Doppelganger: they — are we?

November 29, 2011 5:50

People see not just his double — they see their astral and often have the feeling that this is their true nature

Once the famous German poet Goethe was heading to a personal meeting in Strasbourg. Peacefully rocking on divantsah friendly crew, he threw a casual glance out the window and to my surprise I saw on the side of the figure itself. True, the twin of the poet wore a gray coat, trimmed with gold embroidery. Similar fashion in Goethe was not, but eight years later, driving along the same road, he remembered

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All these voices — hallucinations!

Sometimes we go outwardly normal people who suddenly start talking about himself extraordinary things. One of the visitors, for example, some voices are heard dictating important information. Another annoying invisible "musicians": their concerts sound in his poor head …

Leading issue "unknown world" actually is sympathetic to such visitors. Their appearance is often preceded solar flares, which are known to affect people with unstable mentality. And as the regional center of Mental Health is located adjacent to the formulation, patients of a psychiatrist, and sometimes drop to us.

Official psychiatry these "voices" treats unequivocally: hallucinations! But a "voice", for

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Every tenth child hears the voices of the non-existent


The staff at University Medical Center in Groningen (the Netherlands) found that one in ten children under the age of seven or eight years non-existent voices heard.

In this case, most of the children said that the voice did not bother them, then there is no impact on the daily life. Only 15% of the 3,870 students surveyed told that they experience because of this serious problem, while 19% said they would vote prevent them think. The number of boys and girls who reported auditory hallucinations, was

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Scientists: the soul — is a quantum cluster

Vision, the people who visit during clinical death may be caused by the phenomenon of so-called "sleep paralysis," the scientists said. Something similar is happening to us and on the border of sleep and wakefulness, and in some other situations. However, the afterlife does exist, but its nature is of a different nature than we think.

So, one day in December 1964, a student of anthropology David Hufford was fast asleep in his room. Before this young man survived the attack of mononucleosis, and was exhausted preparing for final exams. David suddenly woke sound of an opening door. Some invisible

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Mysterious voices in my head


"- Is a product of intuition. Such voices, according to parapsychologists can often tell" the listener is very important information, and then save it from imminent danger or even death. " "The Voice" saved Adolf Hitler

"In one case, the mother's voice may belong to or be aware of a man, and more often it keeps" the listener of something bad. "

In other cases, the voices convey a kind of informational messages that tell about some important incidents — often accidents or wrecks that are not directly related to the person.


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Photos from the astral world

October 27, 2011 18:20

Recently appeared on the Internet a short message: American researchers first photographed on film hallucinations addicts. About fifteen years ago, and we found a man for the first time to photograph the hallucinations of alcoholics.

In those years, my interest in anomalous phenomena does not overlap with the topic, while the commission on AH at the Geographical Society has sought peterburzhenku, literature teacher Natalia Yakushev, who lived on the right bank of the Neva for Volodarsky bridge. After suffering a serious illness, she suddenly began to hear in the music! These were the classics

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Hallucinations associated with sleep and rest

The most common and dramatic hallucinations are those that occur immediately before or immediately after sleep or simply while relaxing in the prone position. Of course, dreams — also false perceptions observed during sleep, however, because we is not awake, they are generally not considered to be hallucinations. Similarly, during normal rest, we sometimes indulge in a variety of fantasies. But this fantasy is usually voluntary and is not considered a hallucination.

Hallucinations associated with sleep

Hallucinations associated with sleep, usually occur in the waking moments immediately before bedtime or after. Take, for example, a case with a young anthropology

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