Mysteries of History, Devil’s Triangle watch online

Bermudian triangle this area in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida. There are no laws of logic and common sense. In the centuries, people have different naizloveschee called this place: the fateful sea, the grave of Atlantis, the devil triangle. We have to admit the truth: there is no apparent circumstances of lost aircraft and ships


Mysteries of History, excavation, archeology

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Metal entrance steel door in Odintsovo

Our strong manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality custom metal steel entrance doors in Odintsovo at acceptably low prices from the manufacturer.Doors to Odincovoyou can buy here.

Taking care of the security level facilities, here you can order admission metal doors Odintsovo, have a number of advantages — durability, fire resistance, not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, burglar-proof, high thermal and sound insulation.

While at the present time to buy doors Odintsovo quite simply, good range is huge and everyone will be able to choose what is right for them, nothing complicated here and

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National Geographic: Lost Kingdom of Tibet

January 19, 2013 21:33

Journey to Mustang ethnic region of Tibet. This is an area lamaiskogo Buddhism, where more preserved centuries-old traditions, ways of life and customs of indigenous Tibetans. We are waiting for the rare shooting acquaintance with yogis, lamas, Buddhist.

In this documentary film follows the journey to one of the most secretive and mysterious Tibetan kingdoms — the kingdom of Mustang. Travel, like a dream, a fairy tale, a period during which the audience will learn amazing things about a country where people do not know the wheel where time stands

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Ministry of Buryatia has received a new building

The construction of a new building on the street Dimitrov took 5 years and nearly 350 million rubles Just a building of 6 floors plus a sports unit with a modern swimming pool — the money allocated from the federal treasury. Just the other day here will move the entire management team of the Buryat Police, headed by the Minister. Here in the basement of a new house a police control. Now, from here through the large monitors on the wall will begin around the clock to monitor the work of city police departments and the situation on the roads

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Nest on the lake lightning Sayver

November 21, 2011 11:28

Sayver lake — one of the anomalous areas Zvenigovsky area Mari Autonomous Republic.

Ahat Hafiz, the team captain "Nomadic": "Lightning Jack" — There is a swamp on the outskirts Chapai Coop, at the foot of the mountain Tashnurskoy, the place that the old-timers called "Lightning Jack", it was here, according to witnesses, frequently beaten electric discharges in thunderstorms. We ourselves have seen this abnormal phenomenon in the Soviet era, when involved in agricultural work in this area. They say that by lightning here often people died.

A prayer Grove It is located near the village Kishnur,

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Small Bugayka — a ghost village. Abnormal time shifts

Quite a few places in the world where the laws are not subordinate to the mind of man. Gravitoanomaliya, power, villages where time has its own, different from most of the world "run." This village is a ghost Small Bugayka, "disappeared" in the 50s (Sumy region, Ukraine). Today's left of the middle of the field only cemetery. It is here and there are strange anomalies …

But do not bother passers-by ghosts and unexplained time shifts. Today the territory of the former village turned into a real hronoanomalnuyu zone. Here

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Maytszishan. The centuries-old architecture of China

Maytszishan, "Wheat Mountain" — One of the largest Buddhist cave monasteries of China in the form of an anthill 142-meter height.

Located in Gansu Province, 45 km south-east from the city of Tianshui. Start of monastic life and the construction of the first caves belong to the period of the Later Qin Dynasty (384 — 417).

A total of 194 mountain grotto located: 54 — in the east, 140 — to the west. They are carved on the southern slope of the mountain, at an altitude of 80

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Treasure of the Knights Templar

It is known that in 1156 the fourth Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Bertrand de Blanchefort, led by some mysterious construction work in the valley of Bezout. Here was taken from a group of miners in Germany, which in conditions of strict secrecy and isolation (especially considering the language barrier) carried out some excavation work. It was officially announced that Blanchefort tried to revive the ancient gold mines, which in ancient times, the Romans laid here, but soon left this venture because of the absence of metal. It is possible that diggers

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In Lithuania remembered the victims of Chernobyl and pratestvali against new nuclear power plants

Society Today, in the center of Vilnius, a march and other activities to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Several hundred participants not only to remember the victims of the tragedy, but also protested against the construction of new nuclear power plant in Lithuania and its borders, including the planned Ostrovetskaya plant, which poses particular challenges to Lithuania because of its proximity to Vilnius.

"Atom — no!" Chanted the demonstrators. The posters and banners and inscriptions in Lithuanian Russian languages"The new Chernobyl — no," "I want to have a child with one head, and you?" "Yesterday Japan,

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Grants wishes

November 1, 2011 19:04

Stone has healing properties and is able to perform the secret desires. One has only to touch him, and the request will be executed

People's faith in miracles has no limits. Several years ago in a village near Moscow Lyzlova appeared a huge boulder. And instantly famous. People flocked to the Ruza district to not only see the largest stone suburbs, and make a wish. Many seriously believe that this stone — magic.

Earlier Lyzlova was a large village, situated on the bank of the river Medvenka, a tributary of the Moscow River.

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