By the 22nd century in Antarctica will be the first trees

Here is the forecast for the sixth continent, which is now feeling the results of global warming: the average temperature for a half-century here grew by 3 degrees, and began to appear'Overseas "species of flora and fauna. On the one hand, it can frown and to a violation of the closed ecosystem — some professionals do exactly this. But look at the issue on a global scale: we are witnessing the evolution of a new round of Antarctic nature. And this, at least, exciting!

Long ago, Antarctica was part of Gondwanaland superkontinta and life flourished here

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Chankilo (Shankillo) — Ancient Observatory?

Chankilo. Peru again, another wonderful old building. Located among the sand mysterious stone complex. Among other things, special attention riveting 13 ranked in the towers …

Chankilo — Satellite View

This unusual find is located in South America. Very strange that it is a desert, because it is not clear for what reason people lived here. The object is something like a fortress, it is on the hill. This is a complex of thirteen towers, all built into a single line. When viewed from the point of

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Snow in Namibia. Video


On Wednesday, June 8, in Namibia (South Africa) in the territory of one of the popular tourist safari park snow fell. The last time snow in the area dropped in 2002 godu.Sneg in the Namib desert — How strange was our world!

Uploaded unicorn003, date: 08.06.2011

Article in English here> The Namibian

Photo report here Snow in Namibia. Photo

God spared


And we have to know what to say Erzhee? As if awakening volcano Photo from:

28.01.12.Zimnik from Saryg-Sepa to Sizima, rasklinovanny in impassable windbreaks, as hard-packed asphalt road.

On the editorial "Volga" we covered the distance of 50 kilometers per hour exactly. On the broken highway from Kyzyl to Saryg-Sepa were getting longer. On the way to Sizim us now and then accompanied the new poles of power lines, then running out of the trees in the meter drifts, then re-buried in their midst.

And at the entrance to the village we met a cell tower, compact

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Each of the special smell


Each of the special smell. In Tula's guns and baking smells. Moscow smells money and power. Smells like cheese in Paris and passion.

In London fog and smells kebom. And in the Stavropol Territory — fresh bread. Any city can be so described. Chelyabinsk … Well, here in a few words to say.

After midnight, smelling plant. What? Yes, anything — you want to zinc, he likes to iodine. Maybe even pull from the treatment, It smells of sorts, where the nose or stick.

There was a smell of burning rubber in Chelyabinsk, Dead cats, wet of dog, All

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France. Mountain Byugarash. Did not work

A couple of weeks ago with a mystical place: Mount Byugarash were dispersed by people who want to meet 21.12.12 precisely here, in the hope that the alien ship will arrive and take them away. It would be naive? It seems so, because as dozens of reporters, who arrived here in anticipation of sensation did not wait for anything.

The Internet began to spread information about the mountain next to the settlement has mystical powers, and that the last day of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of Armageddon will

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Roads appear Berdsk meter dips

Karst holes

1.09.11.Provaly in the land and the destruction of the roadway residents associated with the critical condition of utilities and unfair implementation of road repairs.

Land out from under the feet — Come every day — inviting passers friendly employee Combine municipal public services, looking out of the hole on the road in the city center — we are here for a long time now. The failure of the road surface on Lenin Street at the intersection with the street Herzen occurred, according to the inspector's supervision Alex Taygarova Road, in the afternoon of 30 August. Area around the

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Ghosts of the forest in the Kaluga

January 13, 2012 11:38

Not that natural anomalies around us everywhere. Yet, in our life we meet them, and quite often. Scientists are trying to give a scientific phenomena such explanation, but not always, they are able to do so.

Immediately be seen that, according to geophysicists, at this point the river is a powerful tectonic fault, but she also measured anomalous area is on the edge of the underground ring or formed as a result of the old volcano, or is a consequence old meteorite crater.

In this zone, often recorded in various shapes and sizes, unidentified flying

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On a visit to the yeti for a modest fee. Continued Part 2

With the aliens better not to meet

But the Krasnoyarsk region is famous mainly flies on him numerous UFO sightings. In the local publishing houses have published two books — "UFO over the Krasnoyarsk" and "Assassination UFO" in which witnesses describe their encounters with aliens. And not far from the city is a nature reserve poles, which regularly and people disappear without a trace. The reserve is divided into two parts: Wild and Classic Columns. Desperate and at risk to go to the territory of the Wild almost there: they say it is very dangerous. As for the

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Stray dogs occupied the streets of Izhevsk


17.05.11.Izhevsk converted into kennels. Thousands of homeless dogs — sick and hungry — scare citizens.

"This is the day the dog sleep off the evening and night of them do not pass" — spoken in the streets of the Youth. A flock of stray dogs "occupied" by this site half a year ago. During this time, the number chetveronogo squad noticeably grown. Irina Ishmukhametova, resident of Street Youth: "It is terrible to let children. When were the drifts, I have it here on the site was afraid to go, because there was always a pack. Now they are constantly

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