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Steps from the Pacific Ocean on Niagara Avenue is a bustling shop you won’t soon forget—Noon. The seemingly salvaged interior space assembled from vintage accents and unique wood finishes, provides an apropos shell for the handcrafted inventory; everything from soaps and candles to perfume and jewelry. Owners Nora Alexander and Maie Liis Webb carefully curate there San Diego shop to ensure that all five senses are

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Reason 7

As well as hugely expanding the sonic arsenal, this freed up the Swedish developers to concentrate on the core app rather than being the only ones developing modules for Reason.

The system requirements have crept up slightly but remain comparable with other similar apps, and you’ll want 4GB of RAM or more and a dual-core processor, Mac OSX 10.7, Windows 7 or has always been good at and recognises hardware efficiently tends to dominate stability in version hardware is far from partly has enjoyed something of a related to the lack of support for conventional plug-ins (and don’t

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When you want ultimate MIDI control, sometimes you have to venture off the beaten track.

Livid Instruments is a US-based developer of controller hardware and software and its latest release is Base, a touch- and pressure-sensitive control surface that aims to provide adventurous users with a totally configurable, hands-on MIDI device that can be adapted to any task. Made mostly of metal yet lightweight, it has no moving parts and so is fairly safe to throw in a backpack on the way to a gig. It feels sturdy and well made, and powers via a single USB connection through which

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Despite the huge number of software synths available, there is still a massive market for more expensive hardware synths. This is in part due to the gratification of instant feedback when tweaking knobs and sliders, along with circuitry and operating systems that have been optimised for a single job. It ’s much easier to get lost while sound-designing using a piece of hardware, as you’re not so easily distracted by other effects and plug-ins, and touching controls directly feels much more intuitive than using a mouse to fine-tune parameters. You may also be buying a hardware synth for its analogue

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Hardware Expressions

Giving your home an image enhancement or personality boost is quick, easy and fun — just avail yourself of the large selection and professional assistance at Hardware Expressions.

Owner Patricia Welch specializes in unique decorative door and cabinet hardware; from classic to contemporary or in dazzling designs studded with semi-precious stones and crystals, she has over 55 lines on display in the store. Many of them, in fact, are new additions or carried exclusively by Hardware Expressions. That bounty also includes a large array of one-of-a-kind hard¬ware and several lines of budget-conscious options, as well as bath and decorative gate

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The overall increase in production volumes of metal products in Russia in 2003 more than 13%, far outstripping the growth of the Russian economy as a whole. Affected by the redistribution of property in the hardware sector, the steel industry. That hardware production steel and give the main increase in volume. The share of small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing industry was 3.5%, significantly lower than the same rate in the developed countries.

Positive trends emerged in the industry and in terms of technology upgrading and updating equipment. Many enterprises estimate that the prospect of intensive ways

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The place and role of small and medium-sized businesses in the production of metal products in Russia

Today, the development of hardware industry in Russia is entirely dependent on the willingness of large metallurgical holdings. Plans for the modernization of the industry is not a priority for most metals. Often you hear that the sale or rental of pig iron a better event than the development of deeper metallurgical processes. This error professionals who came in as a vremenshiki metallurgy and to a lesser degree of care that Russia remains a raw materials appendage.

The program proposed by the Association «RosMetiz» and developed in conjunction with specialists from the Russian Finance — Banking Union — is

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Decorative Plumbing, HARDWARE + MiLLWORk


Renaissance Design Studio has one of the most comprehensive collections of architectural hardware in the world. Its unique collection of designer plumbing fixtures, custom doors, staircases and millwork provides clients with an experience offered by no other showroom in the country. With more than 140 years of combined millwork, plumbing and hardware sales experience, Renaissance’s staff is highly equipped to tackle the most complex building and design challenges.

Lyrical ABSTRACT Paintings


Nothing defines a space like beautiful, original art on the walls. A single striking painting can serve as a focal point, pulling the different

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Architecture Hardware Designs

When it comes to the design elements that can make the final difference between «fine“ and «fantastic.“ there’s a new clear choice in Oklahoma City. Architectural Hardware Designs is a young company with a timeless mission: providing quality, service, functionality and outstanding design in the very finest luxury plumbing. hardware and accessories

Gene Go forth has years of experience in product sales and design, and has worked on a national scale with manufacturers bringing new product into the U.S. for distribution. Rick Hawthorn has a deep history of technical and product knowledge in both plumbing and door hardware. Together they

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Beautiful well-groomed hands adorn the person, but this is only half the battle, the second — is well-groomed feet. Many believe — why follow the condition of the feet, in the winter if no one sees them, that's the summer and think about your feet. Just get it, open sandals and flip-flops, we understand that "these" can not be put on their feet.

Where there have been numerous calluses and corns? Why exfoliate and crumbling nails, and what is that odor? What to do? Answer this question a skilled technician, not advertising miracle cures all ills on

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