By Evpatoria hurricane. Photo. Video


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14.07.11.Evpatoriya comes after the disaster yesterday. At the resort town collapsed storm — with heavy wind, thunder, rain and hail.

Houses — de-energized, and some areas of the city experienced a real flood. Suffered the most International Children's Center "Golden Key" — his room flooded water that is not pumped out so far. Says — Maxim Koshelev.

That's — the sound of the pump, and with buckets in their hands — spent the entire staff present children's theater "Golden Key". Its facilities are located on the ground floor — and vcherashy downpour flooded the room

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Urals village residents drink water from rain puddles


1.10.12.Ne drink from puddles, a kid will become. For the villagers Shufruk — is Turin area — a tale as a guide to action. People collect rainwater or gain from drains.

Residents of the village Shufruk saved, they can. Zoe Lezhnina lived here all my life, but this did not remember. Pensioner every day to about 15 buckets of water — houses cows, sheep and chickens. Tells us that the water takes from this ditch, she pours a vegetable garden, water them, livestock, and she did not hesitate — the other is not there. Zoe Lezhnina: "Nothing I'm

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Flooding in Kinel-Cherkassy!


17.04.11.V village has a large river Kinel. She divides the village in Kinel and Cherkassy. Red or pink, I showed what is now water. Such a spill was no water for 12 years.

Here, the water should not be …

Here water came very, very close …

Earlier posts along a pavement … Types of houses in the distance … Ostrovsky street called …

To get to my street, we have to swim to the boat.

Here you can see how flooded greenhouse, and it has already planted tomatoes …


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Reconstruction of the airport Ultra at the cosmodrome Baikonur

The runway airport "Ultra" — air gateway to space. Fly here all the crews manned "Soyuz". Deliver here and spacecraft. During the launch here are watch helicopters and aircraft rescue services. Now the airport is undergoing a rebirth.

Declassified BAZ. Production and testing

Perhaps for the first time in its history opened its doors to the press the most closed auto plant in Russia — Bryansk Automobile Plant, or abbreviated as BAZ.

Just returned today from the company and that I want to share. 

During Soviet times, BAZ has been developing and manufacturing special wheel chassis and tractors for mobile missile complexes, as well as multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Among the most famous:

RK "Moon"

MLRS "Hurricane"

And as for anti-ship COMPLEX"Redoubt"

In the 70s there were

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Rapidly dries Kuyal’nitskogo estuary. Video


8.10.11.Za recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long-term critical level of approximately 5 meters. Save the estuary! National property of Ukraine — Odessa resort "Kuyalnik" — suffers ecological disaster. Over recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long critical level almost 5 meters. Together with the estuary killed its flora and fauna.

Yutyaschiesya near residual water gulls but once dug posts for the salt. So today looks Kuyal'nitskogo estuary. In early summer, the wheels were under water. Now medicinal mud dries in the sun.


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Exposing misinformation in the MK

The assembly shop of anti-aircraft missiles for long-range air defense missile systems at the "Vanguard" Photo

Due to the advent of the "MK" apocalyptic articles about the situation at the "Vanguard" I invite everyone to look at this exclusive photo — a huge modern assembly plant factory "Avangard", fully loaded production, as is a serial execution of orders. It must be borne in mind that the photos "cropped", because underneath were promising missiles, appearance and internal structure which refers to the protected parameters. So the article in the "MK" is clearly not just a customized character — it is aimed

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In the Voronezh region mass death of fish. Video


22.02.12.V Anninsky area on the river Bityug recorded massive fish kills. Pisces Nikolai Volkov — even to enter the market. True, it is not safe. Half-dead fisherman caught it from Bityug. Nikolai Volkov, the fisherman:

"Here, perch, here, roach, here Kozeko small, here's a chub. Sorry gone, will give kuryam, cats have four cats will feed them. "

At this point Bityug largely ice — there beats a spring. Nikolai Vorobyov did not come here for the first time. By a conventional dip net fish from here, said people were recruited hundredweight.

Nikolai Vorobyov, fisherman:


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In Streletskaya lotus blossoms


21.09.11.Na days, passing on the Volga river in the village of Strelets, saw among dense reeds broad leaves swaying in the wind.

— Is lotus? — Wondered aloud.

— Yes, this is a real lotus — confirmed a man, a local resident, appeared next to me. — Last year, he at first appeared. In this I see him again. He even blossomed.

I tried to approach the lotus close. But the ground was sticky. Without wading boots are not necessary. It would be possible to get close to the boat. But all the boats were laid up. Reflection, rolled

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Our Air Force reconnaissance mission in Sweden

Our favorite Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet continues to tear the veils from the Russian action in Sweden and the inaction of their own military. At this time the crafty Russian had sent spy plane IL-20, which under the guise of third-country aircraft, flying along the "ribbon" territorial waters, collecting sensitive information. Here's a map: 

Managed to raise the Gripen or not — is not clear, but even if you have time — he could not catch up with the ultra-modern Russian aircraft. Here is the sketch:

The events took place on April 20. On this

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