EVERY DAY MEN WRESTLE BEARDS, TACKLE TEETH AND TUSSLE HAIR — LUCKILY TECH IS LENDING A HAND. Every morning is a fight to achieve the perfect style as men unleash their grooming arsenal from the bathroom cabinet. But without the most advanced gadgetry it’s a campaign that even the most determined struggle to enjoy — let alone win. So now it’s time to make space for some new gear. Scientists have spent years researching and now have carefully engineered each product to make the daily preen more pleasant — no matter how simple the basic function.


Nioxin At-Home


Style and Beauty.

Stylish Spit.

1. To create this hairstyle, as in the photo, hair length should be at the belt or use a hairpiece. On washed hair along the entire length, apply a light foam. It’s a little weighing the hair and allow them to keep in shape.

2. Clean zacheshite hair, gather in ponytail braid and large braid.

3. If the hair is false, first attach them to the base of the tail, and then proceed to weaving.

4. To make the hair volume, during the weaving form large rings.

5. Then the end of the spit into the bend under

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Style and Beauty.

Retro wave.

1. When you create any hairstyle is important to prepare the hair. In this case I recommend to wash your hair with shampoo from the line of System Professional Smoothen and apply conditioner from the same series. Thanks to them, the hair will become docile and laid them will be easier.

2. Apply the lotion Resolute Lift — it will create the optimal basis for the subsequent laying of hairstyles and gives the hair silky shine.

3. Make a left parting. Screw the hair on large curlers and posushite hairdryer if little time to prepare. If time permits,

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Icon for a day: Mary Pickford

She was known as America’s Sweetheart, the girl with the curls and the first real movie star. She starred in hundreds of silent movies (and a few with sound) between 1909 and 1934, and for a while every woman wanted to be her. That’s 100 years ago now, and since then movies got sound, cameras became digital and ringlets went permanently out of fashion. So I knew that styling the shoot in the honour of the Queen of the Movies was going to be a challenge, but there was no icon I’d rather be for a day.

To me, Mary

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Straight and Curly

Curly Girl «utyuzhat» their hair, for a perfect smoothness, and holders of straight hair tend to «catch the wave». Changes in appearance — it’s good. But with minimal risk to their own health and beauty.

Takes its

Form of hair is genetically predetermined. The representatives of the Slavic type of appearance never meet the type of hair that is typical, for example, members of the Negro race. If you look at the hair under a microscope, you can see that the line in the cross section is circular, and the curly — look like an ellipse, slightly curved in the

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To get in the top ten

Monika, Angelina, Kira … It should be called any of these names — and in my head pops up a familiar image. Let’s see how to change the brightest beauties of our time, and what they have achieved over the last ten years.

1. Monica Bellucci, 48 years old

In the movie «Malena» Giuseppe Tornatore Monica played the first beauty of the provincial town — the object of envy and lust. In fact it is an autobiographical story: from his native town of the young Monica went from too outspoken views and too small prospects. At age 13 she

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Beauty News

Changing Image

Hypnose mascara from Aft Lancome dressed up in adorable dresses from the famous fashion house Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz. Hypnose Doll Eyes covered in hearts. Hypnose Star — in the sprockets, Hypnose Drama — polka dot, Hypnose — with playful eyes. And inside — advanced formula favorite mascara!


Lipstick Lipstick Rouge G of the autumn collection Guerleain Viollette de Madam will make you smile seductive, but a way — mysteriously!


At last! In chain stores Brocard came the long-awaited production of hair from the brand John Frieda! Must have a season —

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Fantasy compositions

Produce stunning works of vibrant fantasy art by using a compilation of photos and few handy Photoshop tricks The idea of a composite is to take elements from various photos and combine them together into a single convincing montage. One intriguing genre of this is the fantasy composite, in which creativity can really spark with the freedom to explore and create romantic, surreal and ethereal scenes. Photoshop makes this process very simple, giving us the tools to achieve that desired artistic expression. In this tutorial we will take you through all the steps you will need in order to extract

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Best Cosmetics 100 hits

For several years, these tools are the best in their field — and stellar experts confirm their championship status.

1. mosaic SHADOWS

Dior 5 Couleurs, 2750 p. Usually there are shades palettes that nobody uses. However Dior in this respect differs from others: here all the colors of place! «- Sure makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani.


La MER Lip Balm, 2650 p. Magic balm instantly moisturizes lips, heals micro cracks and also smells good. For this he was like the stars, such as Gisele Bundchen and Marcia Cross.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 3500

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Laboratory beauty.

Every day we use perfume and cosmetics, and the appearance on the shelves of new shampoos, masks and paint business as usual for us. Often, casting a skeptical eye product, we decide — it’s the same product, only in new package! But a tour of the center of the L’Oreal Global Hair Research allowed to look at the kitchen, where they create these products and make a lot of work is put into the development process.

To put on the market cosmetics brand new product, you need an average of seven years to check and test it! L’Oreal, each

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