Mysterious Russia: Man-Moth in Primorye

February 6, 2012 18:14

In the Far East, missing people and animals, and then their organs are hanging on the trees.

Primor, destinations Dalnegorsk. For miles around — the unexplored Wild taiga. Here you can meet a real tiger. But these predators are afraid of the locals.

Here missing people and animals — cattle and yard dog. And later, their internal organs are on the trees in the forest. But is there any creature that can lift into the air and tear is so large and heavy animal? What a monster lives in the coastal taiga?

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Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile. HeliVert: How do helicopters (photo)

Author of the report — Roman Vukolov (LJ docent)

As you know, last week I managed to make an old dream and fly over Moscow. The flight started from Tomilino from the site of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile, part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia". But before I hit the road and a small group of reporters showed the plant itself. More precisely only a small part of it, because, first factory custodial, not everywhere you can walk here every interesting characters, and even with the cameras, and secondly it is very large. We

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Modernization Chepetskiy mechanical plant

Since 2006, the modernization of CMP (Glazov, Udmurtia) has invested more than 21 billion rubles. Of these, about 15 billion — in the development of zirconium production. By 2016, these figures increase to 29.9 and 18.6 billion, respectively. So much money from the "Rosatom" has not received any enterprise sector. The funds were used primarily for the purchase of equipment to increase production volumes and capacity utilization of the plant.

The update primarily affected zirconium production, and metallurgical production, the production of rare earth metals, technical ceramics and superconductors. In the near future there will be created industry-center industry. For

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Israel wonderful archaeological finds




Not far from the Jerusalem area and discovered an ancient water channel. It was here that Christ is the legend performed his first miracle — the back sight to the blind.

This legend is mentioned in the New Testament, as well as in a variety of historical

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In Zhytomyr found valuable coins and inscriptions in an unknown language

January 29, 2013 3:09

Small field near the village under Kupische Korosten during thunderstorms that "attracts" lightning. Local residents watch from time to time here a strange glow. According to local legend, once there was a rich landowner, known for his cruelty. This writes Kompanyon.

He was killed by lightning, burned and his estate. Since then, lightning strikes in the "Gromovische" during each of Rain. It is here that "black archeologists" have found valuable coins times Bosporus. Local residents have noticed at once strange "expedition." Thanks to their vigilance in place going "excavations" in time archaeologists came from Zhitomir.

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«Star Children»

I am now at the stage of research on the topic of "new" children often have to tell the ignorant in the matter of the signs indigo children, their main difference from ordinary people.

But long before I took up this same professional colleague for UFO Research, Captain I rank retired, chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena in the Russian Geographical Society of St. Petersburg Eugene P. Litvinov. He systematized information about the children of Indigo Books Lee Carroll and Jan Tober "Indigo Children" and "Children of the Indigo-2. Holiday color Indigo "by presenting

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We go into the zone — and the heart is torn '

Society On Radunitsa village Savichi Bragin district, resettled in the 86th year after the Chernobyl disaster, comes to life. It attracts its former residents from different parts of Belarus and Ukraine, and Russia. Along with two dozen squatters they visit cemeteries to honor the memory of ancestors who were permanently disfigured by radiation lying in the ground.

Nina Golik came to the village of Savichi District Rogachev district. Her family moved back a quarter-century ago, when the radiation was due to Savic live dangerously. At the local cemeteries, however, buried her mother, other relatives. So hurry and woman each

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Baikal swamp … UFO against!

October 12, 2012 0:56

Baikal shore. Photo:

Echo long war

After that a long war of the gods, in detail described in religious tracts of different nations, in which the participants were UFOs, our planet captured defeat the dragon, aliens, known in different religions under the name of the forces of Satan. They look like bipedal reptiles that are very similar to humans. Almost all people are called it the word "dragon". Today, some of them known to us as the "men in black", which interfere with

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Strange object in Primorye

November 15, 2012 18:54

November 11, 2012. Primor, the guerrilla zone. The red dot in the photo — this is the one big red moving star, which I tried to take a picture — says our reader, to send the photo. In this case, the object was moving transparent balls and that such discs. In one photograph he is right, and the red star in the center, on the other — the disc is high, on the left. The photos were taken at about 20:30. Transparent balls are scattered all over the field photographs. They are hard

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Ulyanovsk 31 Air Assault Brigade from the inside. Report

Look at the equipment, weapons, equipment and life of soldiers in a military unit specifically given the opportunity to Ulyanovsk recruits. Together with them in a separate area 31 Air Assault Brigade, stationed in Ulyanovsk, and we passed.

On Saturday in Ulyanovsk was socio-patriotic action "Day of the recruit." In 31 assault brigade arrived more than three hundred recruits Ulyanovsk. A similar event takes place twice a year. Recall vernal appeal began on April 1. For parents of conscripts organize the work of information and consultation with the role Fri military prosecutor, the military commissioner, a representative of the Committee

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