Scammell Wynners

Wynns and Scammell: in the context of Britain’s heavy haulage industry, it would be impossible to say two more iconic names In the same breath.

Founded by Thomas Wynn in 1863. this year marks 150 years of the Wynn family’s involvement in goods transport. At the start — before the dawn of mechanical road transport — carts were drawn by heavy horses, typically for local distribution of goods shipped over longer distances by rail or horse-drawn barge.

At one point. Wynns had over 200 heavy workhorses stabled at its base In Newport, South Wales. Imagine the logistics of feeding them

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Optimum Lens Support

We generally attach our camera to a tripod by using the tripod mount at the base of the camera. While this does not pose any problem with lightweight lenses, its a different matter when using heavy lenses; a heavy lens attached to a camera body can cause the lens/body mount to flex and if the lens mount is not strong enough, the weaker section could break, resulting in permanent damage to the lens and/or camera.

With this in mind, some heavy lenses are provided with lens collars. The collar’s foot has a thread for attaching the lens to a tripod.

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Heavy Burden

Ginger Baker about his anger at all …

His brilliant play on the double barrel of the installation group Cream Ginger Baker turned into a superstar rock on drums. His game in Cream also considered to be the benchmark for heavy metal. You will think that this 73-year-old musician, who still tours regularly with his group Jazz Confusion, many reasons to smile. Not really. His great claim to numerous countries on which he had the opportunity to tour and occasionally live. He hates heavy metal and its presumable role in its origin. When we interviewed him, it seemed that he

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Review of the heavy music (CD)


‘Maximumbappy T (FeeLee ISoyuz) *****

The maximum happiness just a concentrated form is presented to the listener legendary Cockroaches. Their positive text about peace, love, and other simple human pleasures want to start singing along immediately — from the first listen of the album, let alone how gorgeous this material goes live, you can only imagine! Another plus was the disc while it is sound that does not hold up to half an hour: the like should not be too much at once — in fact, it seems, soon we are waiting for the second part of ‘Maximumhappy’? …

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Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2

Компания Ritual Entertainment возникла не так давно (хотя, два сданных в промышленную эксп­луатацию проекта — это все же РАБОТА), однако уже успела фри­вольно расположиться на одной ступеньке с такими старожила­ми индустрии, как id Software и Raven Software. По крайней мере события, слухи и новости, связанные с этими фирмами, привлекают одинаково при­стальное внимание игровой об­щественности.

Например, сайт Ritualistic (, состоя­щий в сети Telenation и посвя­щенный играм от Ritual, не ме­нее популярен, чем основатель этой сети — сайт Telefragged

( Если же сравнить Ritualistic с Raven Games ( из той же Telenation, то обна­ружится, что последнему нет и года от роду, в

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Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy is American company SpaceX’s answer to the heavy-lift conundrum. It currently has a rocket in use called the Falcon 9, which is responsible for taking the Dragon cargo spacecraft to the ISS, but this bigger rocket will enable SpaceX to take larger payloads into orbit and beyond.

CEO Elon Musk outlined the need for a rocket of this size back in 2011. Some have suggested that NASA should use the Falcon Heavy for deep space missions rather than building the SLS, but ultimately the Falcon Heavy will have just half the lifting power of the later SLS,

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Classic heavy haulage

I enjoyed reading Bob Tuck’s article concerning Diamond Ts in the January issue of HC. This reminded me of a similar journey that I undertook with my Diamond T 981, registration number G G F 814. This has a canvas cab and is still in military guise, with a Rolls-Royce C6NFL diesel engine which was installed by the British Army.

In 1982 the boiler inspector condemned the firebox on my AA6 Fowler ploughing engine, number 13877, weighing about 22 tons. After trying several firms to undertake the work, it was agreed to give the job to Stuart Woodbine, whose premises

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Eugene died Budinas

His wife Valeria Liberty correspondent said:"It happened at about 9.30 now. He had cancer for a long time, for 3 years and now he was dead. Last week he was in the clinic, because the state was languid and needed be supervised. There was no chance, but to ease the suffering he was in the clinic. Although up to This time, despite the very serious condition, we still perceived past weekend guests. It was prostate cancer, outright fourth stage, and we have eclipsed all time — with live two months, and he lived Three years. Yet only recently been in

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Arrested in Moscow last deputy Vasily Starovojtova

Getsman is in custody, the question of his extradition to Belarus. Mogilev region prosecutor’s office in absentia before» yavila charged him with criminal society organizations to commit serious and very serious crimes with the introduction of official position.In 1997 in this case were arrested and convicted several people, including chapter "Dawn", twice Hero of Socialist Labor Vasily Starovoytov.As reported BelaPAN Getsman had property in Belarus: village house Myshkovichi, apartments in Minsk and Bobruisk Klichev also built a cottage in Bobruisk, which gave a relative — a former manager of President Ivan Titenkov.

ATD-X is a harbinger of the sixth generation of the Japanese fighter

March 28 the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries beginning assembly layout technological demonstrator ATD-X (Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X) in the framework of the creation of a promising fighter aircraft, which will replace the F-2 Air Self-Defense Force. «The purpose of applets is to make the fighter a hundred percent state of development,» said CEO Takashi Kobayashi (Takashi Kobayashi) at the beginning of the ceremony layout assembly plant in Tobishime (Aichi Prefecture). «Today we are making the first step in addressing this challenge,» said Kobayashi. Layout is also known as «Shinshin» («Heart of God»), for its development the Department of Defense

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