddy fields right before the enemy fortifications. Their bodies were found in the compressive M16 polurazobrannom condition with sleeves, wedged in the chamber. In bullet holes on their heads were traces of gunpowder. » Company commander, «H», 3 BMP / 5 PMP. Operation «Swift» 4-15 September 1967, Vietnam. A M249 — automatic cannon Branch (SAW), has the potential for creating equally tragic consequences? This

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NEW MOBILE 40-mm artillery air defense system RAPIDFIRE

Brand new mobile air defense artillery system RAPIDFire developed by Thales, Nexter and Anglo-French joint venture CTA, offer a 40-mm cannon and a unique telescopic equipment. Nexter has developed an anti-aircraft missile AA-AB (Anti-Aerial Air Burst), specially designed for defense in addition to the existing armor-piercing and high-explosive shots.   Brand new gun passed tests in the French Air Force in 2011, which has shown excellent results. New ammunition in the current time in development, their tests are planned in the second half of this year. New shell contains tungsten granulki that fuse dissipate after a few seconds (depending

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The Marines of the Caspian Flotilla

May 24 this year, 727 separate battalion of marines of the Caspian flotilla proceeded to the teachings. Scientists promise to be not completely ordinary, to the range and shooting range were invited to many TV channels and print media journalists, so some signs of "showing off" apparently attended. According to another tele remove anything not work. The whole bus "press tourists" brought from Astrakhan on the jolting "Lasik", dressed in military tunics, that does not really stand out from the crowd, and seated on the armor of BTR. It turned out, to be honest, "not very" all nine armored personnel

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On the replacement of the «Merkava»

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What determines the effectiveness of automatic weapons fire?

Earlier, in his article «On certain» shortcomings «Yarygin pistol and their causes» director of «Polygon» Alexander Petrov touched on assessment of individual models of small guns. In it, he spoke about how unprofessional approach and made this the basis of unfounded conclusions without full consideration of all features may be adversely affected by the following «destiny» certain standard tools. Continues to address the subject, the article AA Catch, in which the creator gives his outlook about the highest rate of fire and low accuracy of automatic guns, the comparative evaluation of automatic and non-automatic guns. Application of a firearm

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Martial lasers become a sign of a superpower

U.S. armed forces in the not distant future will have to adopt a new superweapon. Several professionals have seen already in this Washington’s desire to consolidate the state’s superpower status at the next turn of scientific and technical progress. As a superweapon in this time playing solid state laser which is capable, according to media reports, spalivat purpose «as a blowtorch.» Already in 2014 operating laser system will need to show one of the American warships in the Persian Gulf. It will happen for 2 years earlier than previously planned. Prerequisite around the highest R & D intensity in

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SVU sniper rifle

Dragunov sniper rifle, in spite of all the attacks that occur in the near future, this instrument is absolutely the best inventory for those tasks that are put in front of her. Obviously, hunting and gun and ammo poeffektivnee precisely, but we have what we have, and, apparently, the mass substitution of this tool is not expected, because it is still satisfies the requirements that are presented to him, although it was and it is time to reconsider these requirements . Make a sniper rifle universal for all, unfortunately, impossible to do so even with the greatest reluctance to

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Multiply guns of SRM

As you know, everything just perfect, especially when it comes to matters of firearms device or its individual components. No matter how the designers are trying to split hairs and cheat automation systems, power systems, etc., the usual result from them is quite rare, and that not surprisingly, as has long been clear that the simpler — the more reliable. But with all this progress is not in place of the gun is at the moment requires that it almost took upon itself the enemy aim and shoot, and if such a requirement to remain within the "simplicity" is

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