Annealing Furnaces

In addition to providing the heating wire to the annealing temperature, the furnace should provide nonoxidizing, in extreme cases, malookislitelny heat for a minimum amount of oxides on the surface of the wire and the minimum length of the wire surface preparation baths for galvanizing.

As the annealing furnaces are used, as a rule, gas furnace heating malookislitelnogo open flame. Furnaces have good efficiency heating wire (relative to other structures), but since the surface of the wire annealed in such furnaces include oxides, after cooling the wire enters the etching bath necessarily continue over the standard process cycle.


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The equipment heating and temperature control for hot stamping of stainless steel and high-alloyed

Press-forging equipment company «CARLO SALVI» allows stamping parts and pieces of stainless steels and high traditionally difficult to manufacture. For this purpose a preheating of the workpiece in a special inductor providing a temperature range of 200 to 500 ° C. Using the pre-heating the workpiece before planting allows us to solve many technological problems, which sometimes can not be solved by cold forming.

Additional equipment for induction heating of blanks used for hot stamping parts and pieces of stainless and high-alloy steels, and can be installed on any model of presses manufactured by «CARLO SALVI».

The equipment is

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«It all started on 22 February 1989. A slip was put through our doors saying they were going to demolish the estate — no warning, no explanation, no nothing.»

Runcorn’s infamous Southgate estate lies in its dry dock; monumental and silent, boarded up, with wood filling every porthole window. Demolition began on 1 August after fifteen of its predicted twenty-one years of service. Most residents have already been transferred to other estates. And although 310 families have opted to stay on, the residents’ campaign to save the estate has now been clearly lost and abandoned.

Demolition was decided upon in


Heat in the apartments — on the orders of senior management

Today September has brought cooler days are. Fall Again for Belarusian public utilities came in one point: in kindergartens heating included after the kids started to hurt, and ancestors — angry. At what level the decision to start the heating season, the existing rules, if people can adjust the temperature in their own homes, which have a new energy-saving technologies — this is in research Inna Studinskay.There is a document approved by the Council of Ministers in 2003. He is called "Rules for the preparation and conduct of the autumn-winter period energazabespyachalnymi organizations and consumers thermal energy." In these "Rules"

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TRINITY — three wishes women

Young, beautiful skin, as if illuminated from within — it's perfect. But time goes on — things change and our skin too. And, unfortunately, not for the better. The Earth's gravity, the natural aging process, poor environment, aggressive sun rays, stress and many other factors that affect the skin, lead to the fact that it loses its tone and becomes less elastic, there are wrinkles, spider veins and dark spots.

Time can not be stopped, but you can update the skin with TRINITY. Upgrade program includes: the elimination of defects (color alignment, getting rid of spider veins and

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Energy-efficient apartment building opened in Angarsk (Irkutsk region).

Official opening of the energy-efficient house built in the framework of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, held in Angarsk on Friday. The two-story building is designed for 24 apartments, it will be moved 70 people out of dilapidated housing. The total cost of building a house was 46.5 mln., Including fund — 24.5 million regional budget — 13.6 million rubles., City — 8.4 million rubles. This is the first "smart home" in the Irkutsk region. Materials which have been used in its construction, minimizes heat loss. Resource savings of around 40%, which

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Energy-saving technologies JSC LEAZ

As has been noted by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the current situation in the energy sector and the high price of Russian gas to Ukraine prompted the modernization of the energy and industrial complex in order to ensure the energy security of the country. In many areas of a transition to energy-saving technology. To perform these tasks, the regional authority Lugansk directs all of the key enterprises in the region. Among them Lugansk Electrical Equipment Plant, which today with a press tour visited Lugansk journalists.

The problem of energy conservation is extremely important for

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URALSPETSMASH show new transport and power plant Ange-8-200

The unit is heating liquids Ange-8-200 (hereinafter — the unit) is a transport-power plant and has the following technological features:

Transportation of non-flammable and chemically neutral liquids at a constant temperature;Heated incombustible and chemically neutral liquids to a predetermined temperature (not more than 90C).

The unit is used as a heating plant for the error conditions in the housing sector, as the process equipment in the oil and gas industry and in other industries that require the presence of coolant medium parameters. Additionally unit Ange-8-200, the short-term use as a heating system for heating homes and buildings

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Warm floor Teplolux is set in a beautiful hall of the Bolshoi Theater

Specialists SC "Special systems and technologies" have established a system of electric floor heating "Teplolux" in the beautiful hall of the administrative-industrial complex of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre.

Until 2004, the Grand Theatre stage sets stored in several dilapidated buildings on the street Plekhanov. In 2005, the project of reconstruction of production and warehouse complex. In December 2009, under the leadership of FGU "Directorate for Construction, Reconstruction and Restoration" in the operation was handed over to an automated warehouse for the storage of 518 containers of theatrical scenery. In mid-2011 the reconstruction of the entire complex has been

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TGK-14 launched in Chita, a new heating main house at 22

October 5, Chita Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Vishnjakov Trans-Baikal region, the mayor of Chita Anatoly Mikhalev and General Director of JSC "TGC-14" Sergey Vasilchuk have commissioned a new trunk pipeline in the area of 17 schools, which later will connect to the central heating about 22 new high-rise buildings.

The project was implemented by a total of three years (2010-2012). It was replaced about 6 km of the pipeline.

— In preparation for the project, from 2008, together with the governor and the regional government has developed a number of changes to allow direct funds to the areas most

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