The Walther PPQM2

If gun manufacturers produced commercials to appear on any of the major networks, Walther’s ad for their PPQ M2 would look like a Lexus commercial. A trusting, deep baritone voice would speak of classic lines, ergonomics, performance, form, function, beauty and even art. Indeed this gun to a true firearm enthusiast is a piece of modern engineering art, for how it balances in the hand and shoots as much as for its appearance.

I wish this gun had been around a few years ago when I was busy filming segments for a gun retailer’s website during the SHOT Show, the

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oddworld: hand of odd

Hand of Odd — одно из побоч­ных ответвлений Oddworld Quintology, на этот раз в Люби­мом Жанре.

RTS нас ожидает — сплош­ной восторг. Ни одного скрина, даже набросков пока нет, но то, что в это будут играть все и взахлеб, несомненно. Про Hand of Odd мы знаем пока еще меньше, чем про очеред­ную «плановую» игру Oddworld Quintology Munch’s Oddysee, про которую неизвестно почти ничего, но — я уже люблю эту игру и жду ее больше, чем ка­кой-нибудь Tiberian Sun. Итак…

Становимся на выбор Великим Вождем мудокан или Исполните­лем глакконов (вождем, по-мое­му, быть гораздо приятнее, нежели каким-то там ис­полнителем). Бит­ва будет вестись

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I almost lost an arm over kidney surgery!

All slip-up leads to horrendous limb-mangling episode!

But that fate befell 23-year-old Michael Corrigan from Fife, following a calamitous chemical cock-up.

“I was in hospital to have an operation on one of my kidneys,” he explains, “and there was a mistake made with the drip. They pumped too many drugs into my arm and it swelled up to an enormous size. They basically had to make this wound on my arm just to ease the pressure.

If they hadn’t done that,

I would have lost it.”

The resulting gaping gash on his forearm had to be left for two full,

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Mermaid self-Maid.

Swimming good for the back, strengthening the muscles, energizes. But the most important — it helps to lose weight. How to get the latest on vacation?

After the holidays, we expect to come back rested, refreshed and postroynevshimi. Especially if you go to the sea. One of the most effective exercises for harmony — swimming. However, many somehow believe that significant results have to swim at least 2 km in 40-45 minutes — as in the pool. It inhibits not so much the distance as the very figure — just think, as much as 2 km! «It is unrealistic,» —

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Hands schoolchildren.

The main directions of the reform of general education and vocational school said: «The connection of training with productive work involves the incorporation of students from the lowest classes in a systematic, organized, feasible for their health and age of the socially useful work — the real work necessary to society.»

Questions of perfection of labor training and education, organization of socially useful productive work in schools was dedicated to rail transport took place in January this year, the scientific and practical conference. It was organized by the Main Department of the Ministry of Railways educational institutions.

About his experience

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The hand of fate and the hand of free will

Fate and free will, external and hidden, the dignity of man and his weaknesses-all is «written» on his hands.

Most of the works devoted to palmistry, offer the reader to study the line of his hand. But what kind of arm in question — right or left? Which hand should pay attention, if the lines displayed on the surfaces of the right and left hands, as a rule, they are very similar to each other?

Cards of Destiny and free will

This is not an idle question. After all, despite the fact that on both hands, we see the same

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Prosthetic MASTER


Average write a letter … There are many — thanks to the patient for healing. At the end of printing and «signature hand comrade. N. pledge. » This is a letter, and different from all others, because the hand is, strictly speaking, not a comrade N., and Leonid Kudryashov. He is known prosthetic master, made it to a war invalid.

He is now seventy-four. But I do not look — a little like a teenager, wizened. These people all my life look much younger. Even his hair graying just yet. He says in grassiruya nobility, though a native of

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Treatment of bronchitis

Recently came to our clinic with the mother the baby coughing. The doctor has diagnosed «bronchitis», prescribe treatment and recommended that appear after 3-5 days. The woman returned two weeks later. At this time the child had pneumonia. I had to put him in the hospital, prescribe two antibiotics, «- says Head of pediatric department of one of the capital’s clinics Elena D. Plaksiy.

Children «simple» cough does not happen

Therefore, we must act quickly, relying on the advice of a doctor, not a folk recipes


Begin to explore in the hospital, confirmed the diagnosis

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And the heat YOUR LES PAUL

Great White began with a pistol shot and a prison sentence. They toured with Guns N’Roses, stormed the charts, and then disappeared into the swamp of treachery. And when things have just could not go worse, they played in Rhode Island,

In the summer of 2011, Alan Niven was sitting on the terrace of his house in the middle of the desert and watched the speck approaching it from the city. From here he could see for miles in any direction. It is said that in the desert everyone sees what he wants.

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Breitling’s massive Chronomat GMT features the next generation of its first in-house movement. We take this versatile pilots’ watch on a test flight.

At first glance, the Breitling Chronomat GMT reminded us of an imposing SUV, like the Porsche Cayenne. Looking at the watch’s highly polished, 47-mm-diameter case, one can only admire its bold design while at the same time being stunned by its immod¬esty. One thing is clear: no one really needs this much watch. But if that’s what you like, why not? And, unlike with an SUV, you won’t go broke filling up its tank.

The Chronomat clearly

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