Upgraded Indian AF Mi-35s On Display

THREE UPGRADED Indian Air Force (IAF) Mi-35s participated in the major flypast and flying display on October 8 at Hindon Air Base, on the outskirts of New Delhi, to mark the 74th anniversary of the IAF. Previous displays had been undertaken at Palam, but were shifted to Hindon this year in order to provide more space and less disruption to commercial traffic in and out of Delhi Airport. The helicopters all wore the new low visibility grey colour scheme that is being adopted for the entire IAF fleet. Under a $20 million deal signed in 1998 with Israel Aircraft Industries

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Uganda returns Hinds.

UGANDA ANNOUNCED on March 15 that it is returning two Mi-24 attack helicopters -reportedly because they have not been overhauled as specified in the contract. The supplier, Consolidated Sales Corporation (CSC) has been given three weeks to meet its obligations or face the loss of the contract and a demand for a refund. However, CSC maintains that the deal has no termination clause but does allow for amicable settlement or arbitration.

The latest difficulty is finding a suitable overhaul location. The Ugandans estimate the overhaul cost to be $1.2 million, but CSC objects to that amount. It has come up

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Turkish Black Hawks Deploy to Afghanistan

THREE TURKISH UH-60L Black Hawk utility helicopters were deployed to Afghanistan on May 30 in support of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The helicopters arrived at Kabul International Airport on board two Antonov An-124-100 cargo aircraft operated by the Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau International Cargo Transport service.

A Turkish Air Force C-130 Hercules supported the deployment bringing in the manpower and all necessary equipment. Turkey sent a total of 56 personnel, including 12 aircrew members and 16 technicians.

The helicopters, which are taking part in Turkey’s first ever helicopter detachment for a peacekeeping mission abroad, is slated to

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Singapore Finally Retires Hueys

AFTER A 30-minute ‘end-of-service’ flight around the island, the last Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopters in service with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) made their final landing at their base at Sembawang on July II, ending almost three decades of service by the type in RSAF service. The Hueys had been operated throughout their RSAF service by 120 ‘Kestrel’ Squadron, the RSAF’s oldest operational squadron, which was originally formed in 1969, although it did not gain its UH-lHs until 1977.

Despite the official withdrawl of the type from the RSAF, this is not quite yet the end for the

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Rotary wings over Bosnia

Frederic Lert reports on French and Norwegian helicopter detachments deployed to the former Yugoslavia in support of UN operations in Bosnia.

SITUATED ON THE Adriatic coastline, 6 miles (10km) from the Croatian town of Split, Divulje has always been a major naval base. During World War Two, Axis seaplanes used its facilities to patrol the Adriatic Sea, and afterwards the base was used by Yugoslav naval aviation.

Today, Divulje is an important Croatian base with a headquarters and a small Mi-8 Hip squadron. Since the start of UN operations in the former Yugoslavia, Divulje has also become a major United

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Planned Thai Helicopter Deals

US CONGRESS was notified on July 21 by the US Defense Security Co-operation Agency of a possible Foreign Military Sale of two UH-601. Black Hawk helicopters to the Royal Thai Navy (RTN). If all options are exercised, the total value of the contract will be $46 million.

The deal would also include spare and repair parts, support equipment, personnel training and training equipment, contractor engineering and technical support services. The RTN will use the helicopters to provide utility lift requirements and help to reduce the variety of different airframe platforms in its inventory. Thailand already has S-70A Black Hawks in

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Dieter Flohr reports on the demise following unification of former East Germany’s main naval helicopter base at Parow.

LONG-ESTABLISHED LINKS with the world of aviation look set to come to a close at Parow, a village just north-west of Stralsund on the Baltic coast. In 1938 Reichsluftmarschall Hermann Goering built an airfield on the shallow beaches of Strelasund to accommodate the flying boats. When the flying boats became obsolete, the barracks were retained for training purposes. But, in accordance with the Potsdam Treaty at the end of World War Two, all parts of the airbase that could be used by

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LatAm Sukhoi Sales?

STATE-OWNED Russian arms export agency Rosoboronexport announced on September 28 that it plans to sell Russian-built fighters to Brazil and Mexico. Following Venezuela’s acquisition of 24 Su-30MK Flanker-C air superiority fighters for $1.5 billion, other Latin American nations are thought likely to follow suit. Contracts for deliveries of Sukhoi aircraft to Brazil and Mexico are anticipated to be signed shortly. In addition to unspecified fighters from the Su-27 family, modernised MiG-29 Fulcrum variants will also be offered to meet the future multi-role fighter requirements of the Brazilian and Mexican Air Forces.

As far as new fighters for Venezuela are concerned,

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Helicopters in combat

THIS VIDEO WAS PRODUCED within days of the airshow itself and is an entertaining and informative overview for those of us who did not go, ond, perhaps, for those who did but want a permanent record of the event.

Ed Mitchell, the presenter, gives an excellent run-down on the participants and the atmosphere, without an overly biased personal view. He is helped by the official commentators and expert opinions where required. The presentation is usefully subdivided into sections to provide some cohesiveness to the whole production.

The military presence is large and important, as usual, and the Russians dominate with

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GULF NEWS 02 1991


AS US FORCES continue to pour into the region, the Pentagon released a breakdown of US hardware deployed in combat-ready units as at December 13. In addition to the land forces, which now include 750 main battle tanks and large numbers of other armoured vehicles together with considerable heavy artillery, the air element is quoted as now comprising the following: 90 air superiority fighters (USN F-14A/F-14A+ Tomcats and USAF F-15C Eagles), 335 strike/ground-attack aircraft (USAF A-1 OA/OA-1 OA Thunderbolt, F-111F, and F-117A; USN A-6E Intruder and USMC AV-8B Harrier II), 220 dual-role aircraft (USAF GD F-16C and F-15E Eagle:

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