Ancient Borovsk invites!

City Borovsky — now near suburbs. Although from Moscow to him a hundred miles away, and he is not in the Moscow region and in the north of the Kaluga region. All messed up, oh sorry — changed the recent expansion of the capital, which has now become a large Moscow. After traveling a few dozen miles to Kiev highway, was surprised to look at the small pointer: the word "Moscow" crossed a red ribbon. Ah, that's where you are now running out. A few more kilometers and you turn off the road at the sign "Borovsk."

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Oppositionist not found abroad is not only paradise, but even a tent

Olga Klaskouski — a journalist from Belarus opposition activist. In 2006, the first emigrated to Poland together with her little daughter. Then — in Norway and Sweden. There she married and had a son. A few days ago Swedish migration authorities have decided to deport Klaskouski.

You understand that a man suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities (not to mention Belarus) is impossible. The more valuable it becomes evidence with which to face the reality of those who want to "knock over the hill," Tesha myself with the thought that there is someone needs them … How mistakenly believed

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It is not only boring, but also the land prepakostnaya America: Two letters Turchaninova Herzen

Willow? Mr. Vasey? Levich Turchanov? New (January 30, 1822 — June 19, 1901), better known by the Americanized name of John Basil Turchin (born John Basil Turchin), Russian military commander, Colonel of the Imperial Russian Army, Brigadier General of the U.S. Army during the Civil War. The only Russian, who became general of the army of the United States of America.

Ivan Turchaninov was the representative of a noble family, descended from the Don Cossacks. His uncle, PP Turchaninov, took an active part in the Napoleonic wars, was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-general, was

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State farm named after Lenin (Moscow region).

Leaving modern farm named after Lenin, I wondered, why did there have decided to keep the old name? Lenin — the brand?

Yes, sort of not. Though the cost to the local area and here and there the monuments and the local leader of the proletariat malyshnya loves to jump on a bench next to "grandfather", and then climb on his shoulder stone. "Our brand — it is actually strawberry", — explained here. Probably, and indeed neither marketing nor politics had nothing to do with it. Just a respected national history, what happened, happened — not vycherknesh.

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The success story of Russian emigrant in Germany

According to statistics, immigrants make up 35-40 percent lower than natives. That is, doing the same job, they get smaller. Actually the government to do and allocate quotas for immigrants to bring in cheap labor. Think about it, why would the state smacked of well-paid jobs, if this place has 100 of its indigenous inhabitants?

Would you, as a director of the company in Russia, to give a good and responsible position immigrant from Asia, who had just arrived in Russia and did not really know the Russian language? Well, the Europeans as well.

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North paradise beaches of Severodvinsk

Naval photographer Oleg Kuleshov tries himself in the unfamiliar role — the role of a beach photographer. In this Kuleshov lives in the North, on the shore of the White Sea. So he answers the fundamental question of the inhabitants of megacities — the beauty of the snow on the beach? Yes, at least in beauty. At sea, the silence, the only thing missing is a submarine…


I often sit and think where I want to live? And I answer myself: I want to live in Severodvinsk, more precisely on the

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Made in Russia-4: Agriculture

— See a gopher? — I do not see — And I do not see, and it is! DMB About the village I have no time, wrote in his blog. For example, here and here. And listen to this for that would come through, so to speak.

Now down to business. Apparently, the problem of the village citizens know almost better than the villagers themselves. In my town is crying about the alleged dying village loudest. Why is that? Here's my father all my life living in the village and in the city it does not pull, says,

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Gone with the wind

America worships success and remains deaf to the pleas in distress. 9 months after Hurricane Sandy thousands of residents east coast of the United States remain without a roof over their heads. Lucky ones — have found shelter with relatives and friends, and the rest are crammed into shelters. They are no longer waiting for the promised widely publicized by the authorities — one hopes only on themselves. Or do not have hoped for anything.

In the last two days of October last year, the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey took over

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Cops uncut (Cops under the gun)

Popular in America show, where police "live" pursue suspects.

— Mechanical Hound operates smoothly. This is a wonderful invention, since the first use to search for criminals, has never made a mistake. Our television company is proud that it provided an opportunity with a television camera mounted on a helicopter, overall mechanical bloodhound to follow as soon as it begins its way on the trail of a criminal …

— Now Mechanical Hound is a helicopter landed at the fire site!

On the small screen appeared burned house, the crowd, something on the ground covered with a sheet and

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Wandering the city


10.10.03, the


Once in the press flashed a message about the strange pictures transmitted to Earth via satellite communications with the American interplanetary space station. Lens are caught in the frame of the city, wandering … in outer space, as if he alone went for a walk! Known mirage, phantom picture of life on earth, known as transferred to a different space, and even at other times, but that happens on Earth. Here — the open space. And the picture

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