When Emma Elwick-Bates was diagnosed with a hearing problem, a lifetime of miscommunications suddenly made sense.

«She’s going to call the police.”

It seemed a little extreme, and certainly not your average remark at the law-abiding Vogue offices. This was clearly one seriously irked contributor. “Is there a legal problem?” I enquire. My deputy editor is first puzzled, then amused by my question. She repeats herself. “Not call the police — she wants to pull the piece.” This was not the first time one of my colleagues, friends or family had come out with rather random, off-hand assertions — or

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U.S. Congress to hold hearings on the elections in Belarus

As reported by the press service of the Congress, in the course of the hearings will open a discussion the situation with democracy and human rights, also perform Belarusian authorities own obligations to the OSCE recently scheduled for September 28 elections House of Representatives.The press service stressed that the release of August 3 political prisoners and the lack of "enthusiasm in support of Russian anger in Georgia" gives hope for improvement Belarus relations with the United States and the European Union, "but in spite of this, progress in the field of democracy and Human Rights ahead of elections is not

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18 Weeks Pregnant


Soon you will learn to recognize when your baby sleep, and when awake, will feel like he has hiccups, and know when hungry (in this case, may be followed by an unequivocal kick to the side). By shock and fetal kicks you can understand that all is well with him, or something goes wrong.

When half of pregnancy (4.5 months) was left behind, it's time to think about preparing for childbirth. Best of all — start attending special courses or school motherhood, where you will be shown a movie and explain how to proceed labor, will

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In the Norwegian Parliament held hearings Belarusian

"Who took my meeting with the deputies of the factions of liberals and conservatives. Reached an agreement to conduct hearings this fall on the situation in Belarus. Apart Norwegian parliamentarians on their invite representatives of the Belarusian political opposition and civilian society."With Osle Lebedko sent to Strasbourg, where tomorrow will be a meeting of the Subcommittee on Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus Council of Europe.

PACE will hold a hearing on Belarus

The hearings also perceive the role UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, the chairman of the Euro Court Human Rights Jean-Paul Costa, Secretary General of "the International Amnesty" Irene Khan and executive director of "Human Rights Watch" Kenneth Roth. April 18 report Situation in Belarus present member of the PACE Pourgourides. At the hearing were invited many opposition favorites. But Party chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said "Freedom" that fails to go to the calendar reasons. During last year’s session of the Assembly parliamentarians called on countries that are not members of the European Union to accede to the

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Surgeons Krasnoyarsk KB conducted a unique operation

Doctors Krasnoyarsk regional clinical hospital for the first time conducted a unique operation to restore hearing.

The operation was done with the use of technology to install the world's first implant of the middle ear, "vibrating sound bridge." With it, you can return the hearing for people suffering from hearing loss II and III.For surgical intervention in the regional center came MD, a leading surgeon of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Ear, Throat, Nose and Speech Health Ministry of Russia Vladislav Kuzovkov and Austrian audiologist, a clinical consultant Innsbruck Medical University Suhaib al-Bargoti.

"During the operation, in

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Young spetsy run of Chernobyl-

In Last year, says bureaucrat in agribusiness built 196 apartments, but only teachers sent here in 1133.As a result, summed A.Kosinets, in Chernobyl regions remain to work only 27% of professionals sent there.Deputy Olga Abramova offered not only to build more homes, and appoint professionals great package of social benefits. So makarom, in her opinion, can be get rid of rassredotachivaniya.What vice-chairman Government A.Kosinets replied: "If we give up rassredotachivaniya, these regions generally remain without frames."Now House of Representatives hearings occur at the Chernobyl theme.

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Chernobyl Today in the European Parliament

Parliamentary hearings initiated a group of deputies of the European People’s Party. Individually to their organization led paryamentar Lyme Andrikienė.She helped a Euro Humanities Institute in Lithuania, promotes the initiative of Dr. Bandazhewski in the development of the Centre and to be independent of environmental eskpertyzy dasledinav.The hearings were the role of parliament in the relations with Belarus and its manager Jacek Protasevich, representatives of the European Commission.During the hearing were Dr. Yuri Bandazheuskiand Academician Ivan Nikitchenko and other representatives of the Belarusian delegation.Following the hearings was pleased declaration. It gives a political assessment of the Chernobyl disaster, as sin

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For the first time in the history of the Ural Health conducted a cochlear implant surgery

For the first time in the history of the Ural-based health Children’s Hospital of Rehabilitation "Bonum" performed cochlear implant surgery six deaf children in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. Photo

In the Sverdlovsk region introduced a total audiological screening using new equipment — otoacoustic emissions. This improves the diagnosis of hearing loss, but the correction of high degrees of hearing loss and deafness, hearing aids are not always effective.

At present, Russia is The federal program for the cochlear implant children and adults with severe hearing loss and deafness — high technology becomes available to Russian citizens.

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Show and tell: in Novosibirsk invented an electronic sign language interpreter:

Scientists from Novosibirsk developed a software to convert sounding speech into sign language. Using the app, hard of hearing people with disabilities will be able to communicate with ordinary people.

Resident IT-incubator Novosibirsk Academpark LLC "Surdofon", running within the Criminal Code "Lomonosov Capital", has created a device to convert sounding speech into sign language. Program first developed by scientists recognize sounding speech, then analyzes its meaning and sign language interpreting. After that, an animated doll avatar gestures sounded shows the text on the screen. This solves a major problem that confronted daily with hearing disabilities —

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