Ancient Borovsk invites!

City Borovsky — now near suburbs. Although from Moscow to him a hundred miles away, and he is not in the Moscow region and in the north of the Kaluga region. All messed up, oh sorry — changed the recent expansion of the capital, which has now become a large Moscow. After traveling a few dozen miles to Kiev highway, was surprised to look at the small pointer: the word "Moscow" crossed a red ribbon. Ah, that’s where you are now running out. A few more kilometers and you turn off the road at the sign "Borovsk."

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Schwabe, from sights to incubators

In another trip destiny brought me to Yekaterinburg on "Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant" (UOMZ). And although today the company produces, among other things, lasers, it is a complicated story is from the 19th century. Swiss Theodore Schwab founded the firm in Moscow for the production of optical devices, but in wartime plant was evacuated to the Urals, where it remained. Rarely where I saw such a sterile and modern production. UOMZ can only be compared with the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, beautiful pictures which once flew over the network.

This past Thursday, October 25, at the Moscow Planetarium was

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In the Krasnodar region opened Science Center for the Study of Ancient Heritage

At the site of the largest ancient monument in the territory of Russia has successfully completed the construction of scientific and cultural center "Phanagoria", started six years ago. The initiator of the construction of the expedition were scientists Fanagoriis IA RAS and fund "The Free Case". The volume of investments of the Fund "free case" in a unique project to date is about 100 million rubles.


In addition to the Center building (total area of 1,280 sq m), consisting of a residential area, the storage of finds in the basement, workshop and library visitors have seen

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Krasnoselkupsky reindeer — the village Krasnoselkup, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (photos)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

After a visit to the field and spending the night shift camp in my upcoming cultural program: visiting herders camps and villages Krasnoselkup — the regional center of the same name Krasnoselkup district of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, called the "edge of the fur wealth untold."

1. Workaholic "Mi-8T" fill an important (and another here and there) for cargo camp.

2. Director reindeer farm (the farm has several families herders who graze their herds to different pastures) is pleased to use and convenient opportunity to deliver to their employees the necessary

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In Belgorod Refurbished case open Regional Hospital for Infectious Diseases

The repair of the housing area of 8.1 thousand meters? Regional budgets spent a total of 124.5 million rubles. The works here were conducted from January 2011. Totally updated emergency department, clinical diagnostic laboratory, three specialized children‘s services and other hospital departments. Along with the overhaul here, a new laboratory equipment, allowing to spend up to 20 to 35 general clinical and bacteriological forms of research.

Every year it is treated by 7.2 thousand people, of which 4,000 — children. Opened renovated housing is designed for 220 beds. Updating allows medical institution to be one of the best hospitals of

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Sleepbox from Arch Group

Moving, flights, ferries … Heavy fighting hours of sleep in the endless waiting rooms … But here it is finally light at the end of the tunnel! Employees of Russian architecture studio Arch Group, seems unable to help the people in the difficult task of moving a comfortable waiting on our planet. The first cabin Sleepbox already installed in the terminal Aeroexpress in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

In the booth Sleepbox are two beds. The room is equipped with LED lights for reading books and rosettes, with which you can charge your cell phone or laptop.

Cabin can be rented

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State farm named after Lenin (Moscow region).

Leaving modern farm named after Lenin, I wondered, why did there have decided to keep the old name? Lenin — the brand?

Yes, sort of not. Though the cost to the local area and here and there the monuments and the local leader of the proletariat malyshnya loves to jump on a bench next to "grandfather", and then climb on his shoulder stone. "Our brand — it is actually strawberry", — explained here. Probably, and indeed neither marketing nor politics had nothing to do with it. Just a respected national history, what happened, happened — not vycherknesh.

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Kindergarten for 120 places opened in Khimki

In Khimki opened a new kindergarten for up to 120 people. This development center was opened as part of a social business by the appearance of pre-schools.

Opening of the new pre-school — a significant event in the field of social business. Kindergarten — not state, however will be able to get here and the kids from low-income families. This opportunity gives the regional program of compensation parental contributions.

The new kindergarten and nursery provided five groups for children from three to six years. They will not have to miss — here an extensive program of developing knowledge. Educational

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In the village of Kutulik (Irkutsk region). Opened new House of Culture

In the village of Kutulik opened new cultural center. The holiday was timed to the anniversary of the playwright memory countryman Alexander Vampilova.In Kutulik much waited, when finally opened after a major renovation of the Palace of Culture. Therefore, the witnesses solemn event — hundreds of people. Recreation center was built a few decades ago, the Japanese prisoners of war, remember the locals.

Erected on the conscience — is seen by stout walls, but the roof could not stand the test of time, and three years ago the ceiling collapsed on stage. The building is found in

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Modernization Chepetskiy mechanical plant

Since 2006, the modernization of CMP (Glazov, Udmurtia) has invested more than 21 billion rubles. Of these, about 15 billion — in the development of zirconium production. By 2016, these figures increase to 29.9 and 18.6 billion, respectively. So much money from the "Rosatom" has not received any enterprise sector. The funds were used primarily for the purchase of equipment to increase production volumes and capacity utilization of the plant.

The update primarily affected zirconium production, and metallurgical production, the production of rare earth metals, technical ceramics and superconductors. In the near future there will be created industry-center industry. For

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