The only list of almost formed

The United Democratic Forces until determine the consulate only 4 electoral surroundings, and even a 2-situation is quite complicated and there may be some configuration.

We held it more constructively, less controversial, less ambition. Here, "on top" of such consent would not as yet

Situation here is very similar: there are two strong contenders who are not willing to concede each other. For example, in Brest in the same environment are willing to run a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Leonid Maistruk and BPF activist Dmitry Szymanski. In Borisov faced the interests of Nicholas Pakhabau who

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All we Galoshavtsy byazlyuddem stunned …

Galoshavka the station where a train 27 minutes from Orsha and 23 from Tolochin, I left one. There was not no what no soul — no trace of human presence in the narrow snow cover. Even under a canopy collapsed railway ticket office. So that the road on which reads, you can get to the village, on the ground just did not appear. But from afar was seen Tower Russian oil pipeline "Druzhba" — then passes it on Navapolack branch. Go straight to her on the field. Behind the tower pointer — "Galoshavka." First home. Where skewed obviously uninhabited, where,

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And this Pavlinka lived under dry mountain …

No matter how trying the Bolshevik government to make war and kill palaces down landowners’ estates, and they all the same continue to live. And although from the houses was gone, but the former estate was left to live in the landscapes. That will spread over the old collective farm buildings and ash branches, planted there for not Jagiellons. Then in front of the village council namalyuetstsa accurate pond dug obviously not kambedavtsami. That middle of the field flicker former alley. These alleys of the big larch attention is drawn to the village Small Besyady. This ancient road of Small

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Or interfere Kalinouski Russian Orthodox Church?

I turned on the clarification of the Minsk diocese. Protagerey Nicholas Korzhich first said that the initiative to give the title bezymenay street made themselves Orthodox Christians: "Yes, there is a street Vsyasvyatskaya, and it just connected with Usyasvyatskim temple. This is really brand new street, which you mentioned. She appeared specifically at the request of the community -" In honor of all the saints, "that this very temple-monument."Reporter: "I understand, it helps to build the temple and Metropolitan Patriarchate?"

The street is named so why? Just because we have the same nothing happens

"Well, we did too, if read,

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In the house the night of detention against the will of anyone not being driven

On the outskirts of the street Kara renovated former dormitory. Here is house contents night — the first in the area and the second in the country. The first person I met here, became director. Valentin SpeechSpecifies which made luxury renovated the building: double-glazed windows, new tile, painted throughout, brand new furniture.

"Grodno nocturnal house night stay of persons of no fixed abode" In addition that people are given shelter here for the night, helping them to return the passport to get a pension. Reporter: "In the town at the moment a lot of bloodless, why it is not

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When Poland was not such deception

Lithuania, comfortable, with narrow zigzag streets of the village, located near the town Polochany that under Maladziechna. Divides their small rivulet. But the inhabitants of Lithuania said that the former border between Lithuania and the old principality of Polotsk. After all, on the side of the river lies the town Polochany.Misha Békés — railwayman. Him under 60 years. This smart and sporty man obsessed generous idea to publish a book about Polochany and Lithuania. Record all people aged memoirs, all legends. He is proud of his Hungarian name and knows their ancestry back to the fifth generation. Reporter: "You are

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Visa wall and created by Belarus and the West

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov stressed that the pioneers began to increase in the price of visas specifically European and South American sides. In the case of Europe, the price of visas for Belarusians was promoted to the one-sided manner with reference to the extension of the zone acts Schengen agreements.The situation is commented political analyst Andrei Fedorov:"Certainly, this is all happening with 2-sides, and can not read, that only our guilty here. And here I can not agree that the European Union and U.S., in my opinion, wrong policies lead. Because then both sides respond to any initiative. Also

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Student exhibition at the Museum of Cinema

Title of the exhibition — "Unreal student life" ("Mystic student life"). The event is held the initiative "Studformat" with the support of the British Embassy in Minsk.The spacious hall of the Museum movie crammed one hundred percent: several 10-s people, in the main young age.First event was the representative of the Embassy of England Nigel Gultevis.Nigel Gultevis: "It is true that this exhibition includes works not only studying art. It is open to all."First event was the embassy spokesman Nigel Gultevis England.The concept of the exhibition explains the young art critic Ales Romaniuk:"Here is presented street art, traditional painting …

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Everyone who knew the actor capital Satire Theatre Anatoly Papanava write it was very atypical metropolitan artist. Did not make a career, going over the heads of his colleagues. Not adored his comedic roles that brought him fame distraught. And even slightly embarrassed that glory. And Anatoly Dad considered himself a Belarusian. And even at one point weighed own Belarusian find. Remember?Papanava voice: "I vstretsil you and the past in obsolete heart quickened. Uremya I remembered …"

The village lies on an old Nyahachava Warsaw road, it attracts travelers Attention old-building of the former post office and a feast for

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Renovated in the opera house

At this point in the building on the square is a reconstruction of the Paris Commune, which began in 2005. But part of the theater already repaired. My guide to tour the theater became a Distinguished Artist of Belarus, managing "the Belarusian Chapel" and opera director Victor Skorobogatov. Incidentally, it was his first visit to the theater after reconstruction. And sovereign Skarabahatau shared with me their first impressions.

Well, fine, what do you think! The only thing — I do not know whether or not to such an extent marble floor spread

We entered the building through the seventh staircase

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