Thai Navy Harriers join up

Salvador Mate Huertas reports on the transfer of Spanish AV-8Ss and TAV-8Ss to the Royal Thai Navy.

AT THE END of October 1996, seven single-seat AV-8Ss and two dual TAV-8S which had served with 8a Escuadrilla of the Spanish Navy’s Fleet Air Arm for over 20 years, joined the Royal Thai Navy. They became part of 301 Squadron, the strike fighter element of a new air group being established for the new Principe de Asturias class carrier, the RTNS Chakri Naruebet.

The 8a Escuadrilla was commissioned on September 29, 1976, and during the early years it gained valuable carrier utilisation

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Marine Harriers Over Afghanistan

Warren E Thompson profiles US Marine Corp AV-8B Harrier operations in Afghanistan undertaken by VMA-513, the ‘Flying Nightmares’.

THE SOVIET Union sent its military forces into Afghanistan in 1979 with the aim of extending its influence in that area of the world. Ten years later, it pulled out after losing 15,000 men. Soviet aircraft losses were also extremely high — unable to cope with the unconventional type of warfare that the Mujahideen used, the Russians paid heavily for the lesson. Moving forward 13 years, the rugged and desolate terrain of Afghanistan again became a battleground, though this time not for

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