Pіdzemny methane gas priborkali in shahtoupravlіnnі Pokrovske

The building here in ekspluatatsіyu unіkalnu kogeneratsіynu installation zdatnu pereroblyati yogo the heat that Electric.

 Photo source:in.ua

The project is at the "Pokrovskomu" realіzovano for tehnіchnoї that fіnansovoї uchastі PJSC "Donetskstal" scho zdіysnyuє of large-scale integrated programa osvoєnnya methanol vugіlnih rodovisch. Potuzhnіst stantsії new pokolіnnya dosyagne 18.2 MW. Tsogo vistachit, shahtoupravlіnnya zabezpechuvalo dwellers themselves Vlasnyi elektroenergієyu by 53%, the heat — by 77%. However Til'ky CIM project PJSC "Donetskstal" not obmezhitsya. In the framework of bagatovektornoї strategії іnnovatsіynogo rozvitku kompanії won zdіysnyuє slit bogato іnshih proektіv. Pong prisvyachenі degazatsії vugleporodnih masivіv through sverdlovini, proburenі s poverhnі zemlі, uprovadzhennyu tehnologії

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By the end of the week the temperature in Moscow falls below normal

As reported vesti.ru, summer just started, but forecasters are already afraid frosts. Is it true that in the central part of Russia became much colder? This leading "Morning of Russia" asked a leading specialist of the Center Weather PHOBOS Vadim Zavodchenkova.

Freezing the central regions of the country will not get any assured forecaster. They occur in the north of European Russia, in the north of the Urals and Siberia.

It is not an uncommon phenomenon, noted Zavodchenkov. Muscovites waiting for cooling without frost.

In the center of European Russia chill comes in the week. It is likely showers

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The valley where time stands still





For a whole week all Mexico agitated. The television showed footage, which depicted the 11 unidentified flying objects. With them came across the crew of military aircraft that carried

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Naughty embankment

"Young kommunar" 18.10.2001, Tula, n269

One day, walking through the back streets of the Internet, the correspondents of "MK" came upon a site created by ufologists. If you believe the information posted there, on the waterfront of the Tula Dreyer repeatedly observed anomalies …


And happened here, "short-term disappearance of people and objects at the time of fractions of seconds to minutes, and the emergence of the so-called invisible walls." Moreover, it turns out, Tula embankment figured as an example of the anomalous space UFO readings held in the late 80's in Moscow. It's a shame —

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In Almaty region flushed lake. Video


22.09.11.A in Almaty region inhabitants of New Chemolgan faced with this environmental disaster. Local lake suddenly painted in scarlet. Local residents began to sound the alarm when the area became home to die bastard. On the shores of Lake colored visited Askar Mendybayev.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev daily tries to fight off his herd from a dangerous body of water. All in vain. The whole area is the only reservoir. Shepherd sure murrain associated with this water.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev, villagers NEW Chemolgan ALMATY REGION:

— I recently lost about 10 horses, the whole village noisy, it is clear that after

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In Ulan-Ude more than twenty houses were flooded with water. Video


11.05.12.Na Street Heat Ulan Ude flooded more than 20 homes. Causes Flood set. At the scene works spetstehnika.Po to local people, their homes and heat a little earlier, but this amount of water was not here.

— One version — a natural disaster. Spring is here in this year was surprisingly cold. Following a sharp decline occurred warming waters and erosion channel Baydonova key, — the head of the Emergency Administration October district of Ulan-Ude, Dmitry Efimov.

Baydonov key, modest in size pond, before a roadblock for residents of the street. The scale of the trouble has always

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25.07.12.Gibel fish in the Penza region. Video


25.07.12.V arbekovskom Penza pond fish surfaced.

Not a single bite that morning. The bait Alexandra Telnova, catcher with 43 years of experience, the fish is not. But near the shore of a small goldfish and Rotanov abound. Aquatic inhabitants, according to all indications, were killed.

"Yesterday, when I came, I saw that the fish rose to the surface," — said the woman.

Alexander Telnova on disability. Fishing for her — an outlet and rest. The last 12 years every day, she walks with gear on a small body of water that the district Arbekova. It is located just 100

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Environmental disaster in the Nizhneterskih lakes. Video


12.05.12.V Dagestan killed a unique natural complex — Nizhneterskie lake. Almost shallow ponds because hydraulic structures that supported the water level and purity of channels, are outdated.

On the verge of extinction, and the inhabitants Nizhneterskoy fauna. After the lake — is also one of the largest fish in the Caspian Sea nurseries. Marat Luguev to continue the topic.

26,000 acres of water surface, hundreds of tons of commercial fish species each year and one of the most beautiful and unique places in Dagestan, just disappears in front of the locals. Nizhneterskie lake — huge by local

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Siberian blog. City Decembrists and Khodorkovsky

Society with Vladimir Putin, who was traveling to Chita on the yellow "Kalina" we razminulisya. Generally in the Trans-Baikal region rarely visited the leaders of Russia. And politicians were exiled here. Including the rebels, revolutionaries, dissidents.

The first dissidents exiled Decembrists were here in 1825, by which the city has grown culturally. Decembrist Dmitry Zavalishyn even developed a plan for the construction of Chita.

It is no accident in the house, where she was the wife of the Decembrist Mikhail Naryshkin Elizabeth, and now is one of the city's libraries.

To still in almost perfect state of preservation of the

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A new dormitory Tver State University

January 25 in Tver on campus at Sominke opened a new building dormitories TSU. The new 9-storey student house on the right housewarming 351 students.

Photo: tvernews.ru

Not so long ago here on Sominke already opened a new building dormitories. 2 years later built another nine-storey building. Dorm flat type, 36 one-bedroom apartments here, 36 two-bedroom and three-bedroom 9.


Each apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom. In one room will live by 3 students in the two-room — to 5 students, treshka — 7 people. Two buildings connected by a

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