Preeclampsia (late toxemia of pregnancy)

The word "morning sickness" is not often heard every woman who gave birth to at least one child. Complication of pregnancy, for many years, which bears the name of late toxicosis, since 1996, became known by the term "preeclampsia." This condition is characterized by deep frustration function of vital organs and systems.

Gestoses is a distinction between 'pure' and 'fit'. By "clean" referred gestoses that occur in pregnant women who previously did not suffer from any diseases. But more often observed sochetannye gestoses that develop on the background of the preceding disease. Most adversely flows preeclampsia in pregnant

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N. Masherova: No Mercy — the greatest sin

Vice-chairman parliamentary commission on international affairs Rep. Anatoly Krasutski sincerely believe nedavneshnim statements Alexander Lukashenko, Alexander Kozulin, allegedly refused the offer to take away his wife for healing abroad:"As a human being I can only pity that it happened. Maybe some options for her healing would be when it was promoting on his part. Possibility same treatment was over. If he was closer, something can and spread active. incomprehensible to me his motives in this situation. With all the knowledge this man, for me it was more important to the life of a loved one, not politics. I, on the

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Biofield holy image



Today, scientists are trying to understand the healing gift of icons, a scientific case perpetrated by them miracles. One of the hypotheses to explain the medicinal properties of allowing the images of the saints, is the idea of the bioenergy field. According to some researchers, this field have not only living beings.

Under certain conditions it can accumulate in various subjects. Let's take a little'll stand in the church and watch the congregation. Frequent visitors to the temple at

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In the industrial park Strogino (Moscow) opened a new pilot plant

Spinning submikrovolokon electrospinning method on equipment «Nanospider»

Spinning submikrovolokon electrospinning method on equipment «Nanospider»

That is unparalleled in the world of nanofiber save the world from a variety of diseases. In the industrial park "Strogino" opening the enterprise "Rusmark" — The manufacturer of nanomaterials using a unique technology.

About nanotechnology Today a lot of talk, but the real advances in this cutting-edge science are rare. So the company, which opened recently in the capital Technopark "Strogino", can be called unique. It will make for a unique, our scientists invented technology nanofibre — Yarn, more than 200 times thinner

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Tomsk nanobinty enter the markets of India and Africa

Fibers "Vitavallisa" under microscope

Tomsk scientists developed and presented to the public in 2011, wound healing bandage "Vitavallis" created with the use of nanotechnology in the summer of 2012 will go to hospitals in Africa, India and the Middle East. While "Vitavallis" can be found in pharmacies some Russian cities.

"In the summer of this year, go out to the markets of Africa, the Middle East and India. Bandages will test in these countries, we will confirm the unique properties of the bandage, then have to certification, permits the sale. Selling plan including the International Red Cross"

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Conjunctivitis: Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis of "conjunctivitis" is set ophthalmologist after examining the patient. In order to identify the most likely cause of it, the doctor will ask the patient about the medical history and conditions.

Sometimes additional analyzes of discharge from the eye to determine the causative agent. In some cases, you may also need to consult other specialists (urologist, gynecologist, an allergist).

In the mild form, the most serious problem is not a disease itself, and its easy propagation. Strict hygiene will reduce the risk of transition to the second eye infection and contamination of surrounding people.Hygienevery simple:

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In Croatia, the lives of six Boy Magnet


11.05.11.Shestiletny resident Croatian village Koprivnica Ivan Stoiljkovic outwardly no different from an ordinary child, however, has an amazing magnetism.

In this case, it's not a beautiful metaphor — the body of a child is able to hold up to 25 pounds of metal. True, John says that very tired, holding spoons and pans on their body.

Boy's family adds that besides the ability primagnichivat items Ivan healing hands, relieving pain and healing from disease.

Placebo Natsebo. Ability to heal itself

October 9, 2012 3:56

Ability to heal itself doctors call "placebo" that works harder than any medication.

1:42 Healing through reproduce the knee surgery 13:54 The cure for severe depression with no real pill 20:06 nocebo effect (the death of the suggestion) 24:47 What tablets vnushabelnee 27:10 The cure for multiple sclerosis 29:31 Healing quackery 31:15 How to spread any placebo (from 30% to 90%) 36:16 Healing hypnosis congenital terminal illness

Sensation: Remote effects exist!

July 31, 2012 9:42

A meta-analysis found statistical evidence that the remote action is possible.

Sensation: Remote effects exist!

Is it possible at a distance through positive thoughts and desires, fingers crossed, praying and praying for healing, positive impact on others? The question of whether there is a "remote healing" that preached and practiced not only traditional medicine, but also to many religions, from time immemorial, is the subject of tense debate. A recent meta-analysis of the results of such experiments, which combines statistics and several studies and scientific hypotheses, showed a surprising result.

According to a professor

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Valuable ally in the fight for women’s health

Infectious diseases of the genital organs occupy a leading position in the structure of gynecological diseases. Their frequency is constantly growing: the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation in Russia is about 67%. One of the main reasons for the increase of these diseases is to reduce the immunological resistance of the organism.

Genital infections, such as herpes, human papilloma virus, yeast, causing discomfort, discomfort and pain and cause depression and sexual dysfunction. But perhaps more dangerous than the infection, at first did not show — such as, for example, chlamydia. Their treatment can be started too

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