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It’s interesting. Holders of American 7-Eleven arrested for slavery

June 18, 2013  

Internal Security United States, together with the police raided the largest franchise network of 7-Eleven in Brooklyn. As a result of the raid were arrested 9 people who have been indicted in the theft of personal data and their use for hiring illegal immigrants to work.

As the federal prosecutor's office of the Eastern District of New York, more than a dozen people have been brought into the country illegally and, in fact, engaged in slave labor, and the suspects were appropriated part of their wages.

The audit was conducted

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And it was this wedding venue is small …

Two magnificent reception in honor of the marriage ended in mass slaughter at the Sheraton Mission Hill in Philadelphia this past Sunday, October 7.

On this day in the hotel a few dozen people gathered to mark a happy event in the life of two pairs of newlyweds.

However, contrary to expectations, the culmination of the holiday has become a large-scale brawl, which started in the bar between guests.

— We do not yet know what caused the conflict grew into physical abuse, but no doubt that the problem lies in the amount of alcohol consumed — said police

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Warning of an eruption in Colombia

Warning of an eruption in Colombia Danger Zone

Over the last 2 years there have been about 10 eruptions Galeras in Colombia, which was accompanied by the evacuation of thousands of residents. Colombian Institute for monitoring volcanoes raised the level of anxiety due to possible volcanic eruption.

The basis for this are the low-frequency seismic events, known as the event "Tornillo", which are the precursors of volcanic activity Galeras. Number of events "Tornillo" also indicate the volume of the eruption. Such phenomena have been observed in the area of the volcano, and in 80% of cases followed by an eruption.

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Monsoon rains have been on the southern shores of Sri Lanka

Monsoon rains have been on the southern shores of Sri Lanka, Natural disasters

The monsoon rains that hit 25 October 2011 on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, were devastating. According to estimates of the Centre for Management in critical situations on the date of November 27 killed 19 people, 43 fishermen were missing, more than 53 thousand people have fled their destroyed homes.

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Mini-tornado destroyed homes in France

June 21, 2013. In the east of France eliminate the consequences of what French media described as a "mini-tornado". Destructive winds damaged dozens of houses in the department of Côte-d'Or, tearing off roofs, uprooting trees and concrete poles of power lines. Around 15,000 families were left without electricity.

Local resident: "I saw this big black cloud following me, and I had time only to have to run back to the house before beginning everything started to shake."

Other local residents describe the deafening noise.

The storm lasted for only 10 minutes, but the elimination of its consequences will

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As the men of France fought against fascism

After the liberation of German-occupied territories of European countries, thousands of women who are in relationships with German soldiers and officers who have been exposed to humiliating and brutal executions at the hands of their fellow citizens.

The most actively pursued their French counterparts. Wrath of the lesion, the long years of occupation, secession, liberated France vented on these girls. Next 20 pictures.

The campaign to identify and massacre of collaborators, called "L'épuration sauvage", about 30,000 women suspected of having links with the Germans, were subjected to public humiliation.

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In the capital of Chechnya opened plant equipment

In Grozny, the grand opening of SUE "equipment." The opening of the plant will provide up to 170 new jobs. During the recovery period of the plant workers have been trained at the Yaroslavl plant of welding materials.

Annual design capacity allows it to manufacture products for a total cost of 80 million rubles. The plant functioning of the production of welding electrodes for the production and repair of oilfield equipment.  

Minister of Industry and Energy G.Taymaskhanov gave a tour of the restored shops of the plant. He said that in the period of

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The Minister of Defence played in tanchiki

scale models of new military equipment have been shown to Sergei Shoigu, when he was on the last working day of the week went on a visit to the High Command of the Army.


Toy Almaty was, Kurgan and Typhoons in the scale of 1:20 have been manufactured by enterprises of the defense industry. Apparently, the Minister was satisfied with the performance characteristics of the models, which were steeper than similar imported toys.

However, it seems Sergei Kozhugetovichu itching to get more of the same at 1:1. Therefore, he ordered that

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Opened a new park and playgrounds for children in Kemerovo region

June 2 Ordzhonikidze district of Novokuznetsk Child Protection Day opened a children‘s park park.Obustroystvo performed within the socio-economic cooperation between the city administration and the management of the housing company "Vesta", which manages the nearby apartment buildings.

Work on a deserted wasteland outside Duzenko begun last year. There are walking paths, lawns some sleep, work began on gardening. For the rest of adults and children, installed benches, playgrounds and sports areas. In total, the construction took about 5 million rubles.

Last week, in the village of Mundybash Tashtagol opened sports-corner site.Previously, similar sites have been opened at the Casa,

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Power Machines produced for the Chinese power equipment plant Tianwan


"" Power Machines "manufactured, tested and delivered to the customer reserve rotor turbine generators with capacity of 1,000 MW, are part of China’s nuclear power plants are operated turbine" Tianwan. " In accordance with its terms "Power Machines" to produce and deliver to the NPP "Tianwan" new rotor turbine generator TVV-1000-2U3, and a set of mounting accessories, tools and spare parts, reported the press service of the company. In 1999, "ASE" general hardware vendor, made with "Power Machines" contract manufacturer for the NPP of the two turbines with capacity of 1000 MW each and two turbo-generators of

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