Valery Buffalo: Elections were not held, hosted their boycott

"Most of the Belarusian people did not go to the polls. Such data CCP BPF polling station receives both the capital and several regions. People, especially students, some labor groups administration, deans driven by premature vote, and now on nationwide there is a void at the polls. Come one. Even funny to watch as the police, security, members election commissions bored. We can say with certainty that there were no elections, held their boycott. "

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Police forbade white-red-white flags on Orsha Festival

The festival is usually held on the historic site of the Battle of Orsha, which was accomplished in 1514 and ended in victory over the Russian troops ON troops. The first time the festival was held 17 years ago, and addition time performed 15 times: it was a couple of years in its history, when it was discontinued due to adverse weather or other reasons.But Last year the first time in all these years of artistic activities tried to ban: the other day at the venue of the festival police cordon was placed, and police all explained that the field

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Fanipol: high-school students spent the environmental experience

On the not so long ago approved the town’s coat of arms — a delicious apple on a greenish background triangle. Yablokov gardens in these places since time immemorial. Harder with a triangle, symbolizing the busy highway and road metal that surround Fanipol. Although the creator of the emblem, Deputy Chairman City Council Ivan Denis problems with unhealthy urban environment Tipo does not exist."We yards tall buildings grow apples, — says Ivan Denis. — Bloomed gardens! Rarest town to find gardens in the yards. We separately residential area, industrial area — separately. So comfortable for the town and for the

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Judo World Championship 2014 will be held for the first time in Russia

The President of the Russian Judo Federation Vasily Anisimov for reporting FDR re-election conference, which took place in late September in Kemerovo and preceded personally-team championship of the country, told this reporter.

The head of the Russian Judo said that in the next two years, Russia are waiting for two big events in the sport. The 2013 tournament will be held in Tyumen series "Masters" — the most prestigious commercial launch of the international calendar.

Chelyabinsk in 2014 will host the first in recent Russian history the world championship for men and women.

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Learn soccer tournament. We play?

[B] prazdneg us prehoded [/ b] Championship Tupicico expected to begin in mid-August. There is a solid uchastnegov pool of six teams, as well as single kamenty from users, threatening to declare Rostov and Kazan. Khimki with Ramensky unfortunately have not responded. = (In general, [b] important for me to know how seriously Rostov and Kazan want to participate [/ b] and all that. Have my time to decide before the end of the week. So read the rules for the overall development =)) In general, I wait until the end of the week more specific feedback, and early next

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Grodno in Polish representative office began issuing cards Pole

Chapter unrecognized Belarusian authorities Union of Poles in Angelica Boris said that the day was chosen for this is also not the case: now celebrated day polonium and Poles abroad.Boris’ first cards will now be issued to soldiers of the Home Army, as those who had been exiled to Siberia by the Russian authorities, older people. And I see no obstacles for this. " Now in Grodno about prazdnichkom days of Polonia and Poles abroad will be a concert of the Polish group "Lembard" which very badGrodno known about the 80 years of the last century.

The situation in

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Rossii-2009/10 Cup final will be held in Rostov-on-Don

At a Monday morning meeting of the executive committee of the Russian Football Union's decision on the venue for the final match of the Cup Rossii-2009/10. As the press attache of the RFU correspondent Andrew salted, "" Yuri Zubco final match will take place on May 30 at the stadium "Olymp-2" in Rostov-on-Don. Arena holds 15,840 spectators.

In addition, on May 17, will be held in Rostov field meeting of the executive committee RFU.

In Kiev began Belarusian Spring

Starting action of the festival was an impromptu race on skis on the asphalt — "Cup of Lukashenko."This event takes place on the main street of the Ukrainian capital is the second time. After 3 qualifying races and finishing 1st defeated woman from Kiev, where the prize was presented by a masked man Alexander Lukashenko.Share many interested passersby, some of whom also assumed the role of in the race.Now in the evening cultural and artistic center of the State Institute of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" will premiere the film "Belarusian resistance." The film shows, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and other events within

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Zdzvizhkou already have release

Because until the end of present a day or A.Zdvizhkova should release, said lawyer May Alexandrov, who was present at the meeting.In Supreme Court Belarus today held a meeting of the Board on cassation former deputy editor of the newspaper "Zgoda" Alexander Zdzvizhkou. The journalist appealed against the sentence of the Minsk City Court, which sentenced him to 3 years in prison for inciting religious hatred. In the Tribunal Alexander Zdzvizhkou not brought. The meeting was held behind closed doors.Lawyer Alexander Zdzvizhkou it became clear that the journalist was transferred from the days of republican prison hospital, where he underwent

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Vysotsky bullpen brought to Minsk concert organizer

Vladimir Vysotsky last 15 years own life often visited Belarus, starred in movies Belarusian filmmakers. In 1979, together with the troupe Taganka Theater in Minsk was on tour. That time, many sought to use to organize a concert Vysotsky. Eventually fortunate to engineer 1st of research institutes Leo letter, which was led by the primary business of book lovers and promised to pay the singer rare books, which in public office had access. Andrew Vysotsky "gave" pain "concertsThen deputy chairman of the club of author’s song "Kupalinka" Yuri Zaborowski also had direct relevance to the concert of stars of the

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