Henry VII the warlord

In pursuing dreams of victory in France, Henry threw England into decades of war and the chaos of a Europe in conflict

Henry VIII was born dreaming of war. When he took the throne in April 1509, with his bride Catherine of Aragon at his side, Henry knew exactly what kind of king he wanted to be. His would be a glorious reign that would restore England to the magnificence it deserved. His father, Henry VII, had become unpopular by levying punishing taxes to restore the country’s finances, but the new king had no intention of focusing on matters as

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Henry Fox Talbot

Over 100 years ago, Henry Fox Talbot invented the film negative. We try to rediscover the life of this inventor.

Sometime in October 1833, while enjoying his honeymoon on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como, William Henry Fox Talbot struggled to sketch the beauty of the landscape he saw, using the camera lucida. “I found that the faithless pencil only left traces on the paper, melancholy to behold,” he wrote describing the moment in his famous publication Pencil of Nature in 1844.

Recollection of Another Failure

The incident made Talbot recall another failure he had with a different drawing instrument,

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10 Murderous Kings

A blood-curdling countdown of history’s deadliest monarch’s

In .this day and age it’s quite difficult to imagine the sheer power that kings and queens once wielded over their subjects. In many ways these monarch’s were more similar to modern dictators than the regents that we know today. Murder was often a means to a political end, while crimes of passion would rarely be met with any immediate consequences.

Although the kings had ultimate power, it was a power they were forced to fight for — often using fear, war and murder, among other methods, to stay at the top. The

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Representatives to visit Belarus, Javier Solana

In the coming days of the EU delegation to visit Belarus, aimed High Representative of the Union for foreign policy chief Javier Solana. This was now a member of parliament said the Belgian Jean-Paul Henry as he met with Chairman House of Representatives State Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Konoplev.According to Henri nedavneshny visit of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Rene van der Linden in Minsk and the future visit of Javier Solana indicate, that in Europe formed the other sights on Belarus.

Their customs. Enlightened Europe in the XV — XVI centuries. Part 2

In Europe, flourishing crime, for this there are all conditions. Impoverished nobles, remained idle mercenaries and the poor, often robbed on the road. The whole criminal subculture "bottom" existed in large cities. And despite the fact that the penal system in Europe was extremely cruel. Those who were caught were killed mercilessly and bloody. It must be said that the death penalty was a common punishment for many offenses. And the Europeans are so accustomed to the killings that they themselves do not have a sufficient method of intimidation. For serious crimes have sophisticated forms of execution. People publicly

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Where the airplane is flying

IL’s biggest maker academician Henry Novozhylov about the present and future of the Russian aviation industry

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / RIA Novosti www.ria.ru

Aircraft with a transparent fuselage: fantasy or reality? Businessmen will fly to the speed of sound? Why has not appeared in the Russian airliner of 600 passengers? This and many other on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the domestic civil aviation correspondent "RG" spoke with a prominent aircraft, Academician, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Henry Novozhilov.

Henry V., modern digital technology, perhaps, give a huge expanse of flight design

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80 years old Ilyushin KB

January 13, 1933 was established the Development Department, headed by Sergei Ilyushin.

"Sergei was not a prominent designer, but well versed in matters of aviation, and most importantly, it appears that he wanted to create with his young staff — says the correspondent of the" living legend "- chief designer of OKB Ilyushin in the years 1970-2005, academician, Hero of Socialist Labor Henry Novozhylov.

We are sitting in his office on the fourth floor of the famous KB. At the entrance to the building on the pedestal stands the

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Pistols Volcanic. The truth about the bracket Henry

Probably not in the middle of those people who at least once in their lives, albeit on the screen tele, not beheld gun with clip Henry. Rally can recall at least some of the film "gold rush" in the area of North America or the more recognizable and massive "Terminator", in which more young Arnie resounded from Winchester 1887 shotgun everything that came in the way, with all this instant recharging tool with one hand, holding it by the bracket Henry. Staple Henry, she's Henry lever is a lever which own position in the normal adjacent to the butt

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U.S. archaeologists found a frigate Henry Morgan




Archaeologists have found a frigate of the legendary pirate Henry Morgan. "Oxford" has been the flagship of the fleet, which terrifies the caravans in the Caribbean.

Three-decker sank during a pirate festival: suddenly exploded the powder magazine. Killed 350 people — the whole team, except for the

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Ghosts — rescuers




Can the ghosts come back to save the lives of people? Who are inclined to believe the amazing story of the English girls, so it's Henry Sims, a retired farmer from Florida, who himself was saved from a burning house because of his deceased relative. Around 10

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