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Declassified BAZ. Production and testing

Perhaps for the first time in its history opened its doors to the press the most closed auto plant in Russia — Bryansk Automobile Plant, or abbreviated as BAZ.

Just returned today from the company and that I want to share. 

During Soviet times, BAZ has been developing and manufacturing special wheel chassis and tractors for mobile missile complexes, as well as multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Among the most famous:

RK "Moon"

MLRS "Hurricane"

And as for anti-ship COMPLEX"Redoubt"

In the 70s there were

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Metal entrance steel door in Odintsovo

Our strong manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality custom metal steel entrance doors in Odintsovo at acceptably low prices from the manufacturer.Doors to Odincovoyou can buy here.

Taking care of the security level facilities, here you can order admission metal doors Odintsovo, have a number of advantages — durability, fire resistance, not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, burglar-proof, high thermal and sound insulation.

While at the present time to buy doors Odintsovo quite simply, good range is huge and everyone will be able to choose what is right for them, nothing complicated here and

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Tavakal — live milk products. Bashkiria

In the center of London, as reported by some FM radio, there is a bread shop, a boutique, where a loaf sold, translated to sterling exchange rate of the Russian currency, for 1.5 thousand rubles. The fact that the bread in a boutique — rare for a European quality indicators: the dough is cooked on hops without disintegrating agents, and other additives. That is to say, primeval, what our ancestors baked.

Archaic in gastronomy — it’s not vintage style of dress. It is not a fashion. This insight of humanity, carried away once the industrial methods of

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In Tobolsk district of the Tyumen region opens a new poultry farm

Adjacent to the foxes and foxes settled Africans. In Tobolsk district started breeding ostriches. The first Siberian winter new lodgers moved well. In fur farms "Barguzinskaya" flightless birds moved last year from a nearby ostrich farm. Wintering for them was successful, although the Africans themselves — the real picky. "They need at least 20 degrees in the winter temperatures. They are also very fond of the will, that is, they can not live in a zagonchike, they necessarily need here such cages. Nutrition also great because they eat both herbivores. They eat hay , freshly cut grass and grain,

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Barentsburg — Russian city in Norway

A microcosm of the 400 people on the archipelago is called Barentsburg, easily covered by a single glance, and surprisingly enjoys the attention of tourists. 

Why on Norwegian territory.Prior to 1920 Spitsbergen was nobody, followed by the Treaty of Paris, he placed under the protectorate of Norway. However, member states are free to contract to carry on business here. That is why Russia as a signatory of the contract coal mines here, now — only for the needs of Barentsburg.

Barentsburg — a town of miners. On the territory detached from the

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Vologda — proportionate to the person

In this city to live well. He becomes the family very quickly, and this is connected with the fact that here is always easy to come. If the desired place in Russia — not "Moscow" and "non-Peter", then this place — Vologda. This city can charm at once, and can bewitch gradually, slowly, with a typically northern mentality. Even if you do not admire it, it will always umilyat your soul. 

"Vologda not one-industry town, it is — very much of the city, where a little of everything, all the home-populated territory, human obihozheno, and where

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Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile. HeliVert: How do

helicopters (photo)

Author of the report — Roman Vukolov (LJ docent)

As you know, last week I managed to make an old dream and fly over Moscow. The flight started from Tomilino from the site of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile, part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia". But before I hit the road and a small group of reporters showed the plant itself. More precisely only a small part of it, because, first factory custodial, not everywhere you can walk here every interesting characters, and even with the cameras, and secondly it is very

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Chukotka — the territory of treasures

Russia — the world’s leading gold mining. Many people think that the spring season begins miners who washed the old gold on a large metal plates. In fact, everything is not so.

Prior to the first drilling rig with a remote control were drillers with mountain punches. It is easy to install paving the way across the Arctic permafrost to the Chukchi gold, moving prey at speeds of 4.5 meters per day.

"It is not the physical work for 80% and 80% — mental work" — and said. about. chief engineer of the

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Cheerful Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod region)

Gorodets clearly stands out from the typical number of regional centers. The first thing that comes to mind when you come to Gorodets: people want to live here. They settled here a long time. They like the place where they live. They will not want to leave.  The first state, one experiences, once in Gorodets — shock. Eyes just run away from a lot of clean neat colorful wooden houses decorated with rich carvings.

What is it that attracts? Sincere heart pleasing feeling of livability. Homes in good condition, clean and tidy. But most importantly —

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