Think big

For a woodcarver, making your mark on the world is an essential part of the activity. But sometimes, those marks, however brilliantly executed, can only be seen by the privileged few who can get sufficiently close to examine your handiwork. Perhaps that’s why many carvers like to push the boat out once in a while and create something that has real impact, not only at the emotional level but physically too. The summer months, with the possibilities of working comfortably outside, can help to make such ideas a pleasant reality.

Here at The ToolPost we stock a range of tools

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Master flash

We help you to avoid harsh shadows and highlights when using flash

Using flash with photos can be an immense help if you are faced with a situation where there is not enough light to create a correctly exposed photo, for example when shooting indoors or at night. Even when there is a lot of light available, a flash can be useful for when your subject is backlit or in shadow. Flashes come in all different shapes and sizes, from the built-in flash on ‘point and shoot’ cameras to the pop-up flash on mid-range DSLRs, and finally to powerful flashgun

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Accelerate Debugging Linux-based devices using JTAG in-circuit debugging


Traditionally, debugging systems based on Embedded Linux require collaboration of software and hardware — JTAG-tools for putting the equipment into operation, and decisions based on the debug agents for development programs. These tools are often solved the main problems, but were not intended to develop an integrated Linux.

Wind River has changed the way that developers can debug the Linux, combining traditional means of JTAG-debug hardware with configuring the kernel Linux, patch management, as well as develop, debug and analyze applications of user level in a single tool environment (IDE), known as Wind River Workbench . This functionality allows

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In the long run, your value-selling strategy will help you climb out of the price-only sinkhole.

Price-only customers like Sergio Lins can be brutal. But Bosi e Faora shouldn’t abandon solutions selling, no matter how daunting the path forward might be.

Many U.S. medical device companies face similar pricing battles. In the old days, a salesperson simply told the medical director that prices would rise, say, 5% next year. The physician typically did not argue, because he knew the sales rep well and trusted the products. This type of “relationship selling” was routine.

But the Affordable Care Act and the smaller reform initiatives that preceded it have ushered in the practice of measuring costs against health

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Talk about telekinesis with Chronicle director Josh Trank

Trunk took the time to talk with a reporter RSMad why telekinesis opens the way to super abilities as mankind would benefit if the dinosaurs made films, and more.

Will — a concept studied philosophy and psychotherapists, with the multi-volume theory and endless debate such luminaries of science, as Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Kant and Freud. Finding ways to extend the will to control external objects by thought is deeply rooted in the study of these scholars, but still a lot of science fiction — Stan Lee and Stephen King.

However, with the advent of technology telekinesis theory closer to reality. «I’m

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Answers to Photoshop, Lightroom, and gear-related questions

How was Help Desk Live! at Photoshop World this April in Orlando?—Chris



As usual, it was outstanding! It’s always great to see the faces behind the email questions we receive. And, as always, some of our longtime NAPP members made it to yet another Photoshop World. (A big shout out to Vanelli!)

At this 27th Photoshop World, I answered some 400 questions about Photoshop from about 320 members, and Rob Sylvan handled l-don’t-know-how-many hundreds of Light-room questions. (As usual, Rob answered most of the Light-room

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Foods for help in mid life

When women get together, female topics often come up spontaneously in the conversation and menopause is a hot topic.

«When I first had a hot flush I thought, ‘Holy moly, I just want to take all my clothes off’,» says medical herbalist Valmai Becker.

«1 thought I had the flu,» says someone else.

«Menopause is not an illness!» says Valmai emphatically. «The best thing you can do about it is prepare for it and embrace it.”

Declining oestrogen levels are associated with changes to the skin and mucous membranes.

«Try to drink more and keep the hydration up,” says Valmai.

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Morning Freshness

Apart from being called the golden hours for photography, early mornings are also the best time to capture the liveliness around you. People are more energetic, the city is engulfed by an organised chaos and nature is lively and lush. From cheerful portraits on the streets to magnificent dew drops on the leaves, everything becomes a great subject for the camera. If you are familiar with the location, choose a vantage point that allows you shoot into as well as away from the sun.

Afternoon Sun

If you have avoided venturing out in the afternoon because of the


Desperately seeking an ORGASM

Nearly 70% have faked the big ‘O’ at some point, but what if you’re faking it every time? Catriona Birdsall knew she had to come clean» her boyfriend Kyle…

Ever since Kyle and I got together two years ago, we’ve had a healthy sex life, and fancy each other loads. The only problem? I’d never had an orgasm. It wasn’t like we weren’t doing it often enough or not enjoying it; we’d have sex several times a week and tried lots of different positions, but I’d never experienced those ‘fireworks’ It wasn’t just with Kyle — I’d never had them.

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Condor seek new build help

Condor Ferries has approached the governments of Jersey and Guernsey for financial help towards the introduction of new tonnage by the end of the decade, or earlier.

Chief executive James Fulford says that in the present financial climate Condor could not afford to replace its trio of 86m catamarans, all dating from the mid-1990s. Estimating that a multi-purpose vessel for the Channel Islands link would cost £70 million, Mr Fulford said it was time to look at how islanders’ needs could be met at the same time as getting backing for investment in new tonnage.

Condor spent £10 million to

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