Shops and zhildoma in Norway were under water

June 3, 2013. Due to the heavy rains that are now coming in many regions of Europe, and Norway also suffered. Thus, the main street of Oslo, Karl Johans Gate blocked due to flooding. On some sections of the road water height was 30-40 cm, and all because of the fact that rain water system is unable to cope with the load due to the large amount of water.

Yesterday, on Sunday evening, the water flooded located near the central railway station metro station and tram links. Also completely flooded basements of several homes and first floors of the local

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Tropical storm Mangkhut hit Vietnam

August 8, 2013. Tropical storm "Manghut" reached the coast of Vietnam on August 7 and unleashed on the country the strongest thunderstorms.

The day before, on August 6, NASA's "Aqua" took a picture of the storm in the infrared range. The image shows that the temperature of the upper boundary of its storm clouds reached? 63 ° C, which indicates a strong storm with a probability of heavy rains. By the way, the same picture can be seen to the east of South China's land surface temperature reaches +26,8 ° C. And it's at night!

Around 8:00 pm

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Japan between two tropical storms

Japan between two tropical storms Natural Disasters

Having reached the shores of the Japanese islands, a tropical storm, a few days earlier, which brought heavy rains and flooding in the Philippines, is beginning to lose its force. In the meantime, gusty winds up to 104 km / h and a rain kept on about. Honshu, about 24 kilometers south-west of Shima, Mie Prefecture.

The north coast of the island of Kyushu has already received more than 7.5 mm of rain from the storm in the last 24 hours. There remains a strong wind gusting to 74 km /

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Consequences of heavy rains in Indonesia

Consequences of heavy rains in Indonesia, Natural Disasters

The flood, which occurred near the eastern Indonesian city of Ternate, North Maluku province, killing five people, including nine children. Ten Indonesians missing. At the moment, organized on their search operations. About 20 residents of 11 villages for the injured, all sorts.

The region has experienced heavy rains, and having the water flowing down the slopes of Mount Gamalama, captured encounters fragments of lava and other volcanic products. A huge wave of volcanic debris, moved by rain water, completely swept away with 25 foundations of houses that met on her

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Flooding in Angola


5.01.11.Zhertvami flooding in the capital of Angola became eleven. In addition, the heavy rains and wind damaged power lines, according to ITAR-TASS referring to the representative of the National Civil Protection Faustino Sebastiao, on Wednesday, January 5. The dead included six people drowned, five others died from electrocution. Rescue and fire departments are taking measures to eliminate the consequences of the disaster, but were hampered by the ongoing rains.

As a result of heavy rains were flooded several districts of the city. Water flooded homes, shops, streets made impassable.


Rain threatened flooding in northern Moldova. Photo


CHISINAU, June 30 — News-Moldova. Heavy flooding in the upper reaches of the Prut River, caused by heavy rains in Moldova continued for almost a week, threatening the northern regions of the republic, the press center of the State Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the service, in the area between the settlements of curves and Costesti from June 29 to July 3, it is expected that the water level could rise by 2.5-3.0 metra.Mestami possible way out of the banks of the river at the lower parts of the floodplain in areas Briceni and Edinet.

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In Denmark, the heavy rains caused a flood. Video


* 8/16/11 * In Denmark experienced heavy rains. In some locations in the south country you can only move to the waist in water.

The cyclone came up to Copenhagen, the capital of breaking car traffic. In several areas of flooded basements. However, city officials promised to soon complete evacuation of water, TV channel "Russia-24".

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Country estate went underground in Kazan

Karst holes

28.06.11.Priehav to the country, a pensioner Lydia A. did not see any wooden veranda or beds with potatoes or mature klubniki.Na place of the once lush green garden, a huge gaping hole.

Pit width of 5 meters and a depth of 8 meters was formed just for one noch.Zemlyu strongly spoofing because of heavy rains, do not stop the last 2 — 3 weeks.

As it turned out, the soil in the garden of a failed shahtu.Pensionerku located underground in deep shock, was taken to the hospital. Elderly woman can not believe that her beloved garden vanished from

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In Crimea, experienced heavy rains and hail


13.05.11.Vo afternoon in Simferopol and other Crimean cities today experienced heavy rainfall, large hail fell. Despite the positive temperatures, hail did not melt on the ground for several hours, reports RBC-Ukraine. According to the Center for Hydrometeorology in the Crimea, in the evening, heavy rains are expected in other parts of the peninsula, and therefore in the Crimea declared a storm warning.


In Japan, the raging floods. Video


30.07.11.Na East Japanese island of Honshu, still reeling after the March earthquake and tsunami that struck a new disaster. In two prefectures — Fukushima, Niigata and raging floods. They provoked the heavy rains, do not stop for three days.

According to local authorities, one person was killed and six were missing, more than 400,000 people have been forced from their homes. In some areas of Niigata buildings, bridges and roads almost completely submerged under water, flooded rice fields. From Wednesday in Niigata and Fukushima fell more than 600 millimeters of rain. Authorities declared the highest level of risk

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