Hemodialysis center to be built in Pyatigorsk

The good news for patients with renal insufficiency: Pyatigorsk build hemodialysis center.

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As reported in the information-analytical department of the administration of Pyatigorsk, city officials are preparing to sign an agreement on the construction of the hemodialysis center at 40 "artificial kidney". Investor of the project is the holding company "Juno" (Ekaterinburg), which has experience in the construction of medical facilities in the Sverdlovsk region, as well as in Nalchik and Grozny. Funding will be provided from the federal budget. The total project cost is 150 million rubles. With the closing of the hemodialysis center in

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Yaroslavl has opened a new dialysis center

September 5, Yaroslavl opened a new dialysis center. Health facility built by private investors with the support of the regional health department.

— Unfortunately, the statistics are as follows: annual number requiring hemodialysis in the region increased by 40 — 50 people. The opening of the new center will help meet the growing needs of the Yaroslavl region in this service for the next 10 years. And it is not easy to provide and ensure the highest quality of specialized medical care for people who need to hold regular hemodialysis. Thanks to all participants of the

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Opened in Ufa hemodialysis center

In the neighborhood, "Inors" on the street Ferina, 13, opened a new dialysis center. In the Republic, he became the tenth.

Residents’ Inorsa "suffering from kidney disease, you can now get life-saving assistance, without leaving their neighborhood.

The project of the Center has been implemented within the framework of a public-private partnership between Bashkortostan and one of the world’s largest independent provider of medical services in the field of nephrology — the Swedish company «Diaverum», as well as the Russian manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment for hemodialysis, LLC "Holding" Juno. "

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Cabinet outpatient hemodialysis opened in Urai (Khanty-Mansiysk)

"The opening of the cabinet hemodialysis — an event which we walked for years. The city administration, experts central city hospital with the support and assistance of the Department of Health Khanty-Mansiysk did a great job, so that patients were able to receive this high-tech, expensive service in Urai, without leaving the city, "- said the head of Alex Zabozlaev, speaking at the opening of the office.

Get help residents Urai can absolutely free. Previously, patients had to travel to Nyagan to treatment.

The Department of Health has purchased for the office of Ugra 3

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In Taganrog hemodialysis center opens

In Taganrog outpatient dialysis center opened, designed for patients with chronic renal failure. Its placed on the base of the city hospital number 1. Saving procedure for purifying the blood of toxins Prince out here with the apparatus "artificial kidney".

The dialysis center is designed to help tens of eight patients. Now here there are already more than 30 residents who previously had to travel three times a week in a medical institution like the south of the capital. People with chronic renal failure, the kidneys work or not their function is minimal. Without the help of

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In Arkhangelsk opened hemodialysis center

February 26, Arkhangelsk opening ceremony of the Center outpatient hemodialysis. Center is equipped with twenty-aids "artificial kidney". In addition, the center is equipped with modern outpatient dialysis system that allows the treated water to prepare for devices "artificial kidney" and solutions for hemodialysis.

Now there get the necessary assistance to ten people. All services are provided free of charge. A commercial organization will operate under the state order: the center is included in the list of health facilities that provide medical care under the compulsory health insurance. With this control the quality of care continues to

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Pskov Nephrology Center started

January 24 outpatient dialysis center in Pskov began accepting its first patients. To date, running a dialysis room. In February, the second will open, which will be treated patients with viral hepatitis. Center — a successful outcome of the public-private partnership. The investment agreement between the Administration of the Pskov region and the German company "B.Braun Avitum Russland" was signed a year ago. There are plans to open a branch in Pskov on 10 seats.

The appearance of the Centre — is a huge step in improving the security of the population of the Pskov region of

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In Tula opened a hemodialysis center

Hemodialysis center opened in Tula at the city hospital number 9 in a public-private partnership. The new center is being treated hundred of patients, physicians working in three shifts. In case of need, will be organized and the fourth shift. All services are provided free of charge.

New dialysis center has 19 artificial kidney. It is equipped with specialized equipment of last generation. Area Center Hemodialysis can be twice as much equipment.

A total of 4 centers and 1 office hemodialysis currently employs 39 units of the artificial kidney, which allows you to completely

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In Kolpino (St. Petersburg) opened a medical center outpatient hemodialysis

December 12, as part of the modernization of the health system was inaugurated Interdistrict outpatient hemodialysis center. The discovery of such a center in Kolpino for many years to relieve the most acute problem of shortage of dialysis places and open to many people access to kidney transplantation. This expensive and high-tech method of treatment, unfortunately, can not be named publicly. At present, statistics provide hemodialysis patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) in Russia is unsatisfactory, although in recent years in this area there have been clear positive trend.

Innovative Medical Center outpatient hemodialysis significantly improve the quality

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In Minusinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) branch opened outpatient hemodialysis

September 26 Minusinsk opening of a new division CRH — outpatient hemodialysis department. Creating a branch of the "artificial kidney" funded under the regional program to strengthen the material and technical base of medical institutions: during 2011-2012 from the regional budget was allocated more than eight and a half million rubles.

The center is equipped with the latest technology of leading manufacturers of medical equipment. In three spacious halls are eight hemodialysis machines. Can simultaneously work seven of them. Eighth, as explained by physicians, should be in reserve in case of emergency. Already in the beginning of October in

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