Iran air defense battalion made up of anti-aircraft guns «Saeer».

On the day or on the web of and for long-range Iranian media disk imaging was quite exciting news — the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was adopted one of the first commercial batches of modernized standard Russian anti-aircraft gun KS-19 — 100 mm «Saeer».

At the zenith tool established a system of automatic loader, which ultimately led to the minimization of the attendants. Additionally equipped with electric servo transfer, which, in turn, is connected to the opto-electronic system to control the fire. System UO likely made on the basis of infrared parts. Store ammunition feed is placed at the guns

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Interview with General Director of FSUE TSNIITOCHMASH D.Semizorova

An interview with the General Director of FSUE "Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear" D.Yu.Semizorova specifically for blog twower. The conversation was limited by time time because not able to ask all the questions.

— Dmitry, tell us about the course of the test equipment, "Warrior."

— At the current time step is completed preliminary testing military equipment parts. The Commission summarized, led to defects, which were announced during a test, and was approved training plan for the municipal tests.

— When they take place?

— Municipal tests will begin this spring and will be completed in November.

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Innovative pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30

One of the exhibits Arms Shot Show 2010, which deserves careful study, the gun is made in view of Innovative Technology from the company Kel-Tec, which received the name of PMR-30.

Advantages of PMR-30

This presented a copy of itself as such joins in complex outstanding characteristics: small weight, the applicable price, cost of production, leading technology and outstanding firepower. For example, the capacity of its cage 30 rounds 22 Magnum.

PMR-30 is an extremely unusual variant of the personal weapon in terms of design and layout of nodes and devices. Still, the designers left as a safety system

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India has told of his artillery pieces

Defense research organization India (DRDO), Together with the ground forces of the country began to develop the first Indian artillery caliber of 155 mm. As told in an interview to IBN Project Manager Sundaresa Sri (Shri Sundaresh), first experienced the standard tools can be ready in four to five years. With a full range of testing, brand new gun can be put into service within five to seven years.

According Sundaresa, new tool must possess a number of technical innovations. Increased attention will be paid to roll back the gun. Instead of the standard hydro-pneumatic circuits DRDO wants to use

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India will buy 400 upgraded Russian guns

Indian Ministry of Defence wants to announce a tender for modernization and supply in the Army towed guns M-46 Russian production, reports Jane's. In total, planned to adopt a modernized 400 guns that will have to make up for the lack of artillery in the army.

Ordnance Department of the Ministry of Defence of India in 2012, has asked the companies to Tata, Larsen & Toubro and Bharat Forge with a request to prepare projects of modernization Russian guns and find providers of such tools. With all of this a formal request for proposals has not yet been made public.

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From Russia with blood (Foreign Policy, USA)

CJ Chivers disputing with the Foreign Policy of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, real-world weapons of mass destruction.

The Kalashnikov assault rifle, wrote in his book "Automatic» (The Gun) CJ Chivers — is "the most recognized tool in the world, one of the world's most famous products." For half a century the AK-47 and its descendants and brutalized determined guerrilla conflict, terrorism and crime, it is frequent firearm in a world where 100 million refers to "Kalashnikov", 10 times more than all the other rifles.

Chivers, a Marine Corps veteran and senior editor of New York Times, издержал almost 10 years,

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From guns — in Paris?

Eminent "Big Bertha"

Usually, one has only to speak of "technicians" of the ultra-large guns, somebody sure to remember:

— A "Big Bertha"! She shot in Paris …

But, as the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Dr. V. Malikov, in this judgment there is at least two errors. First, the Capital shot is not "Big Bertha" and "enormous" and, second, "Bertha" in general could not spit out the shell on the 100 km redundant. In general, it was so …

Night on March 23, 1917 passed without sirens, herald the beginning of the next air raid. However … "at 7:00

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Impeccable rifle

To replace the M16, which is not very suitable criterion for urban combat, the company of Israeli IMI TAAS (Israel Military Industries) in 90 years began to develop weapons of the last generation, using the now fashionable scheme "Bullpup". It's such a scheme assembly of small tools, which store the bolt and trigger mechanism located behind the pistol handle with trigger (usually inside the device). The great advantage of this scheme is that under certain dimensions of the instrument may be to increment the length of the barrel, and that means improving accuracy. Or, as required preservation of the

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Once again, the Brazilian Colts

In a previous article discussed the Brazilian guns of Taurus, which were made in the image of brauningskogo Colt M1911, but not enough people know that before the emergence of these pistols were other options Colt M1911, which were carried out in Brazil under license. It is a tool, as well as the production of Taurus, has received tremendous spread of the U.S. market, as a number of both American continents. Much the smallest spread of these guns were in Europe, which is why at the mention of the Colts' first Brazilian remember the Taurus, but not about IMBEL, despite

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ZSU-37-2 Yenisei. Not the Shilka one

ZSU in the absence of air defense troops, one of the saddest moments in the history of the Red Army. After the end of World War II in the Soviet Union was engaged in serious error correction. The most famous in the world has become a ZSU Russian ZSU-23-4 "Shilka", but not many people know that she was stronger, the brother of ZSU-37-2 "Yenisei".

In place of Hopes ZSU-57-2, armed with 57-mm cannon with Hrabinska loading the oboymennym, April 17, 1957 the Council of Ministers Decree № 426-211 perceives the development of new rapid-self-propelled anti-aircraft "Shilka" and "Yenisei" with

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