An evil dwarf attack first




Little sleepy Argentine town of El-Pombero recently been thrown into disarray. The reason most unusual: in the surrounding area there was an angry hairy creature of small stature …

Tricks of the dwarf started one night when the roofs of houses suddenly rattled stones. Then the noise

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Muscovites risk to fail in time

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Huge creature with demonic eyes

In the British city of Tunbridge Wells, one of the locals faced ape-like creature, moved on two legs. An eyewitness said the bearded animal fur was about three feet tall.

A man who lives in a town in Kent, returned home through the woods when they heard strange sounds: the crackling twigs and someone's noisy wheezing.

He turned and met the gaze of a huge creature, literally mesmerized passers-by.

"I saw a huge beast, standing on its hind legs, three weeks ago, at the edge of the forest. He was taller than 8 feet (2.5 meters), and

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Alenka furry ruining gardens in Ukraine (video)

Ukrainian crops destroyed a new pest — Alenka hairy.

Disaster for Ukrainian gardeners. Beetle with an unusual name — Alenka hairy or bronzovka eats flowers of fruit trees and bushes. Specialists not yet fully studied the behavior of these pests. They appear at the beginning of March, first destroying the flowers of trees, and then move on to the cereals. Alenka seen and Gennady Istanbul.

That's what she's like, Alenka hairy. In the garden of Ivan Petrovich moved last year. Voracious — ate a pear, apple, daffodils, eats strawberries. Only gooseberry is untouched.

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The most terrible supernatural horrors


As you know, there are seven wonders of the world, is a beautiful ancient monuments. And why would not exist and the worst in the world mystical phenomena? Only now the world ranking of supernatural horrors while no one had thought to make …

Today we will tell our readers about some of them, the most famous … Ferris place

Not far from the city of Santa Cruz (CA) is a place where strange things happen. His so-called — Mystery Spot (Mystical place). The path leads through the wooded slope to the rickety

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