NEW GERMAN GUN Multiple RMG-7, 62

The symposium Medium Calibre Day in Zurich German company Rheinmetall announced the development of multi-machine gun chambered for 7.62 x51, reports   New gun created for installation in combat modules with remote control and as a coaxial tank gun weapon has title RMG-7, 62 (Rheinmetall Machine Gun) and has an unusual design. Gun resettled and integrated into the motor frame. This allows you to simply install it in combat units with remote control, for which, at first, it is intended.   RMG-7, 62 has three barrel, but it is not vysokoskorostrelny Gatling gun system. The highest rate of

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A controversial topic: gun Swift

Since March of this year, one of the most discussed topics in the field of re Russian armed forces began a promising gun "Swift". This tool appeared relatively at one point, and it quickly became a prerequisite for the mass of a dispute regarding the shooting features, usability and life prospects in the power structures. Separate discussion of "worthy" of the expression Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Bureaucrat who oversees the defense industry claimed that the gun "Swift" has obvious advantages over Russian and zabugornom standards in its class. Of course, these words simply could not go unnoticed.

Other "fuel

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Europeans see the possibility of creating a «Reaper»

Frustrated trivial selectivity against U.S. allies to provide the right tools for the integration of their drums drones, Italian Air Force consider all possible candidates, including by creating a «black program» (black program) armed UAVs euro medium-long duration flight (medium-altitude / long-endurance — MALE), reports May 9.   Rome has requested the integration of tools for MQ-9 Reaper (pictured) almost two years back, but no response to this request, Washington is «not acceptable», said the Secretary General of Defense and the Director of ammunition Debertolis Italy Claudio (Claudio Debertolis), Aviation Week reported on May 8.   Italy acquired

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French SWR Hecate II

In the previous article was told about the French sniper rifle Ultima Ratio of PMG, through which weapons company of malehankih office was a worthy rival titans of world market instruments. Correct sending money acquired from municipal order for this rifle, the company managed to increase their creation and take up another project back as intended, first, to please the needs of the army and police. It is about mnogokalibernoy sniper rifle Hecate II, which was performed on the basis of the same Ultima Ratio, so you could say that this is another version of the «last argument», only

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A special silent pistol PSS Wool

MSS "Wool", first designed to equip the personnel of state security and the Union of Russian military intelligence. Self-loading pistol special "Wool" — a unique weapon, as a means of weapons intelligence units, better than others for inconspicuous wear. Removing the gun to implement, a common movement — an important advantage of this gun.

Creating and features of PPP "Wool"

Developer MSS "Wool" — Klimovskii CRI TOCHMASH. Designers — KRASNIKOV, Petrov, Medvetsky, Levchenko.

Beginning of development and silent self-loading pistol in 1979. In 1983, work to create a PPP "Wool" one hundred percent complete. Gun Enters Service with the

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Air Desert Eagle from Umarex

Certainly, there is no more famous and want gun tradesman, if Desert Eagle. Through his constant appearance on television really unique automation system for short-guns, this gun is overgrown and more new legends, most of which, naturally, does not correspond to reality. First is immediately say that this gun is not the most «powerful» of all varieties snub firearms. First, at least as part of the propellant gases it is spent on work automation, though their number is small, but also affects the speed of a bullet, which differs in the smallest side of the models with the same

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Weapons of the Third World

Part of the impending technological leap will be another «military revolution» — Promising developments, sluggish progress since the late 1960s, suddenly rapidly gain practical view. In the midst of major technologies, first, it is worth to call a weapon based on new physical principles (ONFP) — Battle lasers, microwave emitters and electric rail gun (Railgun). Tactical combat power lasers 100-150 m and the radius of about 20 km acts are already close to the real application. For half a decade stationary design mass in almost two tons uzhalis to weave sizes, allowing to establish such a «weapon» on ordinary

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Homing sniper rifle developed by the American company TrackingPoint (video)

TrackingPoint American company began selling the deadly sniper rifle sight with complex computer, which allows the shooter can not miss. The problem of firearms — one of the most unhealthy in the South American society: what if South American offenders and psychopaths always able to shoot without missing their victims? This is with reference to the foreign media correspondent writes Publishing radio «Voice of Russia» Konstantin Kherroubi. Directly behind the «smart» phones, smart phones, «smart houses» and «smart cars» begins to appear smart gun. Texas TrackingPoint arms company started selling the latest sniper rifle sight with computer: arrow rather

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French FR F1 sniper rifles and FR F2

Of the preceding article about sniper rifle MAS-49 and its next upgrade, it became clear that the army of France far do not always have the best sniper weapon level of armaments of other states. Despite the fact that most of the problems could make an instrument completely ego lowest effective range of fire, as well as not the best accuracy with a stretch allowed to call the sniper rifle. Naturally, it was necessary to correct the situation, but rearmament new prototype guns, even taking into account what is usually a huge number of sniper rifles is not required, it

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South American sniper rifle DT SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) is considered one of the more versatile sniper weapon systems in the world. DT SRS is a product of the American Desert Tactical Arms and is a sniper rifle with manual reset, which by simple manipulations can be adapted for a variety of calibers. As such versatility benefited tools for difficult read. On the one hand the characteristics of the rifle shooting DT SRS is not worse than the other instruments of the same category, on the other hand, excessive interchangeable elements in the kit rifle lead to higher prices

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