While the tendency for so many of the country’s older institutions is to look to the past in creating a cohesive aesthetic, Pretoria’s renowned Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool has taken a path less travelled. In the late 1950s the then principal Elizabeth С Steijnsaal chose to embrace the modern architecture of the time and commissioned the construction of a modernist-inspired school hall, the Elizabeth С Steijnsaal, to stand against the backdrop of the school’s historic red-brick buildings. It was a bold move on her part but one that set the tone for the future.

Affies Meisies — as the school is


Hall of fame — 10 ICONIC EXPLORERS

Whether by land, sea or air, exploring has aided our understanding of the world. Let’s follow in some adventurers’ intrepid footsteps…

Leif Erikson

ICELANDIC 970-1020

Whether or not Leif Erikson was the first European to land in North America, he got there 500 years before Columbus. When King Olaf I of Norway sent him as a Christian missionary to Greenland, it’s believed Erikson was blown off course and discovered part of North America, which he named Vinland. Whether accidental or a deliberate detour based on another explorer’s tale, Erikson went on to establish a small settlement in Vinland (ie Newfoundland,

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Dates, facts, events,

17-18 August 2013 weekend will be a traditional activity of amateur radio stations operating from fixed and floating beacons (International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend). For the first time this event was held in 1993, and in 1998 received its present name. Every year the event grows in popularity. For example, in 2012 the amateur radio on the air with the 473 lighthouses, located in 47 countries

Hall of Fame «Amateur Radio Hall of Fame» magazine «CQ Amateur Radio» was founded in January 2001 to celebrate the achievements of individuals (not necessarily radio amateurs), the activity of which had a

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Mogilev started to rebuild the town hall

First, in July public activists collected 1,000 signatures for the restoration of the town hall of Mogilev. July 5 Mogilev City Executive Committee chairman Victor Shorikov promised that City Hall will build until July 20 2008 — to 51-th anniversary of its defeat.This is not the first attempt to bring the Mogilev city hall. For the first time about her recovery began read back in 1975.Please 1990s laid the first brick in the foundation of the future of the town hall. Soon commissioned work ended. Now for the restoration of the Town Hall took again. Builders digging a hole under

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Mogilev city hall will build through the year

Victor Shorikov assured that build the town hall will begin in This year. Town Hall will be rebuilt on the ground inspection and watches. Has announced a tender for the construction.Last weekend public activists collected over a thousand signatures for the restoration of the Town Hall.In July 1957 Mogilev city hall destroyed. From 1926 she was under the protection of the country. For the first time about her recovery began read back in 1975.• collected 1,000 signatures for the restoration of the town hall of Mogilev, 04.07.2007

Political Council for the Congress missed two 20 well-known personalities

Stanislav Shushkevich offered to put on the agenda of the meeting of political council a day or question "Taming of intrigue." It was due, incidentally, that at the last meeting of the Party of Communists of Belarus blocked the nomination of delegates to the Congress of recognizable people.During the meeting the emperor was personally Shushkevich list of recognizable individuals in Belarus, which he believes must be congress delegates. Members of the council to vote on each nomination.In the end, 22 people were held. Among them Ryhor Baradulin Neil Gilevich Gennady Buraukin, Radim Gorki, Nikitchenko Ivan Sergei Zakonnikau Olga Ipatova Ales

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A.Milinkevich agitating for wrestling champion

Speaker Igor KanyginEx-presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich also addressed the audience in the hall with a rather short speech, explaining that he is the trustee ranks of democratic candidates, including and Vitebsk. To him also addressed with questions about the ability of positive configurations through the newly elected parliament. And then everyone had the opportunity to communicate with local and A.Milinkevich a candidate Igor Kanygin.

Present in the middle of the room — a rivalI.Kanygina, independent candidate Andrew Lewin (first left)

As for Milinkevich, its propaganda trip to support Democratic candidates of Vitebsk will continuesmiling a day or two.

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Or rebuilt in Mogilev city hall?

Historical Russian title area — Trading. From the 16th century, there was a constant attribute euro town that had Magdeburg Law — Town Hall. After the first partition of Poland in 1772, the Russians renamed the area the governor. The destruction of the town hall in 1957, the area remained without a specific name. 25 years ago thereon erected a memorial complex "Fighters for Soviet power."After the reconstruction of the area itself and its neighborhood have changed dramatically. Mogilev, but worried — or will build a town hall.A middle-aged guy: "I believe that the town hall is worth rebuilding, and

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Batory and Batura town hall opened in Mogilev

Not far from the Russian area where the town hall, detained eight youth activists. They were wearing T-shirts with the words "Long Live Belarus". According to one of the detainees, Tatiana Bulanovoj, without explaining the circumstances, the police have ordered the youth to go to the police "service", and later taken to the Leninsky district police station.The police activists, among whom was a minor boy of thirteen, aboutwere more 3 hours. Tatyana Bulanov states that have become a prerequisite for detention specifically T-shirts white-red-white flag and the words "Long Live Belarus": Not counting Tatiana Bulanovoj detained another Rostislav Pankratov, Eugene

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Mogilev not reached the town hall

The detainees were wearing T-shirts with the words "Long live Belarus!" One of them — a minor.Delayed by youth activist Tatyana Bulanova, they were approached by police and claimed that they should have been in the police bus. Policemen shall be removed call prerequisites detention. Detained activists were taken to the police Lensky District of Mogilev.Now Mogilev inaugurated detuned Town Hall.Town hall killed 51 years ago. Chairman of the Executive Committee Boris Batura during the opening of the Town Hall restoration referred to "historical justice".Until 1917, this building sat city magistrate. Third in August 1926 as a monument of architecture

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