Ecological tour of the Pripyat River. Inning

Society The Belarusian Association of Journalists held a press eco-tour of the Pripyat River. Senior advisers on this trip were the owner agrousadby "Pripyat reach" Anatoly Nefidovich Lahavka Luninetsk village of the district and his father, a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Stepan Nefidovich.

The first report of ecological tour of Pripyat was devoted to conservation of bird diversity of this unique region. Today's story — about the Pripyat floodplain swamps, maimed reclamation.

By Pripyat we rowing Nefidovicha downstream for about four hours — until Charabasavskaga channel. Kingdom of water, greenery and the sun adds strength and

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Gatchinsky Stonehenge




Who builds in Leningrad landing pad for UFOs?

Miracles have a very interesting property: they always occur where we do not. Loch Ness monster plows Scottish lake. Snowman grazing somewhere in the foothills of the Pamir. Holy Fire descends from heaven in Jerusalem. The whole world is

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What and why retrieves Our homeland on the Black continent

Photo report about the last month back in Pretoria, at an air base Waterkloof, international arms exhibition Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 (AA & D) «NWO" published as early as the 34th edition of the newspaper. But the sense of a left unsaid. All the more so that the creator has promised to return to this subject in the next publications.

Unfortunately, captured and diverted from the hidden ordinary newsprint turnover. But to think about what we are going back to Africa, for example, why "Uralvagonzavod" Unlike other companies, and from previous years decided to invest in such harsh action,

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The transition to the Other World

March 14, 2012 6:44

Can you describe how the transition, or death? Exactly where we find ourselves, when we pass into the next world?

Person feels as if slipped into a pond or a warm bath. At some point, you leave one environment for another. When you step out, for example, in a hot bath, you are dry and do not have water, then you are covered with water and the body becomes wet. When in a new environment, you will be more comfortable than the old, you may decide to enter into it, or stay on the doorstep.

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What attracts the capital of China?

If there is a city in the world that can be called tourist mosaic, then, no doubt, this is Beijing — China's capital. Here intertwined variety of historical era, cultural traditions and religious rituals. In Beijing, you can visit many times and even during this period of time did not have time to solve all his lurking. Well, who is under force, if one only has about the history of Peking 2-a-half thousand years.

Tourists arriving in Peking neither can admire its monumentality and scale of the buildings. Tiananmen Square — the largest area on the planet —

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At Mount Kudykinoy

June 17, 2012 10:16

Residents of the Lipetsk region can send you to Kudykinu mountain, and it will not be a mockery. Such a place actually exists, and according to ancient legend, is restored by the Russian heroes.

Here lies the Stone of Fertility, touching which, they say, a man can increase his strength, and the woman — soon to give birth.

Tomatoes are not steal, but on the slopes of grazing animals from all parts of the world, and on the banks of the Don is a fortress — the

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N. Old Men: Freedom of speech on the Internet violate U.S.

The use of U.S. double standards in politics and economics news is not. If the U.S. dropped the bomb in the Afghan village and killed its inhabitants — it's a mistake and a misunderstanding. Private security guards shot dead Iraqi civilians — an accident. There was no malicious intent. Should this occur in the country of the enemy the United States — all this murderous regime crimes and inhumane acts, worthy of the Hague tribunal. The same picture on the internet. The other day I received a letter. That's it.

"Dear Nikolai! I would like to share my observation.

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Do not the two to start




Castle, more recently, an abandoned ruin, gets a decent look. Fully restored corner tower and part of the wall.


And all this thanks to the volunteer. The majority of architecture students. Such as National Technical University Faculty of Architecture graduate student Dmitry Saveliev. Which I was distracted for a moment from work.


— Primarily restored corner tower of the castle. One of the four towers. Also rebuilt the wall between the portal and the corner tower. Also made a lot of other work on the castle grounds. Who

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Moscow Rock municipality in Minsk. Continued Part 2

Before the concert even half a day, and we go for a walk in Minsk. We leave in the center, is in the morning sunlight, broad-shouldered houses of the glorious Soviet '70s, when either in Minsk or Moscow and could not suspect than our Soviet age will end in 90. Everywhere here the spirit of "Adventures of Electronics" progress. Photographed with Minsk leftists under the bridge Druzhnoye crowd and was then notice the secret of universal purity. In the river, of course, as we turn the bottle, but that's so early in the morning they — are caught. But

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Homs, the last stronghold of the Syrian opposition: a report of Channel

New reports of deaths in Syria, where a year did not stop anti-government protests. 31 people died on March 9 as a result of shelling by tanks and mortars, and the best part — in Homs. It is the citadel of the opposition and the real battleground between the standing army and opponents of President Assad. City lies in ruins, but they do not leave the residents who have nowhere to go. What it is — to live in war, the reporter saw the first channel to which only one of the Russian journalists these days are able to

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