Unusual testimony of radar in the deaths of birds

In fact, the weather radar shows not only the weather, as many think. The National Weather Service (NRS) in the U.S. North Little Rock, Arkansas, studied the spot, which appeared on the radar at about the same time, on the eve of the new year, when hundreds of birds fell from the sky because of the alleged injury.

Lauren Clark, a correspondent for Today's THV, met with the head of scientific programs CPO Chris Bonanno, to find out the details. According to Bonanno, this spot is most definitely did not look like rain. Most of all, it looked like

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Taiwan in January 2012. The funnel in the sky — UFO, HAARP?

Incredible video filmed tourists in Taiwan in early 2012. Crater right in the middle of the sky does not look like explainable natural phenomenon. What is it, HAARP, UFO or something inexplicable?

Read more about the projects NASA HAARP Blue Beam and you can read HERE

Watch Taiwan, 2012. The funnel in the sky — UFO, HAARP?


Number of PI in the sky of America. HAARP — the test of Blue Beam?

Miracle video appeared online in early September 2012. In the sky magically printed figures that make up the number of PI. One could say that this computer processing, but this phenomenon is filmed from different places! What it was: a test HAARP Project Blue Beam, or something else? ..

Watch the number pi in the sky of America. HAARP — the test of Blue Beam?

Another one of the angles of this phenomenon. Watch the number pi in the sky of America. HAARP — Blue Beam test 2?

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Truth about HAARP …. and all that, part 2 … comment on

The photo at the top — the existing floating platform HAARP «Sea-Based X-Band Radar» (SBX), it — not a conspiracy theory. That is installed on the platform SBX — is a phased array antenna, a key component of the U.S. missile defense — it is clear that this is not a conspiracy theory. On this platform, there is a military powerhouse, bridge, control rooms and living areas, storage facilities and infrastructure necessary for the operation of the massive X-band radar. According to statements by Boeing SBX radar with a phased antenna array — the most complex electromechanical controlled X-band radar

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Truth about HAARP …. and all that, part 1 … commenting

www.ufo-blogger.com "In 2025, U.S. aerospace forces can control the weather, making the development of new technologies into valuable assets. In the U.S., weather modification is likely to soon become a part of national security policy. Taking into account that in 2025 our national security strategy will include weather modification, we will continue to evolve in this area. " From the Pentagon report "Weather as force multiplier: the subordination of weather in 2025" (2002).

In 1938 he was the first to prove the possibility of a powerful radio waves affect the properties of the ionosphere. Vitaly Pravdivtsev, Ph.D., Colonel space defense

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Microwave planetary scale. Video


HAARP — a colossal microwave, whose radiation can be focused anywhere in the world, causing a variety of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, heat, etc.), and various man-made disasters (radio blackouts over large areas degrade the accuracy of satellite navigation, "radar blind" to create an accident in power, on the lines of gas and oil pipelines entire regions, etc.), work on the mind and psyche of people. The film tells about the kinds of climate and use of arms, its development in the USSR and the USA, on a set of HAARP, of natural disasters, the impact

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HAARP unknown

HAARP, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or, in translation, "programm frequency active ionospheric research" with super ionospheric nagrevnyh shields. Project Manager, General John Heckscher.

HAARP The program began in 1990. The project is funded by the Office of Naval research (Office of Naval Research (ONR). Because the HAARP facility consists of a large number of individual parts, large and small, there is a significant list of commercial, academic and government organizations who will wear their own contribution to the construction of the facility, are institutions and U.S. institutions, namely the Institute of Alaska, the Stanford Institute, the Institute of Pennsylvania,

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The era of the other wars

Natural disasters of recent years was hampered by the harsh reflections

"Climatic weapon: a bluff or reality?" — A headline posted in September on the pages of "military-industrial complex» (№ 35), of Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. Creator of affirmative answers to this question, and we fully agree with him. With all of this we consider it necessary to elucidate further the problem of the affected.

At the current time, the geophysical weapon while still regarded by many professionals as the hypothetical tool that can be applied only in the distant future. But the available technological and scientific groundwork now allow even

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Geophysical weapon — the threat of global catastrophe


In January 2010, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States in the testing of tectonic weapons near Haiti. He said that the U.S. "organized" this terrible earthquake. But is it possible?

Chavez's accusation

According to the president of Venezuela, the United States created a kind of tectonic weapons for war with Iran. The tests of these weapons and led, says Hugo Chavez, to the earthquake in Haiti. A similar test, according to the president, was held the week before in the Pacific Ocean and caused an earthquake in California

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HAARP — Doomsday Weapon

As promised, we continue the theme of the issue before 2012 and publish a new article on weapons Doomsday (doomsday machine), which no doubt has played and will play a major role in the script the man-made apocalypse, which is scheduled for the next few years, perhaps in 2012 . We have already mentioned that no doubt in his nature and man-made, article after article, we will tell you why, over all of this are people of flesh and blood, but not any X planets, aliens and the like. In this article we would like to highlight the most

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