One day, walking up from the Volga Tvertsa, Novgorod merchants caravan made a stop on the right bank. Povecheryali the brook, which called for the healing power of Zdorovets, and spent the night. Place liked the morning and decided to leave part of the goods here: in front of waiting is not easy, though free from extortion Suzdal neighbors «seregersky way.» He passed through the back of the river to the forest lake Seliger, and there is close to the lake Ilmen Novgorod …

Over time, the goods warehouse on the banks of the New Tvertsa became a place of

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The plot for Kinopanorama

It so happened that flew to Mexico in the past decade is the third time Accumulated experience, appeared dating, and, of course, first of all, I saw the new Mexican movies. They are in the country, if we consider only the artistic, out now about thirty years. Every visit to the ocean was not like the previous one. And now he had his own feature: find time to prepare the plot for «Kinopanorama.» About what? In Moscow, the director Xenia Marinina we decided, it will be necessary to deal in place …

Immediately after touchdown (the trip takes more than

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If you listen, really listen, maybe you’ll hear the ghost’s lullaby, that song that connects all that thrives in winter’s quiet.

I know there’s a ghost here. I can feel him in the cool hollow of this one-time foresters’ dorm, this place where I must sleep tonight.

I can feel him in the bathroom at the end of the passage, disappearing into the stained cracks in the tiles. I know he’s peering into the mirror with its rusted edges; I don’t dare look.

He’s beckoned us here, with a trail of painted footprints scattered here on rock, there on tree



As the heat descended on Denmark Street the thoughts of the music trade turned to ice cream, portable fans and above all, flocks of visitors from abroad – the financial lifeblood of Tin Pan Alley. Sid Bishop recalls the guitar tourists of the 1970s.

Whoopee, summer had finally arrived to cheer up our damp and shivering population, and everyone in the retail trade was rubbing their hands in glee. The instrument dealers in Denmark Street were certainly no exception, and one word was buzzing on all our lips… ‘Tourists!’

No one working in Denmark Street could fail to notice the

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A specter is haunting

An interesting phenomenon: fans of Age of Wonders, which, contrary to expectations, it was quite countless, do not want to hear about the similarity of the object of his adoration with HoMM. No, they say, no-guys-not-similar. And what on earth is it like? And even at all Master of Magic, are responsible. I do not know you, the fans, something completely strayed from the hands of …

If not for this modest way of life …

This, of course, live classics: Listen to the music, as if came to us from the transfer of «Visiting a fairy tale» of

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Grounded – Forsaken & Deserted Aeroplanes.

by Graham Robson; Airlife Publishing, 128pp, colour, £10.95, softback

BY DEFINITION, AIRCRAFT belong up there in the wide blue yonder and that’s certainly where they look best in photographs. Yet here’s a book without a single picture of a flying machine in its natural habitat which manages to remain both readable and visually appealing. Given the somewhat unpromising potential of the material — a series of ground-based machines in various stages of disregard — author Graham Robson has worked wonders.

Apart from a brief introductory text, this Airlife volume comprises a colour picture per page accompanied by an explanatory caption.

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IF you want to know and, more importantly, to understand, kitchen SOUTHEAST ASIA, BETTER reservation table in the restaurant, A cabin on the ship.

Every self-respecting foodie obliged at least once in their lives to be in Southeast Asia. Pho soup, sandwiches of the ban, fish amok in cups of banana leaves — not all, for what it is worth to visit. And there is no better way to learn this region than to go on a cruise on the Mekong River, the largest in Indochina, such as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam Cambodian Phnom Penh. In seven days’

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Farming for the Future


Thousands of delicate greens— from arugula to basil—fill a once vacant warehouse in a Chicago suburb. They grow without soil or sun, stacked in trays six levels high, towering 18 feet. Welcome to indoor urban farming.

These so-called vertical farms are touted as a better way to providc7r fresh, local produce in cities. “By 2050,70 per¬cent of the world population will live in metropolitan areas,» says J o l a n t a H a r d e j, CEO and founder of Farmed Here, whose Chicago greens travel less

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Do your tunes a service and do yourself a favour

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

£170 ★★★★☆

When a product has ‘Pro’ in its name, it’s a fair bet that it’ll be a no-nonsense looker. And so it has come to pass with these Beyerdynamics.

But only if you want: the company sells interchangeable earcup covers and headbands for pepping up their look. There’s also an optional boom-mic for gamers, Skype users and those who want to look ludicrous on the train.

But for all their businesslike looks, they feel plush on the head. They aren’t the lightest on test, but they don’t feel heavy or insecure.

Analysis and detail top

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View of Lake Garda, lemon Riviera spa and magical — in the Italian resort of Lefay Resort & SPA features everything you need for complete happiness.

Alcide and Liliana Leali has long prepared project spa hotel, which combines techniques of oriental medicine to the best traditions of European and first class service. As a result, there was Lefay Resort & SPA — hotel, where all the conditions in order to achieve harmony, both physical and mental.

The author’s approach

Area Lefay Spa — 3000 square meters, but it is not the main advantage of this space. The main thing here

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