Siberian blog. Yep. Revival of Buddhism


The author on the holy mountain Alhanov

Autochthonous area of Baikal, breeders, Buryats perhaps better suited to survive in this harsh region. Buryats live and safeguard their language, traditions and faith in the Buryat Autonomous Republic with the capital Ulan-Ude, Ust-Orda autonomous region in the Irkutsk region and the Aga Autonomous Region in the Trans-Baikal region. Aga Aga district located to the southeast of Chita, near Mongolia, it consists of only three parts, here live on less 100 000 people. Previously, the county has been subject of the Russian Federation, and now, after the referendum, which was held

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In the Indian village of 108 lives twins


This seemingly unremarkable village Mohammedpur Die, a shelter in northern India, as if born out of "Comedy of Errors" by William Shakespeare. Funny situations, voluntarily or involuntarily, come here, probably every day.

And how could it be otherwise when one sixth of the population — are twins. Even the local animals bring twins.

[Mohammad Mustafa, a local resident] "In the last 25-30 years in this village many twins were born. At least 108 reside here presently. There are also a lot of cows that gave birth to twin

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BBC: Yellowstone — Battle For Life

Yellowstone — an international conservation area, the amazing country ruled by fire and brimstone. Experiencing the world of opposites anyone trying to live here. World that has become the most precious wild place on earth.

Yellowstone in winter temperatures drop to -40 ° Fahrenheit or Celsius (-40 both scales are the same). By as much as six months Yellowstone freezes, however, in the center of this icy world, there is scorching heat. This is an unusual place, and winter is also unusual. The fate of all life here is in the grip of unimaginable power.

Yellowstone is at the

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FBI declassified documents about UFOs




FBI leaked online archive documents about UFOs. And the all-American hysteria scale, it seems, really was because of a lot of documents from respectable newspaper clippings with headlines like, "They're here," "UFO landed in 39 states," etc.

Declassified archive (11 folders, 1600 pages) stored on the official

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Southern birds are torn North

Ural Branch scientists discovered on the Yamal bird species have never been to the North. Within a month they were wildlife observation in the field of natural Voykarskogo hospital.

Voykarsky hospital — a special area for the study, nest here mainly of birds listed in the Red Book. Snowbird this year near the hospital environment platted 14 slots. Next door was a tap dance and family of finches. And the confirmed fact — Yamal nature becomes more diverse. Expanses of tundra develops Pallid Harrier, and this species of migratory before there were none. Appeared godwit.

It is not clear

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Obi shoaling in the midst of spring

veteran faced Obi shoaling in the midst of spring, when, on the contrary, the water in the river is just to come. According to the Ob Basin Water and Shipping, the depth of the river in some shallows now down to 115 cm, making it impassable for most vessels. For 20 April from the Ob reservoir were to begin dumping water, which should raise the level of 40 cm, however, as anyone correspondents NGS.NOVOSTI, drop out of the Ob Sea is nothing special.

This year, the Novosibirsk had a unique opportunity — a walk along the bottom of the Ob

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In war there is no dark and pure white

At the end of last year in the army, carrying out tasks in Chechnya, there was a change: disbanded Vedeno and Nozhai-Yurt operational battalions completed their existence military commanders. But the gang left, and to deal with them deployed battalion and company tactical group of the regiments of internal troops of Gudermes and Urus-Martan.

During the trip happened to be in effect at all outposts scattered in the Argun and Vedeno gorges. One of them remembered in particular. The point is not as fitted gates — you have to rely only on their own hands. Struck another: here, in the

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Secret Bear

Author: Natalia Leskov

Medveditskaya ridge — a chain of old hilly mountains 200-380 m in height, located in the Volgograd and Saratov regions Portrayed in the legends of the existence in the area enchanted or cursed places of forest people who lived there, was hiding under untold wealth. It breaks the flow of time, and appear bizarre mirages in the so-called Devil's Den are found in an incredible amount of ball lightning. Returned from the mysterious space mission public research organization "Kosmopoisk." Its director, Vadim Chernobrov says, the canopy of many years failed to lift the puzzle. Secret "Bear" hidden

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In the village of RTS — villagers from Florida but from Tallinn to Murmansk


Tsimashkov: "Such analogues I have never seen in our country!"

Mr. Leonid Tsimashkov in 90 three times was a member of, say, the smallest town in the country — permanent residents are only 17 people. However …

Tsimashkov"Tell me, where can meet Lyudmila Mironova of the State of Florida, USA, Sasha Savitsky of St. Petersburg, St. Michael Lena from Smorgon at the same time? It may now be only here in the village of Rs. Tolochin In the area there it since 1950. Then in each region should be machine-tractor station. And in the 58th MTS has been

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Appeal to Authority

Dear Administration asking you to send in Ban balabolyat Uralsib (at least temporarily), he will not be here useful information that provokes conflicts and places misinformation .. Please listen to our requests.

omission is regarded as support Ukrainophobia .. rednecks who comes shit and hosts the lies and misinformation have nothing to do here.

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