Radic: maybe I can get back to Vladikavkaz

30-year-old Serbian goalkeeper, "Rostov" Dejan Radic at half-time 21-round championship of Russia with "Alan" admitted he was glad to return to Vladikavkaz, where he played in 2004-05. "Feelings about returning to Vladikavkaz very good, I saw a lot of old friends. I spent some great years here, and now everything is the same. The promise to return here not refuse, may still turn out to fulfill it. "Alania" as long as it looks better, but I hope that we will still win, "- said Radic, the TV channel" NTV-Plus. "

DJ-Alien: The Stranger. Video


Very rare song, blow off while you can, hit the 90s

Lyrics: I loved to wander one The crowded streets in the crowd As the finger of human recovery. I feel good, when there Can not tell who the enemy who is a friend I'm a stranger in the crowd all my salvation.

I feel good, when no one knows exactly Who am I I like to be in absentia In the crowd of man.

I am here, I do not need anyone drop Formless spot And if I suddenly disappear, I do not remember anybody.


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Mysterious Mamaev Kurgan

According to the hypothesis of scientists, Mamaev Kurgan has a special energy flowing from beneath a geological fault. This fault passes through a cosmic background radiation that affects the people.

History Mamaev Kurgan quite rich. In the fifth and fourth centuries BC there Sarmatian tribes made the sacraments and rites. According to legend, at Mamaev Kurgan was inserted Sarmatian sacred sword. What would have to find more information about the Mamaev Kurgan, you need to buy a laptop and connect to the Internet.

Another legend says that

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Strangers go here

, 04.07.2005

Author: Natalia Timakov

Zone takes

Login marked by two boulders — it Tingri. Once it was a stone, then it broke, and we've got a kind of passage. Here you need to say hello and we say hello: "Hello, area." Next we go on the road, around which the grass, as if specially planted strictly on the line. Next stop — Sunny Meadow. They say that every day she changes color. Today, for example, bright bright green. It does not grow grass meadow: clearing the impression of a very well-kept lawn, beside rushing mountain stream —

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Vorobevsky district visited by aliens




In Vorobevsky area on one of the fields discovered a three-meter hole cylindrical shape. Its origin is unknown. Local residents believe that this is track UFOs. Guide the economy does not take it seriously — want to fill a hole and plant the sunflowers on the site. In

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A village in Kabardino-Balkaria in the abyss. Video


Upper Kurkuzhin 8.11.12.Zhiteli village in Kabardino-Balkaria on the brink of failure. Moreover, in the literal sense — the village is located in the landslide area. Despite the fact that the land is already disappearing from under their feet, the migration of people from the local administration has neither the means nor the new apartments. Report Helen Walnut.

The most dangerous area in the village of Upper Kurkuzhin — cemetery. It even was terrible. Every second you can literally go down the drain. Ravine formed in this place a couple of months ago. The graves are separated from him

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Clinical death. Video


Photo from: samara-photo.ru

The case, which will be discussed further, as is nothing special, except for the moment that the actor, Tatiana Vanicheva, managed wisely use their disembodied state, and double-checked her watch, lying on her bedside table is: when you exit body and in the time of return.

Interestingly, between these events was at least half an hour. And the Product Recovery took up her body just after this period. But half an hour stay in the astral world the woman managed to see and experience the very interesting things.

The story she sent in 1997 to

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Chile. Atacama Desert. Is this not is Curiosity?

Sometimes you do things creates a strikingly similar nature on different planets. I want to introduce you to a place under the title: Atacama Desert, located in Chile and having an incredible resemblance to the Martian landscape, photos which gives us Curiosity.

Some areas of the desert have not seen a drop of rain for hundreds of years. These areas are characterized by orange and red. Other areas have no shortage of moisture. It meets shrubby vegetation, and even cacti. On the horizon, one can see the majestic Andes and

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At Talovsky area spotted a UFO




UFO Talovsky district of Voronezh region spotted workers radar position. Such by Russia of 9, and they belong to the Moscow center of air traffic control. Until recently, the facility was considered a secret, and the anomalies are grown accustomed. In people, this object is called a

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26.04.12.Gibel Novonikolska fish in the pond. Video


26.04.12.Prud Novonikolsk in the village, which is 70 km from Krasnoyarsk, has turned into a dead zone. In summer it fished local Krasnoyarsk came to rest, the water here flows into the Yenisei. Now, residents say it poisoned, they blame the local enterprise. Alex Krivogornitsyn visited the scene.

Now looks like this in the village pond Novonikolsk Mana district, local talk: water here falls into the river and then to Esaulovka Yenisei, in addition, again according to the residents is a popular holiday destination, and Krasnoyarsk, too, here are their problem. Now it is a dead lake.


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