USB Hard Drive Hootenanny

Hard drives you can actually smack down


The LaCie Rugged Mini we tested is a 1TB 5,400rpm drive that features a classic brushed-aluminum housing with USB 3.0 and LED activity indicators. The bright, removable rubber case makes this hard drive resistant to drops from four feet, which matches the Transcend StoreJet’s durability. Its two-year war­ranty is the shortest of the three drives in our roundup, though.

LaCie’s bundled software is bare- bones, and offers a power-saving utility and Genie Timeline backup software. Genie Timeline provides a simple inter­face with the option for a hierarchical

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Upsizing the Mac




The brand new My Book Thunderbolt Duo provides super-fast data transfer rates; and dual Thunderbolt ports to daisy chain multiple high-speed Thunderbolt peripherals without impacting performance. The large 4TB/6TB dual-drive storage system can be configured for RAID 0 or RAID 1.


Powered by a WD Caviar Green drive with up to 3TB in capacities and speedy Fire Wire 800 interface, My Book Studio is the only external hard drive any discerning Mac professional needs. It features a premium aluminum enclosure that doesn’t only look great.

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Before You Go…

Pre-Ride Checks For Pros

Riding a motorcycle is the closest thing to flying without actually getting off the ground, except you don’t fall as far if something goes horribly wrong. Because the stakes are higher up in the wild blue yonder, pilots perform pre-fight checks on their planes before every takeoff. But just because it’s only a few feet from the saddle of your bike to the ground instead of a few thousand is no reason not to give your bike a quick once-over before every ride.

That’s a true statement, but let’s be realistic. If you commute on a

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OSCE Belarus Named one of the more stringent censorship on the Web

In the midst of that more aggressively pursue freedom of speech on the Web, referred to as China, Iran, Malaysia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Sudan and Belarus."Nedavneshnie steps against freedom of speech on the web in a number of States are reminded that with some relief modes, both democratic and dictatorial, trying to drown out the idea with which they disagree, they do not like and which they fear.Until a Web anywhere and never had to speak so freely, "says the report of the OSCE." But at the same time, we we see, as is spreading rapidly in the web of censorship.

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Dmitry Dashkevich for congratulations — arrest

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"A few hours waiting in the Minsk Central District Court until bring detainees.At trial, the St. Cyril and Vladimir Sergeyev Matskevitch eyewitnesses testified traffic police Turkin Sergei and Andrei Glukharev.Neither the custody records, no nothing in the indictment stated that, that children detained for hanging streamers.Sergei Turkin said that detained youths at twelve o’clock — for what they are on the bridge Tipo neprelichno swearing, shouting and waving their arms. He admitted that their was pyatnatstsatsimetrovaya stretching. But, according to a police officer, is not that why they are 2-patrol cars were at that

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Expert for tougher U.S. attitude towards Belarus

In the process of special hearings on Capitol Hill recognizable South American political scientist, namely, stated that "there is Tera, which is necessary to know the relationship immediately." According to Halperin, U.S. policy must proceed from the fact that in the U.S. intrigued countries — violators Human Rights — far more than the South American intrigued in these modes. Because, says Halperin, "Washington’s position should be more tight against these states"

The list of the 11 most severe violators Human Rights, which is composed congressional subcommittee in international affairs, includes Our homeland, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and China, Cuba, Egipet, Saudi

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6 misconceptions about weight loss

How many excuses we find myself not to get involved in the fight against obesity, "I am full, because I have a" bad "heredity", "After thirty useless to lose weight", "I do not have enough willpower to sustain a diet." Moreover, we do strongly believe in it and will put up with overweight and far from ideal figure. And it is in vain!

Dispel the popular misconceptions about losing weight, we have asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist

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Can be punished for failure to inform on his own friend?

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Said" Freedom "that during interrogation by the KGB investigators are interested in the structure of the organization, as the number of its members. They need to call them names of colleagues, threatening criminal act for withholding of information. Indeed, under Articles 404 and 405 of the Penal Code for incorrect or denunciation for withholding disk imaging preparation or committed sin punishment foreseen conclusion. But, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, solely in the case of serious crimes — murder, suicide, rape, grievous bodily harm.In practice, Article 404 and 405 are used occasionallyManaging Russian police

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Europe can play a role of bridge between Belarus and the U.S.

Drakakhrust: "Sire Rar diplomatically" war "between Minsk and Washington unfolds against the backdrop of improving relations between Belarus and the EU. Demarche Belarusian Foreign Ministry about the withdrawal of the Belarusian ambassador from Washington and advice to the U.S. ambassador to leave home for consultations sounded almost the same day, in Brussels signed an agreement to open consulates in Minsk Commission. But in a situation of conflict between the hard Belarus and the U.S. can the countries of the Union side of its own ally, to show the solidarity of the Atlantic? "Rahr: "We already we see, that the EU

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A. Suzdaltsev: Moscow authorities varies, but in Minsk — never

"The elites that support in Russia Medvedev and Putin, of course, close, but they only partially overlap. And the situation here is not normal. I myself was surprised to see that will not some little rotation, but rather, I would have said, steep . Thus, all it mattersetsya and will dosmiling under the Constitution of the Russian Federation that thing is phenomenal. And because the new people that will come with the new president, already understand that and they do not come in perpetuity. Eight years later, even if everything will be fine, they also have to join their places

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