Sniper Rifle RT-20

One of the main problems mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles, and of general firearms in general, is the recoil when shooting. Yet, the use of guns on the far distances and the highest performance of the munition does not stop designers from the creation of such a tool. On the question of compensation solutions returns a different approach. Someone placed on a hydraulic or pneumatic dampers, stretching the point of return, some limited to the muzzle brake, recoil compensator, and someone finds her, have never been used in solving the problem, as did the Croatian designers in mnogokalibernoy sniper rifle RT- 20.

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Sniper Rifle Barrett XM500

It is unlikely that anyone will be the opening of the fact that even the most advanced standards of guns at some point become obsolete. Something is out of date due to the emergence of more sophisticated tools, something just morally obsolete and asks at least a bit of updating. All of this relates to what even the standard tools that talk about the family of sniper rifles, M82, later became M107, which is not so far spotless as producer and hunt as they say to us folk tales about this weapon. Because Ronnie Barrett has decided not to wait

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Sniper Rifle Barrett MRAD

In the middle of other articles about Ronnie Barrett sniper rifles have been described variants guns chambered for the .338 LM, some of them are semi-automatic, which was never widely recognized and removed from production, and a more successful version, in which the base was laid lengthwise rolling shutter. Despite the fact that the main company was known for its mnogokalibernym sniper rifles, it was decided to further develop the model under the guns of the big caliber ammunition. For example, from mid-2011 on sale a new model sniper rifle Barrett MRAD. Because it's time was spent, to draw

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Lethal weapon

In war, the danger lies in wait for people everywhere. And that's why the war must constantly carry for myself toolSince the dawn of time … Tula famous design ideas in the area of small guns. For almost 300 years, an instrument made in Tula. It is in this town were laid major traditions of Russian weapons case.

Makarov pistol Tokarev, PM, Steckin also recognizable in intelligence circles automatic cigarette case Stechkina known all over the world. The history of the creation of the gun Revolver: a significant event in the history of the Russian army was put

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Skramasaks-fighting knife, with one-sided grinding and usually asymmetrical shank. Skramasaks— A term that covers a huge number of varieties of a knife, from malehankih cutlery, to huge battle. For simplicity, we will use the term skramasaks, just to name a gun In fact, under skramasaksami in this article refers to knives that are longer than 30 cm, and generally had a richly crowned scabbard.

Skramasaksoy worn in a leather case, warriors on the thigh, and was connected with a belt pouch means of a series of bronze rings. Sheath some skramasaksov made from wood plates coated with leather

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Through the eye of a needle: Guns with tapered shafts

As for centuries has been the best anti-tank ammunition is rapidly moving scrap. A key issue over which the fighting weapon makers — how to disperse it quickly.

This is only in movies about WWII tanks explode after being hit by a projectile — a movie after all. In real life, most of the tanks are killed as Marines, the word on the full run its bullet. Piercing shells in the large body makes a small hole, killing the crew of the tank's armor shards. However, in contrast to the infantry, most of these tanks within a few days or

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The family of sniper rifles Truvelo SR

No one will deny the fact that the competitiveness of the market instruments of very tough, and has long determined the favorites to compete which is problematic even for those companies which have something to offer to the consumer. Unfortunately, the "name" producer means a lot for the future of the buyer, because quite often does not give preference to the best weapons, and better known. This build up can not only market instruments, and virtually everywhere. Of course, there are those who are used by the brain to think, and not sciatic nerve, and did not want to

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Stalins hidden order

One of the main reasons for the failure of the Red Army in the Winter War against Finland was the lack of languid guns.

In 1941-1944, Leningrad was saved from complete destruction of the heavy German artillery hundred square meters of languid and heavy guns of the Baltic fleet — the ships, forts of Kronstadt, railway artillery guns and marine test site. Land is a big power tools was not near Leningrad, nor at Sevastopol.

C-73 HowitzerPaired with a gun S-72 she came to power special duplex, designed by Vasily Grabina in 1946-1948. None of our artillery KB could not

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Sverhmalokalibernoe weapon for firing atoms, particle beam weapon

Homing accelerator particles. Boom! Half of the city, this little thing fry.Corporal Hicks / f "Strangers"

In prodigious literature and cinematography used a huge amount is not available types of guns. This is different blasters, and lasers and rail guns, and many more things. By some such fronts at the moment are working in different laboratories, but special success is not observed, and the general practical application of similar models will, at a minimum, a couple of 10-s years.

Other classes in the middle of a mind-blowing guns from time to time referred to the so-called ion cannons. They

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SPG Object 212

Languid self-propelled gun "Object 212".

Shortly before the war chassis languid KV served as the basis for the development of self-propelled guns, which took the index object 212. The works were carried out in SKB-4 LCZ Zh.Ya.Kotina under common control, the lead designer was appointed Ts.N.Golburt. The draft submitted to the ABTU at the end of 1940, has been developed under the obvious influence of the Soviet-Finnish War.

Overcoming the long-term strengthening of the "Mannerheim Line" was much more difficult than it appeared to the General Staff of the Red Army, and solve it without the help of the heavy

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