Opened in Kazan Summer X Games «Gazprom»

The team came to the games of the 29 subsidiaries of OAO "Gazprom". Athletes will compete in basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, weightlifting, swimming and table tennis.

Sports day will be held on 8 sports facilities in town from 18 to 24 August, at which recently competed Universiade athletes worldwide. The competition will be attended by about 2,700 people. The opening ceremony was held at the International Equestrian sports complex "Kazan race track." In the first day of the Games began competition in volleyball, football, basketball, swimming and tennis among adults and children. Already determined

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Russian Defense Ministry will hold Innovation Day each year

The Ministry of Defence intends to hold annual Innovation Day, and maybe even twice a year, said today, Aug. 20, at the opening ceremony of the first such event Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu.

"These Days will be held annually, and in view of the interest which is, perhaps, twice a year. We have long wanted to gather all those who can not, can not always push apart elbows our huge bureaucratic machine and break into such exhibitions such as "Le Bourget", "Max", "- he said, RIA Novosti reported.

The minister also stressed that

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In Kazan II started the game CMAS World Underwater

From 3 to 13 August will be held in Kazan World Games CMAS, which will include 700 athletes from 40 countries. Team of 82 athletes will represent Russia.

These games have the status of the world championship in underwater sports. They combine a 6 world championships, which included such subjects as akvatlon, apnea (overcoming distance breath-hold), sports diving, swimming with fins, underwater orienteering, marathon swim.

Competitions will be held in three sports facilities. In the swimming pool "Petrel" competition will take place in speed swimming with flippers and diving sports. The pool is located

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The Russians won Surdlimpiadu

The Russian national team won first place in the unofficial team standings Deaflympics were held in Sofia, Bulgaria from July 25 to August 4.

At the XXII Summer competitions for athletes with hearing problems, the Russians won 67 gold, 52 silver and 58 bronze medals and set a record for the number of awards won by the representatives of one country in the Deaflympics. Previous record also belonged to the Russian athletes and dated 2009.  

Second place went to the team of Ukraine, an asset which 21 gold, 30 silver and 37 bronze medals.

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Nobody but us! Happy holidays to all who took troops Uncle


Moscow. August 2. Interfax-AVN — Military personnel and veterans of the Airborne Troops Russia celebrate on Friday the 83rd anniversary of the formation of Airborne. 

"Airborne Command carried out extensive work on the preparation for the celebration of the 83rd anniversary of the Airborne Troops. Was drawn up a plan that reconciled with all relevant authorities and agencies, and provides a set of measures," — told reporters the Navy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Nikolai Ignatov.

He said that the celebration will begin in Moscow on Suvorov Square with the laying of wreaths at

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Construction of railways cosmodrome East in the Amur region

Railway construction — an important step in creating the infrastructure cosmodrome "East". Ice from the station through the village Uglegorsk railway line will stretch to the launch site of the new Russian cosmodrome. On the line is constantly growing flow of goods required for construction — as in 2011, Art. Ice took about 80,000 tons, and in 2012 already 223 thousand tons.


Currently, the reconstruction of the station is under way: in an annex to the post of electric centralization done interior

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In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the reconstruction of the main airport


Modernization of the airport Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, built in 1964, will be held for the first time in 15 years. According to ITAR-TASS General Director of Airport Nikita Polonsky, coordination of the project is already underway on the construction of the beginning of July the new luggage terminal.

 Baggage terminal will be put beyond the old terminal, which will expand in the area of pre-screening of passengers. "Currently hour examination is held 250 people, with the expansion of space, this figure will rise to 750 passengers per hour," — said Polonsky.

"In the near future our

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Russians are again best. Kickboxing.

From May 29 PA2 June 2013, the World Cup held in kickboxing g.Rimini (Italy). Russian team in the "full-contact", took part in the World Cup.

As for the Russian national team appearances, special surprises did not happen, our team has once again confirmed its status as the strongest and won the first place team. In total 11 gold medals, despite the lack of a first-division team rooms.

The only intrigue was in the weight category up to 57kg, which was to determine the first nomeras boric Russia to participate in the World Championships. As expected,

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Kostroma Shipyard has passed to the customer tanker project 52 Muhalatka

In May, the Kostroma Shipyard has successfully mooring and sea trials and handed to the Customer oil tanker "Muhalatka" project 52 construction number 5201.

Characteristics of the tanker project 52

Tankers "river-sea" project with 52 twin-shaft propulsion systems equipped with 5-blade propellers made of stainless steel, installed in steering nozzles

Length — 141 m.

Width — 16.6 m

Displacement — 7800 tons

DWT — approx. 5400 tons

akladka the lead ship Project 52 (yard number 10501) was held in July 2010. The descent took place

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Learn soccer tournament. We play?

[B] prazdneg us prehoded [/ b] Championship Tupicico expected to begin in mid-August. There is a solid uchastnegov pool of six teams, as well as single kamenty from users, threatening to declare Rostov and Kazan. Khimki with Ramensky unfortunately have not responded. = (In general, [b] important for me to know how seriously Rostov and Kazan want to participate [/ b] and all that. Have my time to decide before the end of the week. So read the rules for the overall development =)) In general, I wait until the end of the week more specific feedback, and early next

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