Hemingway House.

Jude Law, someone is looking for. «Paolina ??? Paolina ?? !!! Paolini !!!! «His plaintive cries grow into a furious roar, when the actor is trying to drown in buckets lashing rain. Lowe yelled so loudly that his bizarre cries echoed from the nearby forests and valleys. We are on the set, which was once the estate of the designer Laura Ashley in the vicinity of Saint-Tropez, the French paradise for millionaires. It is a glamorous resort, but Lowe did not glamorous. He did not look like a hero-lover, whom we used to see in movies.

In 2005, Richard

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Who brought Ernest Hemingway to suicide?

In the last years of his life Hemingway suffered from a number of serious physical illnesses, including from hypertension and diabetes, but for the "treatment" was placed in a psychiatric clinic Mayo, where the psychiatrist ignored these obvious factors, and dealt only with "mental disorders" that supposedly Hemingway " rewarded "by his colleagues. He sank into a deep depression and paranoia about surveillance. It seemed to him that he was being followed everywhere by FBI agents, and that are placed throughout the bugs, the phones are tapped, the mail is read, a bank account is constantly checked. It might

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Opinion makers

From the book by Hubert Reichel RUSSIAN will come for sure

Hemingway and terror in Madrid

One day in April 1937, Ernest Hemingway met in Madrid Hotel "Florida" of his compatriot. While in Spain, Hemingway wrote for American newspapers. In this case, OH made no secret of whose side he held in the "Spanish war." Future Nobel laureate was on the side of the Spanish Republic, which provided the desperate resistance of General Franco's fascist coup.

Franco used the military and political support of the fascist regimes of Germany and Italy by sending its military units. In Spain, the Germans

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