The Trap: What happened to the dream of freedom? (Movie 3)

We will force you to be free / We Will Force You to Be Free. U.S. and UK are the idea of individual freedom in the world, including in Latin America, Yugoslavia, Russia and Iraq. The results again are far from the stated goals. So what happened to our dream of freedom? ..

In Yakut village back winter

June 24, 2013. Weather often presents unexpected surprises, the snow in the middle of summer — it's a real event that happened today in Yakutia.

Residents Yakut village Aihal Mariiinskogo district in the morning found that the leaves of trees and green grass covered with snow, like surrealist painter mixed the dream and reality on the one painting, with the difference that everything that has happened — a reality. The photographs have been laid out in a network of citizens of the republic, in the village of snow covered everything: land, houses, cars. Someone right in their window sill

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Giant sinkhole in Kansas

August 3, 2013. Residents of a small community in western Kansas talk about the incident, and that they can not believe it. Something inexplicable happened and left people in awe. First, people County Wallace only heard rumors and not everyone believed them. However, once they were able to see the photo — were amazed.

"I think it looks like madness" — said one of the locals.

It seems so crazy that causes people to flock to a remote area north of Sharon Springs, to see with their own eyes what happened.

"How can this happen? What influenced this?

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Landslide in China eight people buried alive

August 5, 2013. This morning, a landslide in a central Chinese province of Shanxi landslide buried under a five houses — two regular and three houses, located directly in the rocks on the slopes. Since it happened early in the morning — about 3:00 local time — in the homes were family. As a result, eight people were killed.

Rescuers arrived at the village Step, where the accident happened very quickly. But from the rubble and debris rescuers had to get the already lifeless bodies — in spite of all the efforts, the doctors do not cmogli to revive

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DERBY — The Final Whistle

so it happened with us this year, that final tour we spend at home with our "much loved ponyami from the stables of the SKA, which Furmanovsky" And therefore such a significant event by no means can not be avoided, if only because it’s possible repeat of the situation with sending poney bask in the zone of the South. (it is, in certain circumstances) And so this is another reason to drive on the fatherland and to support and congratulate the (hopefully by the time everything has already happened) to upgrade to business class and return to the animated cartoon

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First Man of the Year 2011 in Ukraine is the Russian philanthropist

Winner of the Ukrainian national award for the first time in the 16 years of its existence is recognized as a Russian. They became the founder and director of the Moscow Museum "House of the icon" Igor Vozyakov In July last year, the Russian businessman and philanthropist donated Ukraine icon of the 16th century, "Protection of the Virgin" brush master Dimitri. Its price is 350,000 euros. The ancient masterpiece he offered to buy in one of the European countries.

Upon examination, however, it became clear that it was the "Cover", who disappeared many years ago from Lviv

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In the heat of passion, rescuing his father, the girls raised their tractor …


The man, who crushed red tractor weighed nearly half a ton, argues that saved him from death two daughters. Teenagers have found the strength to lift a hell of a car.

Jeff Smith of Lebanon, Oregon, tried to uproot a tree stump in his garden when he was smeared in mud boots slipped off the clutch pedal, and the farmer and the tractor overturned.

A man driving a heavily crushed his chest, but he was able to scream, and it heard his two daughters — 16-year-old Hannah and 14-year-old Hayley. The girls rushed to

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The day when the fish surfaced



12.05.11.Posledstviya fish kills in Lake Pioneer literally stirred the local residents and the many fishing enthusiasts. Nor could it be otherwise, when after the disappearance of ice and warm water dismal picture is not harvested for the May supplement hundreds of banks have started to decompose dead carp, silver carp and other fish. Finished a dismal picture fetid smell.

Information about the incident spread so fast, especially on the Internet, which, as is often the case, began to become self-sufficient, and an event called an unexpected disaster. However, this did not happen. As quickly as possible

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Dead birds found in Sweden


5.01.11.Okolo hundreds of dead birds, including crows, ravens, magpies, found on Wednesday night, local residents Falchepinga located in south-western Sweden, according to Swedish news agency TT.

One of the eyewitnesses Dril Hula, in describing what he saw TT interview, said he was returning from work late in the evening, when I saw a lot of black spots on the road one of the streets of the city, RIA Novosti reported.

"We stopped, and in the beginning I did not understand that there were birds. I remember when I read that something similar happened in the U.S..

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An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred near Guatemala City

March 26, 2013. An earthquake measuring 6.2 occurred on Monday Guatemala, epicenter was located about 10 kilometers from the capital, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

While data on the possible destruction and casualties were reported.

In November 2012 the underground point magnitude 7.2 caused the death of a Guatemala 44 people, another 3.4 million people suffered property damage. Most affected 11 of the 22 departments of the country.

Source: RIA Novosti

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