Wild at Heart


As a boy in Milan, Pasti dreamed of someday becoming a florist or a writer; he grew up to be a gardener and an author, not only of several gardening books, but also of a translation of Proust’s letters to his mother, and an outstandingly original novel, The Age of Flowers, a maximalist fantasia about a young man’s botanical obsession.

The novel is an homage to Pasti’s private garden, itself a maximalist fantasia: 5,300 species of plants, flowers, and trees — plus whatever snakes, rats, birds, lizards, and frogs choose to

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When Mariana Esterhuizen and her husband left the city, the dorp they moved to was a choice of the heart.

In 1983 my husband, Peter, and I decided 10 exchange our lifestyle from a city-bound existence for life in a country village. We spent many pleasant weekends visiting villages in search of the perfect place. We looked at the architecture and infrastructure of several dorpies, we compared the affordability of property in a number of them, we paid attention to how we could earn a living in a particular area, but it all became too confusing. In the end we



Dunedin painter Philip James Frost looks over his shoulder while keeping his eye firmly on today — and if that sounds abstract, it’s because it is

PONDERING WHAT prompted him to study Vincent van Gogh at age seven, Philip James Frost concludes: «I just always wanted to paint».

Which isn’t to say that the Dunedin artist didn’t first chase other creative pursuits. However, surfing and music just weren’t satisfying enough, and he realised he was «too messy for architecture».

So it was that Philip entered a self-created world of colourful, geometric shapes and repetitive language. He wanted to depict the

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Heart Jennifer

The popularity of this young Ukrainian team is growing by leaps and bounds! Lots of fresh singles, spectacular video work and great performances in different cities of Ukraine! They easily captivate the hearts of their listeners and sincerely grateful for the support of their fans. And now Oleg Pilipenko frontman «Jennifer Heart» will share their successes and future plans with our readers.

What are your team is working? We are currently working on the release of the Russian-language album, which will include both well-known and absolutely new tracks. But in addition to work on the album, we do not forget

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Heart and Longevity

The passion that keeps EAA strong

EAA IS A VIBRANT ORGANIZATION: magazines, forums, all manner of stuff on the website, chapters, advocacy, and, of course, The Big Show—AirVenture. It’s just an exciting and fun group to be a part of. I sometimes shudder to think where we’d be in aviation without it. So how did it get to be where it is today? It only takes four words to answer that question: Paul and Audrey Poberezny. But, beyond that (and Paul and Audrey will be the first to tell you this), it’s because of people, airplanes, and passion. Over—and I

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Asked the heart does not stop, because not yet finished my earthly affairs

Vladimir Orlov: "When chuvstvuesch chill eternity, can not help recalling the most expensive for you people and the most expensive places. And yet the writer recalls his books. But not the ones that took place, and those who did not finish. Or not born. I return it in its own memory in action when I was taken to the operating room. I wish to say at once that I am infinitely grateful to the physician Ira Wales Feodorovna. Just thanks to her, I was urgently hospitalized and operated urgently. Specifically, she insisted on it. And my heart doctor specifically with

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This is the coordinator of thoughts and desires poured into the light of God, and it is language

"Babel" in 1917 for the initials NS writes: "As we were asked: What on earth is the deepest? That needs to be answered, that the soul and heart chelavechae. In our little heart zmeshchaetstsa all: love, joy, and love, and goodness, and coupled and Gore, and horror and tears, and flour, and the complaint. Nobody mozhe experience of his own soul, his own heart, where floating our thoughts, our desires. And we have them nevycherpaemae the coordinator! .. Here is the coordinator of thoughts and desires poured the light of God and referred to as the language. ""Dawn of the

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Atherothrombosis — must act

Most people are aware of the consequences of heart attack and stroke. Many people know that this peripheral vascular disease of the lower extremities. But very few people are aware that among these diseases have a lot in common: they are based on atherothrombosis.

What is atherothrombosis?

Atherothrombosis — a progressive disease that starts withatherosclerosis. In atherosclerosis deposits form of fat, connective tissue and minerals that cause increasing thickening of the walls of the arteries. The most catastrophic consequences resulting rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, which is accompanied by activation Platelet and the formation of a blood clot (thrombus).

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Pregnancy and heart disease

At heart defects blood circulation. This is particularly dangerous during pregnancy, when the load on the cardiovascular system.

Heart defects are congenital and acquired.

Planning a pregnancy, a woman should identify (or exclude) a congenital heart defect. This will enable the conscious and balanced approach to family planning, and in the case of the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth to prepare for them in advance.

90% of acquired heart defects develop against rheumatism, they can also occur during pregnancy (exacerbation of rheumatic fever in pregnant women is most often seen in the first three and last

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Police detained six activists of the BPF Youth (photo)

Andrew Ignatovich was dressed in a suit a huge heart. Policemen ran up to him, took his passport, and a heart made of plywood. Andrew, along with his colleague in the police planted "funnels". A little later, police detained Franak Vyachorka and 2-his associates in the underpass, when they handed out "valentines." Explained to the policemen that will keep young men in the police station Tipo to establish their identities.

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