From «Heavenly slug» to «night hunters.»

In the city of Rostov-on-Don, the company has a «Rostvertol», unique in the world does not exist, it produces helicopters of all the possible types — from light to super heavy. Like many companies, «defense», «Rostvertol» at the turn of the century was faced with serious difficulties, but managed to overcome them successfully. About what is living plant, what the team plans to readers of «Peg» said General Director of JSC «Rostvertol» Boris Slyusarev.

— Boris Nikolayevich, you headed the company has a rich history. The team has made a significant contribution to increasing the defense capabilities of our

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Celestial events of September

SEPTEMBER asteroids.

Yulia 150-kilometer (89 Julia) will be in opposition on September 22 in 2 weeks after the passage of the perihelion — the point closest to the Sun in its orbit. Therefore, the conditions for observing this object will be quite favorable. Because of the relatively dark surface of his brilliance will not exceed 9 th magnitude.

From the cover of the main stars of the asteroid belt objects should be noted occultation Star 6th magnitude NІR 19718 in the constellation Taurus 30-kilometer asteroid Gudiashvili (2595 Gudiachvjli), which will take place on the night of September 17 16na.

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Do the stars your way of life?

Syzveka people stare at the night sky, watching the best course of celestial bodies and the change in their position in the sky at different times of the year.

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In addition, we stop to think about it or not, the celestial bodies and their movement directly affect our lives. The

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Celestial The Devils

The first detection of "diabolical" of stars in the heavens belong to the Middle Ages. One of these stars was the star of Perseus. When astronomers Arabs realized that the star fades out, and then, blinking, erupted again, they exclaimed: "Algol" (in the lane. "The devil").

Since that time, the country has acquired the name of the star Algol, and the other stars of this type called the "devil." To date, there are about 60 thousand double stars. Up to now, they are objects of mystery and various disputes. The

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As babies cradled our ancestors?

Surprisingly poetic nature described in folk lullabies. Even if artless sketch ("the sun set, hid away, the day waned, it was night"), the exact place where this is happening — "at the edge of the azure" — creates a lyrical image. A azure edge — this, by the way, is not nothing but a paradise, Iriy (Vyry).

Lullaby — ward child's soul

Often, the stories lulls songs laid the defenses of a child's soul, they encrypts oberezhny sense. For example, in the following lines, at first glance, is a leading theme in no way interferes with the

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Comet C/2011 L4 Pan-Starrs over the Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk residents can watch the end of this and the beginning of next week flight brightest comet C/2011 L4 Pan-Starrs, According to the training center "Planetarium" at the Siberian State Academy of Geodesy.

The comet will be visible in the skies over the Novosibirsk from 13 to 20 March, but the best conditions for observing the expected late Friday.

"This is a very beautiful celestial phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye only in good weather and clear skies. According to preliminary weather forecast, the weather

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China. Mountain Tyanmen. Cloud Gate

Tyanmen Mountain, which is located in the province of Hunan (China) has received worldwide recognition for its unique cave "Heaven's Gate". To the foot of the cave Tyanmen from the top of a staircase of 999 steps, and to the mountain itself — the so-called "high road gates."

The interesting thing is that this cave, the highest of all known people who formed naturally. In the year 263 of the mountain broke off a piece of an enormous size, and formed a cave, a height and a width of 57

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Tunguska. Heaven is a sign to watch online

Fall Tunguska meteor — the most ambitious gallakticheskaya tragedy of the 20th century. Hard to find a more exciting and mysterious event in modern history. With the fall of the Tunguska meteorite associated global changes in the world's history. He is credited with magical characteristics, and consider the product of extraterrestrial intelligence. So what did in fact came over Tunguska June 30, 1908? Why the explosion of a celestial body caused a huge amount of destruction in nature, but did not cause any tangible impact on civilization? Was it a meteor, a comet or an unknown extraterrestrial object? Maybe

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Sky Hunters — the world of dragonflies / Sky Hunters — The World of the Dragonfly watch online

Dazzling color iron and the unique art of flight make them true heavenly treasures. This documentary film shows dragonflies such what you have them never before beheld. The fascinating slow-motion and animation can capture an instant nastizheniya production on the fly, as the pairing in the air. Dragonflies have lived on Earth for millions of years before the dinosaurs, but now they are in danger.


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Rodushko. Accordion tale


Bored again in heaven Rodushko parlor,

Sirin bird does not sing more ominous …

"Let's go out in a purely Polyushko, singing hermit,

We'll see how things are there Russian Rod lives! "

Standing on a narrow trail, a stranger pretended

And he went on quietly Mother Earth —

Above Ground Russian Milky Way stretches,

Shining eyes-stars, glimmer in the darkness.

Zvezdushki heavenly — Ancestral Soul glorious,

Watch in amazement with

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