Where to get water for the great dragon

In search of new sources of fresh water in the southwest of China cavers descend deep into the earth. Here, in the realm of the world’s greatest caves, stalactites and stalagmites, they risked their lives to be mapped underground rivers.

Groundwater flows in southern China may quench the thirst of millions of people during the drought. But to trace their way through karst formations — not an easy task. After heavy rains the water is rapidly arrives. A dry tunnel cave explorers have to overcome crawl, centimeter by centimeter.

Water from the skyscrapers Professor Yuan Guilin Daosyan trying to resolve

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After a lifetime of big cities, Kevin O’Grady finds himself in a village, with no traffic lights and a population of around 5 000. He contemplates what took him there, and what makes him stay.

Clean mountain air. Crime-free living. Serenity. Peace and quiet. No traffic. A sense of community. Breathtaking scenery. An exquisite conservation area right on your doorstep. White winters, splendid autumns and springs, and agreeable summers. Love.

I can come up with a list as long as my arm of possible reasons to choose to live in a village like Clarens in the eastern Free State, which

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We believe in letting the pilot fly the aircraft was the brief given by the Goals to architect Piyush Mittal, while handing over the responsibility of designing their home. «And so. I wanted to provide the couple with a space that reflected their personalities — a space bathed in ample natural light and one that was easy on maintenance.»

Located in Paschim Viper, New Delhi, the Goals’ residence first opens up to a dang area, which then leads you to the other rooms. The colour scheme here is earthy and rustic with elements like brick-patterned walls, wooden furniture and marble

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Helene and Sven Follin bought their house in Stockholm as a temporary measure, but it’s been their home for the past 17 years. ‘I think we’ll probably grow old here,’ confirms Helene, an interior designer, whose now-grown-up children were still small when the family relocated.

‘When we decided to move here from a town in the south of Sweden, there was hardly any choice of properties on the market.

So we plumped for this rather mundane-looking 1970s villa, which we thought would do while we took our time to find a house that was more to our liking. Nearly two

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In Loshitsa shot people. But know this old grandmother

Playground in Loshitsa Yar around the cross "victims of Bolshevik terror" overgrown with bushes.At 10 meters from the cross not so long ago built a fence enclosing the parking lot "Zarechnyj."Places on the fence — wire stitching."Then shoot people. This old woman were in charge of the local"I talk to a security guard parking lots sovereign Sergei.Reporter: "You know,what is there to cross worth? "Sergei: "It is said that the victims of the Bolshevik terror. Here shot people. This old women were in charge of the local."Karespanentka: "You see, where is the funeral?"Sergei: "I do not know. Here fighters dug

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October 2nd Belarusian entrepreneurs want to go on strike

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Viktor Gorbachev said that exactly one-day strike business now takes place: "In the last 2-3 days is very verye pressure on other activists who call the prosecutor, who are judged. All of our founders, members of the Council on the sly "datsiskayuts." Besides, in all regions is "vkidvanne" disk imaging — say, "strike canceled, do not listen, do not have faith," provocateurs start running in their own ranks, from the side, confuse people. But at the last day strike nobody never cancels. Machine is running. " According to the organizers of the strike, it perceive

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In Minsk gather main Communists planet

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, which takes pro-government positions, Jora Atamanov clarifies holding communist Forum 2-towns solution to the world of the Union of Communist and workers’ parties:"When the question of where to draw activities This year, then in view of the 90th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution Lofty decided a 2-towns. In Minsk, because there was held the first congress, the party was born here. And in Moscow — because it the capital of Russia — a country where the revolution took place. And appealed to us. We supported that decision. "But

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Polesskii Peninsula Kudrichi

In the company of Pinsk regionalists, euro Aleksei Dubrovsky we’re going to Kudrichi. Small village, which is secreted in real Polesian swamps — thanks to the emperor Alexis, not destroyed reclamation. Dirt road — through traditional rowing kilometers quagmire. In the spring of this road is not at all, it floods the flood. And a dozen years ago and this was not the causeway.

Alexei: "In April or May, when you come here, where we’re going at the moment, water is everywhere. Here only by boat or you can drive on the trolley. From the island to the peninsula. Here

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Summer Travel Freedom

• Chalč: "People are divided into four categories: smart, literate, and hitretsky usual"

• Center of Europe: "And I hunt, so that we were like France, Britain, Germany"

• Dining in Ivyanets

• Crankshaft: "People here are the kindest, most astute"

• Sharkovshchina: radiance and entrepreneurial garotnasts Mackey

• Dunilovichi: "There was a creamery, every single day two kg of oil deported to Warsaw"

• Bulls, "reads: live well, but I was born in a bad time"

• Kublichi: "Before the war, it was neat. NOT village and town Kublichi called"

• Braslaw: Two Faces "land frozen in waves"

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Benicia — not bednitsa

Girlfriend: "Earlier Benicia Benicia is not called, and Bednitsa." Sapach: "From the word ‘poor’?"Girlfriend: "Certainly … And later, in connection with that read was not very comfortable, the village began to call Benicia. "Girlfriend Vasilinka proves that it’s — the only version of the origin of a strange name Benicia. In general, if not the only one, this sounds quite plausible: you look to the left, in the direction of the well-known Krevo — and then run over one on one elastic bumps, sand and clay, poor land, look to the right, where, again, the well-known Zalesye Oginski — on

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