Thermaltake NiC C5

Give a little, take a little

WE don’t know how it started, but heat spreaders on today’s RAM sticks have gotten kinda out of control. So, gearheads these days have to get pretty creative (or potentially destructive) to fit most large aftermarket CPU coolers on the mother­board. Thermaltake had the bright idea to just make a more compact cooler, with not one but two 120mm fans on it. NiC stands for “Non-Interference Cooling,» and its C5 model sits at the top of the vendor’s lineup. With five heat pipes and 230 watts of heat dissipation, it’s ready for serious cooling,

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10 — 20% of heat loss in a room is due to uninsulated floors, with greater loss occurring in larger areas. Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity and help reduce energy costs for healing and cooling when there is a temperature differential between the indoor air and that under the floor. Research conducted in New Zealand found that the energy savings, both heating and cooling, were in the range of 8 — 12%. Findings indicated that carpeted floors fell warmer underfoot and did not require the healing that a

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Heat: win beer producers and traders Kondyukov

Belarusians or adapted for life and work in the criteria for the heat?If the owners of modern cars filled with climate-control system, on its own desire can create artificially in car interiors virtually any weather, the passengers of public transport travel to "steel containers" as in mobile steam room. 30 degree heat in the street truck added hot "passenger" degrees. No model trolleybuses, buses, trams, made in Belarus, not kandytsyyavana. In general, public transport in the winter other skraynasts — subzero temperature. Ascertain how physicians in the bulk of the anomalous heat hospitals — people with heart and susudistymi nevralyagichnymi

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Temperature records in Belarus are times a day

During the three last days of adjusted absolute performance in Minsk and regional centers, which were kept half a century and more. According to the National hydrometeorological professionals in the capital yesterday, the highest temperature was 33.5 degrees Celsius. Previous record was recorded almost 70 years ago, in 1938, and was equivalent plus 29 degrees. On a number of weather temperature has exceeded 35 degrees, which corresponds to the category of extreme heat. And in the Gomel region in Lelchitsy registered an absolute record in the 36 degree heat.It is expected that the already cold front from Western Europe will

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Energy-efficient apartment building opened in Angarsk (Irkutsk region).

Official opening of the energy-efficient house built in the framework of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, held in Angarsk on Friday. The two-story building is designed for 24 apartments, it will be moved 70 people out of dilapidated housing. The total cost of building a house was 46.5 mln., Including fund — 24.5 million regional budget — 13.6 million rubles., City — 8.4 million rubles. This is the first "smart home" in the Irkutsk region. Materials which have been used in its construction, minimizes heat loss. Resource savings of around 40%, which

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Energy-saving nanotechnology — from Tyumen scientists

Tyumen scientists for more than 20 years involved with energy efficiency. They have developed technologies are actively used not only directly in the Tyumen region, but also in other regions of Russia. Recently, their invention — a nanomaterial that can make any room warm with minimal costs.

Scientists Tyumen State University of Architecture and Construction have begun to address energy and resursosberzheniya back in the 1990s, long before the coming into force of the Federal Law "On energy saving". In particular, as noted in the last week held a meeting on the Day of Russian Science, candidate

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Center Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants opened in Tomsk

Educational and Scientific Center "Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants" worth more than $ 1 million was opened today at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The center is a complex, which includes four laboratories — To study thermal-hydraulic, gas-dynamic processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants, research sources and advanced heating systems, as well as computer simulations of the laboratory equipment in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.


Opening of the dedicated to the celebration of the 117th anniversary of the founding of TPU. The Rector

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And in the capital, and in Grodno sleep dressed?

In Vitebsk region in homes already warm. Grodno authorities meet standard: connect, 5 days in a row when the average daily temperature will not exceed eight degrees. Exceptionally, if cooling is sharp, then on the basis of such a decision can hydrometeorological be taken faster, but it will be taken in Minsk — explain power. On the door of the first hospitals in the Grodno street Lermontov announcement: "Pochetaemye patients in the hospital being vaccinated against influenza for persons who have acquired the disease." And what think unhealthy, who had at this point to visit the hospital: you previously include

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Tobolsk TEC has reached a new level of energy efficiency

At Tobolsk CHP has successfully completed a number of major investment projects aimed at increasing the capacity and improving the efficiency of power equipment.


At 20% increased efficiency of heat used in the production cycle. 655 megawatts of power Tobolsk CHP after reconstruction. Thermal power station, built in 1980, is known to be a key supplier of heat and electricity for the city of Tobolsk and process steam for the Tobolsk petrochemical complex. Today Tobolsk CHP is a part of the international company "Fortum", which plays a major role in the Russian energy market — in

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TGK-14 launched in Chita, a new heating main house at 22

October 5, Chita Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Vishnjakov Trans-Baikal region, the mayor of Chita Anatoly Mikhalev and General Director of JSC "TGC-14" Sergey Vasilchuk have commissioned a new trunk pipeline in the area of 17 schools, which later will connect to the central heating about 22 new high-rise buildings.

The project was implemented by a total of three years (2010-2012). It was replaced about 6 km of the pipeline.

— In preparation for the project, from 2008, together with the governor and the regional government has developed a number of changes to allow direct funds to the areas most

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