Protect the lungs of the planet

C8 on May 13, 2013 a group of students of the Faculty of the Kuban State Agrarian University environmental committed eco campaign. The aim was to conduct monitoring in hunting «Plancheskoe» Seversky district.

As a result of a visual inspection of the hunting farm lands have been identified numerous irregularities in the conduct of logging. The main deforestation carried out on the territory of the State reserve «Erik the Red». In this area, conducted felling valuable trees — beech, English oak, pine Caucasian linden. Also timber being at the foot of the mountain and Popeye Pshada.

From an environmental

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Puffer fish habitat expands?

March 23, 2013. According to the publication Slobodna Dalmacija, poisonous fish was caught off the coast of the floor (Croatia). As is known, area habitat fugue is quite wide — it extends from the southern coast of China to the eastern islands of Oceania, as well as from the northern coast of Australia to Japan. But in the waters of the seas surrounding Europe, representatives of this kind never noticed.

It remains entirely unclear how fish, belonging to this family, blowfish, was able to get into the Adriatic sea. The study of this issue is now occupied by scientists

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Japanese scientists have found a Kraken

January 12, 2013 3:13

First Japanese scientists and their American colleagues managed to videotape the elusive giant squid in its natural habitat. So far only published photos. Let's see.

But that same photo. So far the only one.

Giant squid in its natural habitat at depth. Photo: REUTERS / NHK / NEP / Discovery Channel / Handout

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Habitat. What is silent fish watch online

More than half of fish products on the tables of Russians — from the Pacific Ocean. But after the explosion at the Japanese plant "Fukushima-1" Quiet ocean radioactive elements were — cesium, strontium, plutonium. There was a real threat of infection fish, and human means. Correspondents applets "Sphere habitat" visited the markets and shops of Vladivostok and the Pacific fish tested for radiation hazard.

Food and products

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Sharks could lose a third of habitat in the North Pacific

Global warming will lead to a reduction of 35% where sharks in the North Pacific Ocean, at the same time, albatross and tuna have the opportunity to increase their "possession," according to an article published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

A team of U.S. and Canadian researchers led by Elliott Hazen (Elliott L.Hazen) from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA) compared the observations of the migration of 23 species of marine life with climate change projections to 2100.

"We assume that 35% of habitats of these species in the North Pacific to change. Mako sharks,

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Rare butterfly expanded habitat due to climate change

Brown blues greatly expanded their habitat in the UK due to the fact that climate change has extended growing season caterpillars of these butterflies and allowed them to move to a new kind of food — widespread in the wild geranium, British environmentalists claim in an article published in the journal Science.

Brown blues (Aricia agestis) are among some of the rarest butterflies in the temperate climate zone. They are found in central and southern Europe, and are also found in some parts of the south of England and Russia. Small habitat of this insect is due to its "gourmandise"

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Habitat — How much gold ring watch online

Recreation. It is not only expensive, and dangerous. Medical insurance is not enough to heal. Instead of the hotel you are housed in a chicken coop and theater tickets are sold 10 times more expensive. What did "run wild" recreation differs from the civilized? And so. November. It's time to plan where to meet the New Year. A third of Russians prefer to spend New Year holidays away from home. According to estimates tour operators for their winter season hotter than summer. Because for us, and earn as much desire as a fully legitimate entrepreneurs and crooks.

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The most unusual animals in the world

January 21, 2012 12:52

1. Leafy sea dragon. Who said that dragons and unicorns do not exist? In shutmusicup published a list of the twenty five most unusual animals on Earth.

What kind of animal: marine fish, a relative of the seahorse.

Habitat: in the waters around southern and western Australia, often in shallow water, in lukewarm water.

Special features: the head and body processes, like the leaves, are only a disguise. Driven by the pectoral fin, located on the crest of the neck, and the dorsal fin near the tip of the tail. These fins are fully transparent.

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Habitat. Waste of money watch online

Company broom does not breed. We've learned that products recognized brands better and better, than the products of "no name". We trust the brand when buying cars, home appliances, food and goods odezhki. And even willing to pay more for well-known brands. After all, the name — this is some guarantee of the property. And yet — is it in fact?

Scope of habitat — a serial

Scientists are trying to find out ways of migration manul in Sayano-Shushenskoye reserve

Scientists have found permanent habitat of wild cat — Pallas in the biosphere reserve "Sayano-Shushenskaya" in the Krasnoyarsk region and intend to find out the migration routes of the form, according to Reserve on Wednesday.

"Right now, the reserve staff are monitoring the specific individuals in their usual habitat. Exemplified by these pictures taken recently in the reserve by camera traps at different times," — said in a statement.

Pallas habitat in the reserve and its buffer zone, are mostly rocky slopes leading down to the Yenisei, with little snow.

At the moment, scientists Sayano-Shushenskaya reserve study Pallas in

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