Hand Gun

Hand gun — specifically because the full title stands for «Rucni Top» mnogokalibernoy RT-20 rifles Croatian design. This mini-monster was created in the midst of the 1990s, during the Serbo — Croatian conflict after the collapse of the Federal Government of Yugoslavia. The main purpose of RT-20 was a struggle with appliances, including light armored. RT-20 is available now RH-Alan and is in service with the Croatian Army. Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle RT-20 — it is certainly one of the most fascinating specimens of sniper guns. Let’s start with the fact that this rifle is one of the most massive serially

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«Heather» and its German equivalent

Implementation of comparable low-power pistol cartridge with one hand, limits the range of 150-200 meters sighting shots, on the other — provides a lightweight, compact standard with a small mass of ammunition. It would seem a good option compact, constantly ready to use automatic «melee defense and attack,» comfortable shooting with anchoring, offhand, with hands, providing the highest density of fire in a short time. Besides pistol cartridge with a relatively low gas pressure in the bore and the initial velocity of the bullet below or exceeding the speed of sound nekordinalno simplifies the use of silencers. Meanwhile, the classic

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Japan has created a new combat vehicle

Institute of technical research and development (TRDI) Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun introduced the latest layout MCV combat vehicle with 105 mm caliber weapon, reports Lenta.ru referring to Jane’s.   Demonstration machine accomplished October 9, 2013 at the Research Centre of terrestrial systems (GSRC) in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fighting vehicle with the wheel formula 8×8 meets military to the highest mobility, firepower and the ability to deliver a suitable point by air, land or water.   Namely, MCV is placed in the cargo bay of a military transport aircraft Kawasaki C-2. Fighting machine capable of speeds up

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VSS sniper rifle and its modifications

In today’s wars and local armed conflicts significant role is played by special reconnaissance and sabotage operations carried out on the terrain of the enemy. For such operations in the armies of developed countries and units are available for special purposes. They are designed for covert penetration and combat missions in the frontal zone of the enemy, and in its deepest rear; reconnaissance for a long time and, when necessary, defeat the principal military targets of the enemy, and perform other specific tasks. The main task is to conduct a special forces reconnaissance and sabotage operations against the principle of

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«Cedar» PP-91 — Design Yevgeny Dragunov

Submachine gun «Cedar» was developed for the army in the 70-ies. last century famous gunsmith Yevgeny Dragunov and need appeared two decades later, the Interior Ministry. Please 1990s. Ministry of the Interior. Want to get a weapon that fills the niche between the PM and the shortened gun AKS 74V, issued an order to develop a small submachine gun Gun KB turned to experienced pet history n m-machine guns designed for the Ministry of Defence first 1970s. Was in the midst of construction and EF Dragunov. then embodied in the 2-swatches — PP-91-Cedar (Design Eugene Dragunov) and PP-9-Clean-. Their finishing

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In Russia have developed a shortened «Pecheneg» spetsnaz

Gun came booming and not very clear, but he hit at least some body armor For special forces, who are «working» on small distances, did a shortened version of a light machine gun «Pecheneg». He shoots rifle cartridge 7.62? 53 and can penetrate at least some modern body armor. Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission explained Oleg Bochkarev «Izvestia» that shortened gun comes in a set of promising equipment «Warrior» for the Special Forces. — New gun we demonstrated president Izhevsk September 18, when he visited the concern «Kalashnikov». It is a tool developed Kovrov plant them. VA Dyagtereva —

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Last year Belarus was trading tool with 50 states

Foreign Ministry of Belarus prepares reports on the export of arms and military equipment since 2002. At first, they published a list of states that sold Belarusian gun, and a table with a list and the number of guns sold. Now, the report says only Belarus was trading tool with 50 countries of the world, exporters were 82 Belarusian companies and organizations. In the past year, eight new companies appeared experts for year wasexecuted on 250 licenses for the import and export of weapons. Right to export arms and military equipment belonging to the state, including military units were transferred

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Concern «Kalashnikov» create six-barreled gun

Izhevsk Arms concern «Kalashnikov» will develop a six-barreled gun for SWAT written on October 4 «Izvestia» with reference to the head designer Yuri Shirobokova enterprise. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin referred gun «autogeny» for his ability to cut metal heavy fire. Create new product on the basis of six-barreled anti-aircraft gun, but it will use the standard rifle cartridges of 7.62 mm. Gun equip remote control system, with which it will be possible to conduct fire suppression, while in the shelter. Gunsmiths have done unique layout gun and made some drawings. With all of this a number of technical details

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Steven Seagal praised Kalashnikov rifles and M4

Steven Seagal, known martial artist and actor compared the Russian and South American small cannon. He noted fame and the highest quality Russian sample as a whole.   Namely, the actor saw the «Kalashnikov languid complex combat criteria is a very strong weapon, but the new M4» out of the box «can be more accurate.»   The actor said that now the United States extensively used machine M4 platform for creating other types of small guns. He said that in Russia there are many different manufacturers of decent Russian small automatic guns.   Coupled with the fact there are companies

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Defense Ministry commandos equip Glock pistols

«Rosoboronpostavka» ordering authority of the Defence Ministry, has placed orders for delivery Austrian Glock pistols for a total of 71.4 million rubles. All guns are designed for special purpose units of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Favourite competitions will have to put a weapon in military unit 92154 Solnechnogorsk no later than November 25, 2014. In the first application Russian military department planned to purchase 318 Glock-17 pistols Gen.4 caliber 9×19 mm «Parabellum». Purchase department is ready in 2013 had spent 53.5 million rubles, and in 2014 — 13.4 million. Provider will need

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