Wimberley tripod head

Throughout this project I have been testing out the Wimberley Head version II. The Wimberley Head (WH) is a specialised tripod head aimed at photographers using large, heavy telephoto lenses. I was keen to put it through its paces to see how it performed.

My main interest in a tripod head is whether it allows for easy and accurate control of a lens. The WH has been cleverly designed to allow you to rotate a large lens around its centre of gravity, which essentially means that a heavy lens can be moved about without any effort at all. I found

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Which tripod should I buy?

I have just bought my first DSLR, and as I live by the coast I would like to have a go at long-exposure photography so that I can capture the movement of the water in my seascapes. I’d also like to try shooting some waterfalls with this technique too.

I know that I will need a tripod in order to avoid blurry shots due to camera shake when using slow shutter speeds, but I am a little overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Have you got any advice on what a beginner on a budget should look out for?

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My mate had to hold my head together!

DIY chap finds that work can literally do your noggin in!

HOW MANY times do we have to tell you, chaps? Motorbikes, lawn-mowers and DIY are not to be trusted. The latest fellow to fall foul of a little home improvement is Nuts reader Chris Ronayne, a project manager from Kent, who ended up with a spectacular headache and a wound to match when he was doing up his domicile.

“I was working on my town house,” he explains, “and had some scaffolding at the front. There were some blocks of wood sitting across the handrail, and I can only

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Caribbean, with its tropical rainforest, rocky mountains, lush valleys and unspoilt beaches, plus the iconic twin Piton peaks. To make the most of your honeymoon. Turquoise recommends two gorgeous resorts for a twin-centre trip that is as varied as it is luxurious.

The exclusive Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, set in the middle of a working cocoa plantation, boasts jaw-dropping views of the Pitons across to the Caribbean Sea. When it comes to choosing your love nest,

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Larging it

I’ve lost count of the number of these machines I’ve had in my workshop for review, and for the most part they’ve a(l been very similar. This mortiser from Axminster is something of an exception as it incorporates a number of useful developments to improve its performance. The table is much larger than usual, and this is effectively made even bigger by the extension wings at each side. The fence is adjusted forwards and backwards on a rack-and-pinion arrangement, controlled by rotating a lever on the left-hand side of the column. Once it’s in position, it’s locked by the use

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Impressive taskmaster

Some us will remember the Black and Decker system where you couid add different accessories to its standard mains powered drill to turn it into a saw, sander or jigsaw. A few may have fond memories, others less so. My dad had one that was hit and miss to say the least.

This time around such a tool is being introduced by a different manufacturer, and is powered by Li-ion batteries, but is the launch of a multi-option tool a wise move?

I have to say that I was certainly a bit apprehensive when I first espied the system among

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Bird Yoga

As owls manage to turn my head, without turning your neck?

«Experts in personal injury caused by damage of the arteries of the neck and head, wondering why the forests are still not littered with the corpses of owls, who died of a brain haemorrhage?» — Says neuroradiology Philip Gaya Medical Center at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA). These birds are able to turn his head 270 degrees. Theoretically such rotation should lead to a pinched the main neck artery supplying blood to the brain. But, as the researchers found, this protects the owls are a number of anatomical

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Head On Photo Festival 2013

Everywhere is a gallery;observed Head On Photo Festival Director, Moshe Rosenzveig, describing this year’s event which was the most extensive and diverse to date, making Head On the largest photographic festival in the country.

This year.

Ben Lowy and his wife, Marvel Lacar; Bangladeshi photographer and activist Shahidul Alam; and the American photographer Tracie Williams, all of whom had exhibitions in the festival. After interviewing Lowy and Alam about their respective exhibitions, it was a matter of cramming in as many exhibitions as I could into three days before flying back to Melbourne. At last count. I saw 30 exhibitions.

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Head of the Department for Interregional State Construction Supervision Rostekhnadzor MTU on the UFD

Boris Trefelov appointed head of the Sverdlovsk State Construction Management.

The corresponding order was signed by Governor Eduard Rossel of the Middle Urals. As stated on the official website of the Ministry, on January 11, Boris Trefelov has already begun work.

His responsibilities MTU Rostekhnadzor takes his deputy Dmitry


The new leader

Volga Rostekhnadzor MTU

Head of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Nikolay Kutin appointed Oleg Zakharov head of Volga Interregional Territorial Administration for Supervision of Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

Oleg V. Zakharov was born in 1961 in n. Voronezh region Shostka Sumy region.

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Head 22 minutes regional VAI Eastern Military District Colonel Alexey Dzyuba:

«We control the entire territory, including the island …»

Alexei G., 22th military motor vehicle inspection is one of the largest in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. As you know, she is responsible for the organization and respect for road safety in the territory of the Eastern Military District. Which regions are in your area of ​​responsibility now, after measures to bring the army to the new look?

— Currently, inspection of a harmonious system, operates on a territorial basis. The structure of the 22 th VAI VAI includes 10 territorial located in five regions of the

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